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Visit to my General Practitioner.

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I'm pleased to say that my GP today went through all the results and letter from the respiratory specialist I saw for my newly diagnosed bronchiectasis. He answered all the questions the specialist didn't have time for and has referred me to a respiratory physiologist to help me learn about airways clearance. I started the appointment by saying, "I want to be actively involved in my treatment and to educate myself for the best possible outcome" and he made sure at each point to check what my understanding was. Turns out he has two other patients with bronch. I feel reassured that he has a good understanding of the condition and will listen to my concerns. Thanks to those who took some time to reply to my initial post and refer me to some useful sites. A new diagnosis is always a shock. We don't have answers yet as to how my rheumatologist is going to treat my Ankylosing Spondylitis since the biologics I take make my sinus/airways issues worse. Seeing the rheumy in a week or so. Watch this space...!

11 Replies
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It's good to know you are in good hands. xxx

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Gloryvine in reply to Alberta56

Thanks Alberta56. It's a relief.

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The Key words I feel Reassured, makes such a difference to all patients, so happy for you.

Bernardine 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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Gloryvine in reply to djbctla

Thanks Bernadine xx

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Came on late?

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Well done for having such a useful stage one in your management. Best of luck for your stage two, managing biologics -v- managing your lungs.

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Sounds like you have a very good gp and its great to have a good understanding of the condition, at least you are being well looked after which nowadays is something to be thankful for x

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that’s very good and wish more were like yours.

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Sounds like your GP has a good understanding of bronchiectasis compared to others xx

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It makes a huge difference to be able to have an informed, caring and supportive clinician. Pleased. For you. Xxx

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Thanks all for the positive encouragement, everyone. I think it's partly luck that my GP has two other patients with bronchiectasis but he is very thorough and willing to talk things through. I heard from Lung foundation Australia today and the respiratory physio I've been referred to is on their list, which is great.

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