Hi all. I took my Husband to Weymouth yesterday. He rode all along the seafront and down the town on his scooter. I walked or I should say nearly ran to keep up with him. We had some ham , egg and chips in Wetherspoons. It was very nice. The sun was out and it was quite mild. It's a beautiful seaside. In the summer you can't see the beach for people. Today we stayed in. Two of my sons came to visit with their wives and children. My oldest has two little girls. One is coming up to three and the other is twenty months. My youngest has one little girl and she is soon going to be three. It was lovely to see them but doesn't it go quiet when they go? I would have put some pictures up but don't know how to. I click on the your photo. Jpg and get the photo up but it doesn't seem to happen. I'm obviously doing something wrong. I must ask my son if he knows how to do it. I'm not very good on working things like that out. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow. X

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Hi Stitch. It was nice to get out for a change. My Husband was very tired when he got home though. He fell asleep nearly as soon as he got home. Mind you it could have been that I was watching The Voice which he doesn't like. He is totally tone deaf where music is concerned. I love most music. X

Hi Stitch. I always think Will I Am is like a cute little boy. Especially when he's conning the others. I think Kylie seems a warm person as well. Tom Jones. Well he is so normal. He's like the guy you meet in the street. Ricky seems a nervous type. Have I got it right? X

We like Weymouth as well as it is so easy to walk around, glad you enjoyed your day out.

Hi Secondlife. We very often go down for the day. It's not too far. We have taken the Grandchildren and sat on the beach with them. The trouble is Nanny has to build them sand castles and boats for them to quickly demolish. It is fun though. X

we often go for the day as well, we probably have passed each other without knowing it lol

Hi Secondlife. Yes we could have passed each other. We have been there so many times it's more than likely. I think if you live by the sea you are very lucky. I love going to Portland as well. I like to go out to the lighthouse, have a coffee in the cafe and just wander around. X

We live 10 miles from Bridport so West Bay is our nearest coast but we often go to Dorchester for the hospital and market and then carry on to Weymouth, the joys of living on the Somerset/Dorset border. Portland is lovely, on a good day we have been known to take a picnic and clamber on to the rocks and sit watching the sea with our goodies.

Hi Secondlife. I like West Bay. We've very often gone on from Weymouth in the summer. We would spend a couple of hours there in the evening. I don't go much on burgers but I fancied one when I was there not too long ago. We bought it from one of the huts alongside the road. It's the best one I have ever eaten. I like the newish flats they have put up. I could see myself looking out of the window at the sea. I don't think I would get much done though. It's a small world isn't it? You don't live that far away. X

just back from Weymouth, beautiful sunny day. I always liked the look of those flats but then found they were very open plan inside. I had always wanted to live in the flats at Seaton which face the sea but after seeing the devastation the weather has caused I wonder what damage has been done to their windows. We live in a village called Misterton.

Hello just seen your post. You are lucky living near bridport.. we go on holliday at least 3/4 times year to eype. We stay at eype house caravan park. Just love it there. Love the markets in bridport. I havent half spent some money there. We liks weymouth too.....some beautifull boats. I,d move down there tomorro if i could stand the mither. Get stressed just going on holliday. !!

We love it, moved here just over 3 years ago as the air quality where we lived was very poor, yes it was stressful particularly as we used to argue as he couldn't help much and it was making him miserable, the day of the move we had thick snow and ice oh and no electricity when we arrived. Wouldn't change it for the world now though his chest has improved slightly and we have a fantastic consultant. Do you have a caravan or motorhome, we have a motorhome and love getting out and about. Bridport market is on all the year and they also have various events like the Saturday which is dedicated to hats and everyone wears something on their head.

We. Stay in a static caravan literally yards from beach its like our second home we tend to meet the same people as we go same time of year. . All medicaal facilities near too as tends to be a worrry when you away from home. But used themm all over the years ( except coast guard ) !! Love saturday market. Tests the old lungs but with portable neb iget round. Eventually. !what a tria u had moving....i take my hat off to you ! Wher did u move from ? We livs in sfaffordshire. Its not as smoky ax if waxbecause no indusfdg now .. but cant beat the Dorset coast. Sue

We used to live just outside Ashby de la Zouch which technically is in Leicestershire but has a Derbyshire postcode. I also used to work for East Staffs Borough Council. Small world

Glad you had a good day. I Love the voice too. M x

Hi Mocarey. My Husband doesn't like The Voice. He goes to sleep when I have it on. X

Isn't it lovely to get out on the fresh air after all the rain. Never been to Weymouth it looks lovely. I am very nosey when someone mentions a place I always google it. I am looking foe somewhere for my next little trip away.


