Painful veins

Hello everyone, need some advice. Hope you're all feeling ok and coping in this damp weather.

I got home yesterday from the RBH after a 10 day stint to clear my lung infection with intensive IV AB's. After a ct scan I was told my collapsed lung had re inflated!! Yay! V happy about that. But the pain in my left wrist, hand and arm is quite intense, it's like a throbbing, stinging pain that pain killers don't touch! I am black and blue and full of holes as the cannulas kept having to be replaced due to my veins collapsing constantly. I had 10 fitted and 15 failed attempts! Both hands and arms are affected but only bad pain in left. I was on 3 different abs one being fluoxcilillin which was the trouble maker as it kept burning my veins which then caused my hand to become inflamed and so rejecting the cannula. Has anyone else had this problem and what can I do until I go to my doctor on Monday.

Many thanks in anticipation Kissi x

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  • I am puzzled by this but think it should be checked pronto. Speak to NHS Direct or 111 for help if nothing comes up here.

  • Thanks pergola, just had a look on line and sounds like it could be phlebitis so have taken an inflammatory pain killer and I'll see how I go. Thank you for your response :)

  • Sorry to hear this Kissi. There are a couple of people here who have experience of IVs at RBH & more knowledgable than I so I do hope them pop up very soon.

    Dont take any chances will you. xx

  • Ok thank you Peeg :) x

  • I had a very painful IV antibiotic recently but the soreness didn't last long.....I would ring 111 for advice if you are still in pain or can you telephone the ward that you were on and ask them if it is normal. Best of luck

  • I think I will thank you knitter :) x

  • Hello Kissi how rotten for you not nice at all at all! What knitter says sounds like a good idea.Do hope this improves soon for you Kissi. :) Janexx

  • Thank you Jane :)

  • Hello Kissi, I was in hospital in November with pneumonia and my veins kept collapsing each time they tried to put in an I.V and in the end they have put in a Picc Line in my arm which is now permanently there as I have to have infusions every 3 weeks. All they have to do is connect the I.V. to the Picc line. No more pain if trying to get to the veins and the good thing is when I have blood tests they take in form the Picc Line. May be you could suggest this to your consultant, believe me it is worth it. My District Nurse comes in each Monday and re- dresses the picc line. Good luck to you. Berwick xxxx

  • Hah, they tried this berwick but failed! They then talked about a port - a- cath but in the end a very patient nurse who after two attemps two days prior to leaving, he got a pediatric needle and hey presto! This lasted for the next 8 abs until I came out!!! My lung infection cleared right up and I've to go back in two months so fingers crossed I won't need to go back in. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. Kissi x

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