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New diagnosis... Advice on prognosis please x

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Hi, I've recently been diagnosed with mild COPD and finding it all a bit of a nightmare, any advice re possible prognosis / progression would be greatly appreciated... Thanks in advance...

Male... Age 52... BMI 20...

Symptoms: almost none, breathing sometimes little irregular, little bit of chest tightness occasionally, maybe some of this is stress related...

I exercise 2 hrs / day. 6 days / week...

Smoker for 30 years 1 pack / day... Ceased smoking 7 months ago

FEV1 - 93%

FVC - 118%

FEV1 / FVC - 63%

Gas Transfer 80%

Any advice re progression / prognosis greatly appreciated...

Regards, Adam x

26 Replies
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Welcome to this friendly, caring forum Adam. You seem to be doing really well which is great. Keep exercising and looking after yourself, listen to your body. I’m sure others will be along soon to reassure you.

Take care. Xxx

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TheOldBoy in reply to sassy59

Thanks for the reply x

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Well done for giving up smoking and looking after your fitness. These will both make a significant difference in delaying the progress of your COPD.

If you have been given inhalers, do use them. If not, you can improve your breathing by doing diaphragm breathing exercises or singing. Also try to eat healthily most of the time, aim for a healthier weight, and avoid any triggers, things that make your breathing harder like smoke, petrol fumes, etc.

Do let us know how you get on.

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TheOldBoy in reply to Ergendl

Sound advice... will do... many thanks x

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Hello and welcome, I have suffered with COPD for some 32 years now and I am still managing a fair life. Important things for you are to keep active, exercise regularly. Eat as healthily as possible, take and medication prescribed and do your best to avoid people who have coughs and colds. In winter a scarf helps keep your lungs warm so try not to breathe in the cold air. Apart from this carry-on enjoying life. Have a lovely Christmas.

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TheOldBoy in reply to gingermusic

I hope I can last 32 years... Well Done!!!... Many thanks x

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gingermusic in reply to TheOldBoy

I am sure you will be fine, best of luck

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Hi and welcome. Congratulations on quitting the ciggies. Good advice from ginger music. Your Fev1 is very good indicating your COPD is very mild. Keep up your exercise routine, eat healthily and see your doctor promptly if you suspect you have a chest infection at any time. Doing those things added to no longer being a smoker should keep you well for a long time to come.

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TheOldBoy in reply to CDPO16

Thanks for the reassuring words x

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good morning yes i smoke packed upm2012 on ebuliser 5 a day tied to home alot tight chested on morning legs ack alos got asma / bronical problems at 58 i will go woser as i get older say 60 my brother just been told copd he 62 i da it first its opened his eyes to what i have i given up work due to health so been tested for glue comma in left eye allthe best ghoust rider

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TheOldBoy in reply to ghousrider

Thanks for the reply and take care x

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Welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you are doing all right and hopefully will remain fit and healthy for many years. CDPO is right that, if you do pick up an infection you need to see a doctor PDQ. Lung infections need knocking on the head before they get a grip with a decent 2 week course of antibiotics.

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TheOldBoy in reply to Alberta56

Hi Alberta, I travel quite a bit so I'm going to try and carry a course of amoxicillin with me

Thanks for the reply, Adam

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Alberta56 in reply to TheOldBoy

Hi Adam, Amoxicillin can be useful, but really bad infections need something stronger and specific to whatever the infection is. This is diagnosed by a sputum sample delivered to your doc as soon as possible. Better Amoxicillin than nothing for starters, so obviously a v. good idea to carry it with you.

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Hi Adam. Firstly, any sort of diagnosis enables you to get the right treatment, so having a diagnosis is actually a good thing, otherwise the condition could get worse and be more difficult to treat. Secondly, giving up smoking immediately changes the potentially rapid deterioration in lung condition to a deterioration which matches normal age-related decline; it’s not reversible, but it means that the deterioration is less pronounced, although there will obviously be individual variations.

There is a lot of redundancy in lungs and a good pair would last you 130 years! So, even with a COPD diagnosis, there’s a good chance you could live a full life without any significant symptoms.

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TheOldBoy in reply to Superzob

Hi Superzob, thanks for the response very reassuring, fingers crossed lets hope I can stabilise at a close to a normal progression, I've taken a year out of work to concentrate on getting as fit as I can. Thanks for your words, I could feel my anxiety dropping just reading your reply... and lets face it life is a chronic condition anway... I am going to take it as I'm lucky to be diagnosed while my FEV1 is still at 93%

Again, many thanks

Regards, Adam

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PW_R in reply to TheOldBoy

how’s your year out going? Has it helped with perspective? I was thinking of doing the same but work wouldn’t allow it. They’ve even knocked back part time. I feel I have one foot out the door but still struggling on at the moment - and it’s is a significant struggle at times. M38 - probably a while off a copd diagnosis yet but hugely symptomatic chronic. bronchitis. Been massively life changing. Are you trying to avoid respiratory stuff?

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TheOldBoy in reply to PW_R

Hi, the year off to concentrate I feel has been hugely beneficial for myself but has been financial ruinous… Oh well gotta get your priorities right… Something has certainly helped: stopping smoking / exercise up to 18hrs per week / diet and supplements… at the moment I feel good, I’m going to take another year out or as much as I can afford and try and cement the gains I seem to have made… you just do your best, that’s all you can do… As Warren Buffett says ‘there’s no better investment than investment in yourself’. But yes physically And mentally I’m in a much better place than where I was 11 months ago (except financially)…

All the best, cheers Adam

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Hi, welcome to forum. It’s very useful even for me, born with PCD, see that forum I’m also on for information. I’ve learnt more about lungs on here, and made new on line friends. Hope you can make most of year off work, sounds great. Hope you don’t need the amoxicillin. Jean

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TheOldBoy in reply to Morrison10

Cheers Jean, greatly appreciated x

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Hello Adam. Don’t get frightened. They’ve said it’s mild, & you have few symptoms - having done the very best thing possible in Giving Up. As an ex- smoker myself (even as a nurse, everybody smoked! Shocking), I know that, like an alcoholic, you must never trust yourself that you’re over the addiction. I’ve had COPD since your age & I’m now in my 76th year! They will get your treatment sorted out, inhalers etc and your life will go on. Good luck to you, enjoy it!

If you would like more practical support, the Lung & Asthma website is excellent. They run lots of fun classes online eg singing (no-one hears you, all on mute!), harmonica, pulmonary rehab & I don’t know what-all. They also have a helpline. All the best 😊

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TheOldBoy in reply to Hobbledehoy

Hi Hobbledehoy, thanks for the advice, it's great to hear when people have just got on for so many years regardless, very comforting... Many thanks, Adam x

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Hi Adam

Welcome to the forum.

Lots of great advice from our members here, and if you would like to call one of our Clinical Team for a chat about your COPD, you are very welcome- on 0300 222 5800. Mon- Fri 9am-5pm. You will also find some great information on our website, and I have added a link for you below.

Take care


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TheOldBoy in reply to Debs_ALUK

Hi Debs, thanks for the reply and great to know that phone service is there, I'm sure I'm going to be making use of it at some point... Many thanks x

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Hi and welcome. Seems like you've been diagnosed early enough to make changes. Congratulations on quitting the ciggies! Not an easy thing to do! Lots of good advice so I won't repeat it.

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TheOldBoy in reply to Karenanne61

Hi Karenanne61, thanks for the reply... fingers crossed... Cheers x

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