Hi Silversurfer. If you like a nice beach Weymouth has a gorgeous one. The sand is a beautiful gold and the sea is really clear. It's lovely for children as the sea goes out so far before it gets deep. It's a lovely long walk along the promenade. The Town has quite a few major shops. Debenhams and Marks and Spencer being a couple. There are lots of places for coffee and food. I like Weymouth because it's only an hour and a quarter away and on a sunny day it's gorgeous. X

We went to Weymouth 1st week in June last year when the weather was fantastic.Enjoyed it so much we booked again for this year before we left.Daughter,son in law and 5year old granddaughter booked in an 8berth caravan. also had the same meal in Witherspoon's.Feel sorry for the locals for the flooding lately. Joyce

Small world isn't it Joyce. Nice place for a holiday especially with family. X

Sounds like you had a really good day, that's great news, I have never been to Weymouth,but sounds like it will be going on my flat places to go list, We don't watch the Voice partner isn't keen, but have seen bits and yes William does look cute,There is never much on a Sat night so we usually record a film in the week and have a film night,with plenty chocs, well I do as partner cutting back, you take care, pleased for you both.Heather.xx

Very flat Heather. I'm sure you would like it. I have to remember on a Saturday night that the voice is on otherwise my Husband records it and I watch it when he goes to bed. You can imagine what time I go then. Will I Am makes me think of a cheeky little schoolboy. Saturday nights at yours sounds good. I love my chocolate. The trouble is it gives me migraine. I seem to be ok with Cadburys. Don't ask me why. At the moment I am leaving it off as I have had a bad head for quite a few days. Due to Mars bars. X

Hi Mavary,,so glad you like Weymouth,,i live there and love it,,sadly the big storms have taken away, or rather washed away a major part of the beach,,i take the dog down for a good run,,i just huffnpuff behind her,,,sea air definately the best

Hi Chrissie53. You are so lucky to live by the sea. If I'd known I would have called in for coffee. Just joking. We used to have dogs and we took them down to Weymouth sometimes. I like to come in the winter when there aren't the crowds. Only thing is the weather then. I noticed they had a lot of diggers and machinery out the end. Is that where the beach is washed away. X

Absolutely and some lovely places nearby.Loved the thatched roofs. Hope they have a good summer. Joyce

Oh I do envy you living so close to Weymouth, my OH and I love Dorset full stop! we try to spend time there as often as possible, you seem to have the best of both worlds - breathtaking countryside and a beautiful coastline - Oh, and 'Monkey World' lol Julie x

Hi Jools. Where we live it's only about thirteen or so miles to Burnham on Sea and about twenty to Weston Super Mare. Weymouth is about an hour or so away then there is West Bay and Lyme Regis. Seaton and Sidmouth is only an hour and a half away. Then there's Bounemouth and Poole Torquay and Dawlish. Yes we are lucky. There's lot of lovely seasides not too far from us. We are also not too far from Cities. There is Exeter Bristol and Bath an hour away. I do like living where we are. In the summer we were always off somewhere. Sadly we won't be going too far any more as my Husbands health has deteriorated so much. At least we have been everywhere. Take care Jools. Mavis. X

Oh Mavis I envy you even more now! As you say, at least you have been everywhere, it's surprising how many people don't explore their own doorsteps - me included! We have mainly stayed in the Dorchester area as my husband is a clay pigeon shooter and there are a lot of clubs in that area, also the big club - Southern Counties - holds a lot of national/international competitions.

Make sure you are taking time to care for yourself as well as looking after your husband, Julie x

Hi Jools. I like the real pigeons also seagulls. I would love to pick them up and stroke them. Silly isn't it? When we lost my Mum I said I was going to do everything and go everywhere. My Mum and my Sisters have not been very far in their lives. I didn't want to be like that. It's too late when you can't do it. One of my Sisters went on an airplane once and would never go again. I love it and have been to many places. My Daughter in law has found us some beautiful holidays abroad. I will never regret that I haven't done something. Try to persuade your Husband to do just one thing. He may be surprised how much he can enjoy it. X

Hi Mavis, I know what you are saying re the birds, because of my husbands hobby I have spent hours in the countryside - here and abroad - and have developed a great appreciation for wildlife, birds, flora and fauna. I know what you mean regarding regrets though - my sister-in-law died very young (46) just as their girls had grown up and left home and they had just started to be able to go on holiday, nights out etc. as you say, I will never have those kind of regrets. I might not have explored my own doorstep but have explored many others, Dorset being my favourite in the UK and Cyprus my favourite abroad. Julie x

