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Persistent Cough and upper back pain

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I Have a Persistent Cough and upper back pain for like 12 weeks now, I have been to the GP who gave me some antibiotics(They didn't stop the cough) and some acid re-flux meds(I suffer from it a little sometimes) and sent me for chest x ray which was clear. I have just had a second xray and bloods which was also clear at A&E as I brought up a little blood so was advised to go get checked out by the 111 service.

The doctors say I am most likely fine but they are sending me for a CT scan in a few weeks to put my mind at rest, I am 39 years old and an ex-smoker (quit 5 years ago) . I know I shouldn't google symptoms but I have and I am terrified it could be lung cancer, what do you think guys?

13 Replies
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Honestly think it's highly unlikely to be anything too sinister, but I understand you fears I felt the same when I was sent for CT scan.

Could be many things so best not speculate. Could be nasty bronchitis causing probs alongside reflux, can make for a bad combo that's what I get too you see. Meantime, sleep propped up, have Gaviscon before bed, (advanced) it's the best thing. Lots of hot water as it's bette for you than cold water and take vitamins (C and D3) the ultra important ones.

Make sure they fully check you over and give you some answers though and keep warm, hat scarf gloves etc.

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gingercracker in reply to Shancock

can you tell me please what strengths are you taking in your vitamin theory ,I think I need some help to build my body up , as second lot antibiotics , still got cough & bit short of breathe , tho taken advice to smell the flowers & blow out the candle , that's how I remember to do my breathing exercise ,tho I find that hard x

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Shancock in reply to gingercracker

I take 1000mg of vitamin C in form of dissolve tablet as a drink, and 2000units of vitamin D. I would suggest doing 1000 units of vitamin D3 a day and asking for a blood test to check your levels as how much you need varies and if you are exceptionally low you'll need more, but blood results can show that. Also get. Full blood count reading to see if you need any iron. Lots of fluid rememb and hot water is especially good.

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Hi Moody420

Please don't worry about the worst case scenario (cancer) at this point, a persistent cough for an ex smoker is a very common thing, although they say there's no such thing as a smokers cough which is why it's important that this gets checked out properly. The back pain may just be accompanying the cough, if the back pain started after your cough it may be due to the coughing itself, in other words it may be due to muscle spasms/pulled muscles from coughing!

Although it's tempting you should try to keep any questions for your GP and not the internet, as reading up on all the scary things for your specific symptoms probably aren't correct... Most people on the internet are not health care professionals so take no notice at all!

I would personally consider mentioning COPD to your GP, as for an ex smoker and your symptoms it seems applicable... This way your GP can consider further tests such as breathing tests/exercise capacity tests etc.

Best of luck with your CT I hope all goes well, just remember to ask you doctor as much as you can to put your mind at ease, feel free to message me if you have any other questions as I may be of help :)


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Try to stop worrying first of all. Do you drink a lot of cpffee

Do take the med for acid reflux as this may help.

The most positive thing you have done is giving up smoking. Well done.

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Thanks for the comments guys really appreciate the support I am gonna do my best to say positive until my scan on the 27th. Hopetorun I don't really drink alot of coffee anymore and my doctor has given me some anti reflux meds which help with that.

My cough can be strange it's got to the point where I don't cough at all at night when I lay down and I cough a little during most days so I think it might be getting better, then it's a little worse another day then better for a few days and so on.

Hope I get a good result and some sort of resolution as this is getting me down. Your kind comments have helped though so thanks so Much!

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Moody420 Hello please update your condition here in this thread

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Hi sdee1234 still have the cough but It feels better and maybe going as I am Barely coughing now and when I do it's more of a clear your throat cough. I still have the upper back pain but that too was getting better I think.

Unfortunately I think I pulled another muscle there picking up my son the other day so that now feels worse. I have had some pain and weakness in my arms too that is worrying but fleeting I am hoping that's because of my back pulled muscle or maybe anxiety?

Still very worried and anxious, I just hope my ct scan is all clear on the 27th December tomorrow.

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So today's the day of my ct scan to hopefully get to the bottom of what's going on with me. Although my cough is pretty much non existent now,the pain in my back and arms sometimes is really worrying me.

I am struggling to hold it together especially at this time of the year Xmas and everything. I keep looking at my yough children and wonder will I be around for them? I am crying alot as I so scared and worried for my children that they won't have a dad soon or even remember me at they are 1 and 4 years old.

I just hope this is all gonna be sorted soon, but I am fearing the worst.

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Shellbelldell in reply to Moody420

Did you receive a diagnosis Moody420? Please update. