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results of hospital appointment

hi everyone l went for my blood gasses and she said out of the 4 she only took two and said they nearly matched and she didn't need the four so l asked her if they were ok and she said oh she couldn't tell me and that the doctor will tell me when l see him in clinic next month so l gotta wait now oh the waiting game l suppose it gets us all

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I can't understand why she wouldn't give you the results. I have always been told mine by my Respiratory Nurse.


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True, Thérèse, the experience isn't terribly nice! But the reading is direct, even if they have to wait a few minutes. some doctors are really stodgy, keeping secrets unnecessarily.

I've just been to hospital. My chest consultant was talking over me, not at me. When I asked for the result of blood tests, he waved me good bye! I promised myself to pin him down. But I only saw a junior doctor who said she would print them and explain them to me. But I left before she came back. Still no result!!!

Your GP should receive a letter shortly from your Consultant which will give the results. Ask him/her to either print them out for you or explain what the results say.


l sure will ask him l think l waited long enough now just carnt understand why l couldn't be told in the begining strange l know my c.o.p.d nurse as refered me back to the hospital too so lm back there on 25th

well when l spoke to the one who did the test she did say my doctor will tell me next month when l see him and then yesterday the respiratory nurses office rang me and said ring my doctors secrtery and she will tell me so lve given her a call about 20 minutes ago she said oh l wont have them yet it will be a few days before she gets them so l carnt do nothing now till l phone them what is this test actually for what does it tell them

I am assuming you had blood taken from an artery in your wrist (they have to go deep to reach an artery). Quite a painful procedure if this is what you had.

It is a more accurate way to check the level of oxygenated blood. From these results they can decide if oxygen might be of use to you - of course you then need to have an assessment for oxygen. A six minute walk test at your hospital.

Fun and games!


no l had blood gasses done from my hear l think its the same test and there are two ways threw the hear loab or from the wrist

I've never understood why, as they can do it with very little pain via the ear, they still do it via the wrist, which is excrutiating, especially when they have to have more than one go at it! Does anyone know? You struck lucky minkymoo! Andy

I've wondered that too Andy. I have had o2 bloods taken recently in 2 different hospitals for oxygen assessment. One oxygen nurse used the earlobe site 3 times and said they use earlobe because it is easier for patient (true!). Next oxygen nurse took arterial wrist blood (more painful) and said the earlobe blood is not accurate enough as it is capillary blood rather than arterial blood. Both nurses came to pretty much the same conclusion regarding o2 requirement.

I think it just depends on whether the hospital has chosen to buy the expensive equipment necessary to provide the earlobe assessment. The first hospital was a large, spanking new University hospital with large patient numbers. The second was an established, smaller university hospital. Down to money and number of patients through their hands.I think.

Hi Minkymoo, I had the earlobe test done recently and she told me the result right away!

l wouldn't call it luck she had to go for it 4 times out of 5 then only used 2 so ld say l endurerd a little more pain 3 times for nothing lol

I have also always been told the result immediately. I can't understand why the nurse would not tell you.

all the nurse would say was that she only had to use two lotts of blood cos the reading for it was pretty much nearly the same so that was all she told me

when l go hospital l must have one of those faces that they don't like haha cos they never tell me anything my doctor gets all the latest on me l get nothing lol

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