Hi Jools. It's good to have a hobby. I have lots but they are on hold now as I don't have the time. My Husband used to keep budgies and show them. I loved going to the shows with him. I learnt a lot as well. We used to go out for a drive in the evening all around where we live so I know it quite well. I think we must have a bit of the gypsie in us. I've never been to Cyprus but I've heard it's nice. X

Hi all, I've never been to Weymouth but it sounds lovely. I live in Northumberland on the north east coast (literally). I look out of my front window across the sand dunes and out across the North Sea. Going to sleep with the sound of the tide is so soothing. Only drawbacks (for some people anyway): no shop, no pub and intermittent public transport but the views and peace and quiet make up for that.



Hi Kat. That sounds wonderful. I love to go to different places but to be home with all that peace and quiet sounds just the thing. A nice roaring fire when it's really cold or Christmas with all the family there. You've got me dreaming of perfection. X

Lol, yes to everything but the roaring fire - so dirty to clean out. Also, sadly, I live on my own (defected from the north west to north east 23 years ago) but my sisters and their families use me as a holiday destination. My favourite thing in the winter was seeing snow on the beach a few years ago.

Oh Kat. So sorry you are on your own. Sometimes it's nice but others it's nice to have the company. Do you have lots of hobbies or anything. I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. I like knitting, sewing., painting and drawing. I also like making puzzles. X

Hi Mavery, I have some fantastic friends who visit for coffee and my sister phones every day and I really do like my own company lol. Yes, I have lots of hobbies, sewing, cooking (making preserves etc), family tree research and at the moment I'm up to my ears in card making parafinalia doing birthday cards for friends and family. Thanks for caring. Hugs Kat

Hi Kat you are so lucky to have a caring Sister. Mine has a job to ring me although they know the situation with my Husband. One lives in the same village and the other fourteen miles away. I like cooking but always seem to make the same things. I made a steak pie yesterday and some stew for today. Today I made some dumplings for the stew and a rhubarb crumble with custard. I started collecting things to make cards but we were always off out and I didn't get round to it so I gave it all to my Granddaughter. We won't be going out much now as my Husbands disease is so advanced. He had a couple of Apnoea's in the early hours of Tuesday morning. one at 2.30 am and the other when he was getting up. He slipped off the bed and banged his head on the bedside drawers. Luckily he didn't do any damage. He has had another chest infection. The Dr Phoned later as the Hospice contacted him. He has given him a different antibiotic and increased his steroids. The Dr came in today and said because there is some improvement to carry on with the treatment. He has been a little better today. I have been pushing him in the wheelchair to the bathroom and bed. Today he has walked to the loo. I was looking at the map last night to see where Northumberland is. It's quite a big county. You are up a fair way. We are down in Somerset. Not too far from Glastonbury where they have the festival. Funny enough it's quite a few miles outside of Glastonbury. In a place called Pilton. I'll never know why they call it Glastonbury Festival. I see Dolly Parton will be playing up there this year. Could be interesting. X

Ah Mavery, so sorry to hear your hubby hasn't been too good. Family react to illness in very strange ways. My oldest sister has Alzheimer's and doesn't talk anymore. Her youngest son visits all the time to help out but the oldest one has only visited once in three years and sulked because she 'forgot' his birthday. Both my sisters live in Cheshire but they visit me and I try to get over there at least 3 times a year.

Have the floods down there made thing difficult for you?

I have to admit, Northumberland is a beautiful county (I moved here 22 years ago) and is the most sparsely populated in the county. When I get cooking, I do huge pots of things and divide them into containers for the freezer, that way I've always got food ready made if I can't be bothered cooking or am having a bad day. Take care of yourself. Hugs Kat

Hi Kat. What a coincidence. My Sister who lives fourteen miles away rang me this morning. We had quite a long chat. She has had I think it's three Small strokes in the last year. She has never been to the apartment where I live. I've been here for seven years. Whereas I have been to see her many times. She visits my Sister who lives in the same village but not us. Now she has had the strokes I wouldn't expect it anyway. She has asked us to call in and also to let her know how things are. Where we are we have avoided being flooded but only eight to ten miles away it is very bad. I had a picture come up on Facebook last night of a man sat on top of a basket works roof just outside of a place called Burrowbridge which has been on the news for flooding. He is dangling his feet just above the water. It must be at least ten foot deep. The road beside it is the same. This weather is getting scary. X Mavis

Hi Mavery glad your sister rang you. See a chat does work sometimes. Hope the weather settles soon for you. Take care. Xx

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