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Hi all. I am feeling rather anxious at the moment over prescriptions

Hi all. I am feeling rather anxious at the moment. I am agoraphobic have been for quite a lot of years now. I can not leave the house at all unless some one is with me. I am so worried about all my medications that I have not slept too well the last few nights through worrying. I am unable to go to the chemist and have to relie on people picking my medication up for me or taking me to get it. I am on saline 6% that I have through a nebuliser 2 to 3 times a day and this is due to run out today. I was a bit scared to use it over the weekend as I knew I was running low. I phoned gp surgery this morning and told them the saline had not been put on the repeat prescription request so could I be left a urgent prescription at reception and I will try to get someone to pick it up tomorrow.Receptionist shouted at me and told me to come down to surgery to fill in a form. I told her I was unable to leave the house. Also Doctor has started me on Mucodyne 250mg/5ml take 15ml twice a day. for some unknown reason have been given a bottle of medicine that will only last 10 days. It says on my repeat prescription on line it is due for issue again Saturday 31st May. As this falls on a Saturday not sure when this item would actually arrive at the chemist. I have asked for a doctor to ring me so I could tell them that as I have agoraphobia I need more then 2 weeks of saline and only 10 days of mucodyne at a time. Need somehow to get medications to be due at the same time so would then only have to find someone to go to chemist for me about once a month. I am on 5 different medications. I am getting really stressed out about not being able to find any one on a regular basis to go to the chemist for me.

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Hi that must be terrible for you , my chemist delivers them for me . try and find a chemist near you that does this

take care

Dorothy xxx


I live in a village that has only 1 chemist which is Lloyds. The next village is about 5 miles away. I asked if they would deliver as I can not get out the house but they said they only deliver to the old peoples home here.


Could you check the LLoyd's Pharmacy website? Not sure but you could find if they deliver, or ring your local Lloyds to explain your problems. Certainly tell the surgery. Where I now live, the pharmacy has my prescription. I ring any changes and 4 days later at the most, the order is in my hands.


Hello loveletter, Is it possible to speak to one of the Practice Nurses on the phone. I can do this and they are very helpful. I like to have a spare prevention inhaler at all times and they agreed to this, along with a spare Ventolin. Actually I have three Ventolins one at home one at work and one spare. It would certainly put your mind at rest and not add to your anxiety. If I thought I was going to run out I would panic. Good luck with it take care xx


Our local pharmacy will deliver if the need arises.


Lloyds chemist near me deliver if necessary.

Speak to manager.

Also you need to speak to GP so they fully aware of situation.

Hope you get it sorted soon.


Hello loveletter - hose stressful for you. Please take the advice given above lots of good ideas. Let us know how it goes. Take care TAD xx


Hi loveletter

I empathise with you as I struggled with agoraphobia for a few years. I live alone and had a little dog at the time. I read lots of self help books using cognitive behaviour therapy.

I appreciate your immediate problem is that of getting your prescriptions. I am no fan of Lloyds but they should have schemes in place for patients in such circumstances. Maybe your doctor could telephone the pharmacy. Surely if they deliver to elderly etc they will possibly be in your area frequently anyway.

I would think you should really not just explain you have agoraphobia, but that your GPs should be doing something to help you - referring you for cognitive behaviour therapy, although there is a long waiting list. The most helpful portion of a book I was sent was by Trevor Powell - it explains what happens to the body (all to do with the flight or fight which is there to keep us safe, but with all anxiety it comes at inappropriate times when there is no actual threat but a perceived threat, which is no less scary. It also gave helpful techniques to use.

I can only say it is a difficult road back, three steps forward and two back, but no matter as long as you go in the right direction. Take baby steps - they must be challenging but must also be achievable. If you want to get to the end of the road and manage to get half way - don't see that as a failure but pat yourself on the back for achieving getting half way. It's to do with changing thoughts from negative to positive. Distraction also helps, as does mantras like 'I can-I will-I am'.

There is also a good site called No Panic you may find helpful.

Please feel free to pm anytime for a chat.



Hi cofdrop thank you so much for your reply.

Sorry to hear you struggled with agoraphobia yourself.

I have had it for 27 years now.

Seen many many doctors over the years and have had cbt a few times as well.

Read just about every book going and tried just about everything but here I am today still with this illness I am sad to say.

Yes I have been on the no panic site for a few years now.


Good idea from coughalot.

So sorry the agoraphobia has gone on for so long sweet - I am sad for you too.

For me personally I found it helpful to know the reasoning behind the physical sensations I was experiencing but after cbt and reading I decided there was no magic bullet and the brutal truth was I had no option but to push myself which made me feel worse to eventually get back to some kind of norm. (Much easier said than done).

Good you can get out with someone else and hopefully that can be a starting point. For now sweetheart thanks for your pm - will be in touch very soon. Hope you get your medication without too much hassle.

love cx


There is also an anxiety site here on health unlocked. Go into communities at the top and look under anxiety support. They might be able to help. x

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Hello Loveletter,I get my medication delivered.Get your GP to phone the manager of the chemist and explain your circumstances and request delivery.The receptionist has no right shouting at anybody,and you should complain to the practise manager about that!Good luck,let us know how you get on.D.


My pharmacist offers two services which are helpful. 1) like others here have said, is a medicine delivery service.

2) he will take charge of you repeat prescription, order it, make it up, and phone you when it is ready. He only does it for medication which is on a monthly prescription and is all changed at the same time.

If you talk to your pharmacist he might be able to advise you on this.


hi loveletter,most drs now are on the system online website were you order repeat perscripions,book app, ect. and you can also ask drs to fax it to chemist and they can deliver the meds to you.or the chemist can do the lot for you,if you have one that does it.also if you ever run out of meds your chemist shud lend you some until you get prescription.hope this helps.


Phoned doctor she was no help at all with the problem. Emailed llyods chemist they been no help ether. Not on the online system here in the village as yet Janky said to say. Someone told me to email llyods chemist head office but am still looking on the internet to try to find email address for them.


Does your chemist not deliver to your home. I put an order in on their website and within a couple of days they come. If not what about the one that advertise on tv where they will post to you for free


Hello loveletter, that receptionist should not have shouted at you. It's hard enough having your illnesses without that to contend with. I realise I was lucky, my agoraphobia, went after 4 years. It's a debilitating illness. 😊✌️🌻


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