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Getting Nervous Now

Since seeing the Consultant a few weeks back I am now on oxygen 16 hours a day (2ltrpm sitting and 4ltrpm moving around), I have received two appointments for further tests.

The first test is at the Cardiac Investigations Unit for a echo-cardiogram, (painless procedure and takes 30 minutes), (August 27th)

the second test is in the Respiratory Department for a SPECIALIST LUNG FUNCTION TEST, a list of do NOT does is attached and a list of when to stop taking my inhalers. No information about the actual test and what it will entail. (September 16th)

It's not really the tests that are making me nervous, it's the results and what they are going to reveal. As some of you know I went through 6 weeks of Radiotherapy & Chemotherapy last year for cancer and my real breathing problems started then, or very soon after. I blame the cancer treatment, they say it can not be so ? but having explained it all to the Consultant I am at least getting somewhere and slowly making headway, progress is slow but as I said now I'm nervous and getting scared that these test results will confirm what I suspect and the cancer treatment has caused irreversible damage and is now going to be untreatable and turn in to a death sentence. The Consultant has already told me that if I do need new lungs I can NOT go on the transplant list until 2 years after the all clear from the cancer. ( Just GREAT isn't it, beat cancer then get punished for it by being refused other treatment !!).

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know.

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No wonder you feel nervous Peter, you have had a lot to deal with.

I know you are not worried about the lung function test, but about the results, but thought a brief outline of what takes place might help anyway.

It is very similar to the spirometry you will have done already at some time, except it is more detailed, takes longer and is done in a comfy cubicle. The reason they ask you not to take certain inhalers is because they do the series of blowing tests to see what your baseline is. After that you then inhale a bronchodilator and wait about 20 minutes and then they do the tests again. This way they can check for reversibility. Quite painless and non invasive.

Good luck with all the tests. Please let us know how you get on Peter.

Love cx


I thank you for the information, big help having a little insight and knowledge. At least I know what to expect now. I will let you know and thanks again for the help

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Hi Peter. I am glad cofdrop has told you all the ins and outs of the function test, it does put your mind at ease when knowing what to exspect. You certainley have had a lot to deal with. I wish i could take some of the worry for you. Let us know how you get on. Sending hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs, take care nannyb xxxx


Good luck Peter,you seem to have hard time of it lately.Please don't worry about the test,I have it done every 3 months now,as my lung function dropped to 20 per cent.Its not hard,just leaves you feeling breathless,I'm not on oxygen.Let us know how you go xxx

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I have heart and lung problems and it has been hard to get my lung problems looked at for a long time even after a severe lung infection that put me in ICU for 32 days. I was put on a Oscillator for 10 days as that was the only option left and came with a 50% survival rate! Well I was the right side of the 50% as my post proves ;) . However due to how the Oscillator works I have fibrosis and been left with RLD as my legacy. They would not do the decortication which has also damaged my outer lung and chest cavity as a result.

I am still seeing my family grow and hope to see some grandchildren too.

Nice to see PMA it is the only way forward.

Be Well


I received the results of my first test today, the echo-cardiogram. I can not believe that after months of my GP refusing to send me to see a lung consultant and telling me I was suffering from COPD,and that I was on all the treatment available and there was nothing more that could be done !! He finally agreed after letters from the nurses at my Lung Rehab' Course to send me to see a Consultant.

So the results explain my constant headaches, the shortage of breath, the low blood pressure, the low oxygen levels, the constant fatigue and low energy levels and I am still waiting for the lung function test.

I am not surprised at these results as I have been saying since my cancer treatment that something was wrong but nobody would believe me, they ALL just said COPD, nothing we can do !!

So now the test shows Severe left ventricular systolic impairment and right ventricular systolic impairment, I have Cardiac Failure !

Only taken since November to tell me this and believe it or not I am under the care of a Heart Specialist and have been since Easter 2013 when my cancer treatment started, no mention of Cardiac Failure from him, it took tests by a Lung Consultant to find this out ??????????????????????????????

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