Hello all, I just wanted to let you all know how I am doing. As some of you will know I started taking vitamin C, D and Zinc a few weeks ago. I also have started taking Manuka honey, well I have now gone eight days without any antibiotics. I know it is early days, but feel much brighter and optimistic that they are working for me. I still have a bit of a cough, but the mucus has nearly all gone. I hope it continues. My condition for any one new to the site is Bronchiectasis and Asthma. Thanks once again for all the help I have received on this great site.

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  • Grrrreat news!!!! keep it going :)

  • Great news - long may it continue. Take good care, TAD xxx

  • Great, glad it's working for u, nice to get a bit of relief. Take care Sonia xx

  • That feels so good, doesn't it! Well done. I take vit C+ zinc and D too. I too have found myself in good health.

    Chrissy, now that you feel; good, can you do some exercises?

  • Hi Helingmic - please could you tell me what dose of Vit C, zinc and vit D you take? Having read your earlier posts definitely going to start this before the really bad weather sets in, but have no idea how much I should take.

  • Nanny49, Hi. From bioconcepts, Vitamin C 500mg, Zinc 15 mg. From seven seas pure cod liver oil, 525 mg and Vit D 2.5 microgram. They say that cod liver oil contains too much vitamin A. so I am going to switch to fish oil with omega 3 (but without vitamin D specifically) (I've ordered, not received it yet) and Vitamin D3 2000IU or 50 microgram which is a 1000% Recommended daily dose. I'll see what happens with these.

    I really feel so well that I think it must be that, not had a cold when I heard coughing about me; not had any infection ( I take acidophilus 100million from Healthaid. I found that Chemist Direct is both efficient and cheap. And I am not working for any of these firms, just buying the things to keep well, and it works! Cheers, Mic

  • Thank you so much for that prompt reply! Made a note of all that and will be ordering tonight - will make note of the fish oil instead of cod liver oil - useful to know.

  • I found teh difference between cod liver oil and fish oil on the internet. There's a difference between the liver and the skin production apparently. Her's a useflu website


  • Thanks again - just had a quick look and it explains in simple terms the difference between the two. Sometimes the info is too technical for my poor old brain!

  • Still, I drink (tea) to you health!

  • What great news, so pleased for you. I use the same ones but also vit.E Like you all well at the moment. Hope it keeps up for you barnowl

  • Glad you are doing better and hopefully it continues.

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