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I'm back, what a waste of time at the doctors and job centre!!!!!!!!

At the doctors, he would only give me nasal spray called NASONEX and told me to see how I go on with that. Also he said that because my 2 curves are visible, that my scoliosis is not classed as severe, sorry its the other way round. At the job centre they were nasty but I got the advisors name so I can put in a complaint. I also got photocopies of their decision and why. So here I go writing letters with photocopies of letters that I have been sent. I found out that they have been into my emails, and knew about the other job websites I have been on and also they knew about me going on this forum. HOW!!!!!!!

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How on earth could they know you belong too this forum ,that is scary

There is a mole, I'm thinking maybe someone on this forum work for DWP. !!!!!!!!, Just sent my letter of complaint off by recorded delivery , three letters in fact. 1 to DWP, 1 to ATOS and one complaining about the treatment of my local job centre. Hopefully now, things will start moving as Im really feel unwell today, been sick and can't eat. My Emphysema is really bad today, only have to move and I'm breathless.

Or DWP could be monitoring this and any other site that mentions them. They have closed several facebook sites and web sites who were negative about their sanctions. ATOS tried to do the same, bullying webmasters into removing posts or closure of their sites.

Sorry, if I've cause a problem ,didn't mean to. Just feel so angry with what they have done to me and other people. What I'm thinking of doing is changing my user name and password and create another account. I know who it is but can't say as I haven't enough prove

Oh, I don't think you've caused any problems, I was just saying what's happened on other places that I know about. Some of the comments being made there were quite threatening, so I could see the justification on the moves made by DWP and ATOS. I doubt very much if anything untoward has been said here - mainly stating the truth!

I still cant understand how they would know it was you !!!!

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By my user name and email address, because I'm registered with Universal Job match.

Cant be possible, you don't even give your address when registering here and we don't know your real name! And why would the jobcentre worry about you going on other job sites, they would encourage it? And if any agency has been into your emails without your permission I suggest you contact the police. Sorry, has to be said, this is ridiculous. Libby


Totally agree with libby contact the police! But dont hope for too much as you are reporting a government department.

If it was done by a private individual it is a criminal offence.


Just a thought. Were you using the computer at the job centre when you were signing into email, job sites, here? They probably monitor activity on their own computers.

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