Dear God,init hot!

Could you please turn the heat down

Its far too hot and all I do is frown

Im as limp as a lettuce

Cool fresh air would so seduce

To comfortably breathe

My lungs would smile please believe

I cant do this and I cant do that!

Another panic!so back to my chair Im sat

"roll on winter !!" I smile to myself

Too hot and too cold are both bad for my health

So tis' the Autumn and spring I now like best

Not this heat sat in my knickers and vest! :p

Thats all for now folks

Take it slow

Breathe easy

:) :) :)


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Hi Longlungs,

On Amazon if you type in cool products it will take you to a page or pages with cool pillows, pads, hat, scarves and a few other things I can't remember at the moment. Once you have had a look at those then type in cool towels, and there is a variety of towels all colours and sizes. For some reason the towels do not appear under cool products, but I intend getting a couple of things. I forget how they work but they do explain it on site. Someone I know swears by a large fan with a bowl of ice cubes in it. At least they will cool you down and hopefully make your breathing easier. Good luck.

hugs from Huggs xx

Good to see you huggs. Hope all is wellxx

Hi Suzy,

lovely to hear from you. I'm getting there slowly. You know how it is, one or two steps forward, then a few things go wrong. Never mind, I'm here and trying hard to keep up with things. Hope things are going ok with you too? Take care, hugs from Huggs xxx

Hi Huggs ahh bless you thanks for the tips.Im actually not too bad all the time I stay in my room as I have an air conditioner which is fantastic.My problem is leaving the room hitting a wall of heat.I went downstairs today for the first time in a week and didnt cope very well with the heat very panicky.So have retreated back upstairs,it made me cross so threw those few words together in frustration really.Hope you are now feeling better in yourself? :) Janexx

L.l. -long time, no see. Hope all is fine with you x

Hi Pergola Im fine thank-you just havnt been about as much as usual.Hows you and your Brian doing,are you feeling more settled in your new home? Keep cool and well in this heat. :) Janexx

We are very settled now apart coping with the heat. Brian appears to be getting over the effects from the radiotherapy BUT the heat "mutter mutter"

Thats good to hear pergola.Glad Brian is getting over the radiotherapy.Do hope you get some good quality time with each other in your nice new home,you both need that after the last years events.Yes enough said the HEAT !!!!! takecare now :) Janexx

Hi Jane,

Yes, it is very frustrating when the heat keeps us in. My living room faces north and is ok during the day, but it is humid in the night. I have a lovely veranda which faces south and gets the sun all day, and I use to love sitting out and reading or talking to other people who share the veranda. Its only possible now for a couple of hours in the morning now in the shade. These people moved in under us and are forever having barbeques, and I swear one day I'm going to water my hanging baskets when they are having their barbeques!!! LOL Take care, Jane. hugs from Huggs xxx

BARBIES are ok, if you have been invited but nothing but a smoky nuisance if you live next door, one each side. Glad to get away from them but now we have the bonfires. In this oart of the world, you have to pay to take your garden rubbish away (no wheelie bins)

Hello Jane I like Spring and Autumn best. Really been struggling in this weather. Although today has benn a little cooler with a nice breeze, Take care.xx

Any handy hints like the ones you mentioned, are so appreciated. For me, all I can of is sitting in a bath of cold water, but if I did, I wouldn't be able to get out!! I didn't put on my usual trousers and top yesterday, just stayed in my kaftan, xx

Hi Pergola,

I have just this minute sent away for a cooling towel from Amazon. This will help with the heat, but I am having neck problems at the moment, and am suppose to wear this neck collar the majority of the time, which makes me even hotter. I was thinking that the towel will help in that area as well. From the last time I looked at the cooling products, they are now disappearing quickly. There are also cooling products for animals, which is great.

Good luck, and take care.

lots of hugs,

Huggs x

Hello Suzy its a struggle to do anything isnt it.My David said it was cooler today so i went downstairs but oh boy was it warm and the temperature rose, although it was cloudy at first it was still blimming hot,then when I saw blue sky arrive it was time to retreat to my now bedsit bedroom.How we change eh ,I can remember being on holiday in Tenerife and every morning looking out of the window and if we could see Mount Teide we were in for a scorcher and happy days all round lol those were the days.Just gotta take things very slow in the heat for now.At least I did manage a very nice shower as my bathroom is downstairs was needed and nice clean sheets on the bed.My bad boy David is being very good today and cooking steak with jkts and salad mmmm!Take things easy Suzy :) Janexx

Hi Jane, I thought you girls liked the heat as your from Venus close to the sun, its us blokes who tend to struggle coming from the colder planet of Mars.

I do agree though the heat is on and I am struggling especially at night when my bedroom resembles the inside of an oven. Maybe I'll pitch my sons pop up tent on the back lawn tonight for a laugh and possibly a good nights sleep. :)

Tony xx

Hi Tony its the bliddy lungs fault I used to love the heat it doesnt like me now.Still love the sun brings joy and lifts the spirit.Im lucky ive aircon in bedroom,so im in it all day at the min.Looked at forecast and this is in for the week phewwee! Keep cool, boy from Mars lol :) Janexx

Yeh' Jane Earth is no place for a Martian. :)

Hi Jane nice to hear from you. I live on the coast so there is usually a lovely breeze as well as the heat and it tends to blow the humid air away. I took the dog down the beach today and it was lovely. xx

Hi coughalot nice to see you.Sounds good to me how lovely to walk the dog along the beach,I used to love to do that with my last dog we had a caravan right on the beach front which was a desserted beach no facilities at all so only local dog owners walked the beach a few visitors but had it to ourselves mostly :) Keep cool and well :) Janexx

Hi there I am a newby to this page.

Its good to know that the heat is affecting others - I thought it was just me! The family think I'm strange that I stay indoors in this weather. I love the early mornings or evening just now as its cooler. Last night had shower before bed and fan on all night -wonderful. Shame about the ankles already swelling up again! It was good to see the ankle bones even for a little while! Haha have an ok day

Hi Jacky how nice to meet you wishing you a very warm welcome.You are so not on your own the very cold and the heat do become enemies to most of us with lung issues sadly.Yes shame about your ankles keep them up above your hip line if you can.What lung problems do you have Jacky?I have very severe emphysema and asthma and still trucking on apart from in this weather. :p Stay well and go slow while this heat continues eh. See you soon :) Janexx

Hi every one! Like you I suffer from the humid heat, especially at night time, feel breathless. Jackie, my left ankle is especially swollen. I do wear compression socks, as doctors and consultant just pooh-pooh my ankle!

I still go to the gym,as there's air conditioning.

And then, when I'm tired at night ... I feel cold! strange body of mine. Welcome to the site,by the way, cheers, Mic

Little dormice only play at night in this heat. Well she would if she could. I however sit and swelter. Oh for the days of baby oil, a towel and youth. The suntan I would have had. Roll on a cooling breeze. Take care Jane D :) x

Yes those were the days D,how we change a suntan is the last thing on my mind these days.Keep cool :) Janexx

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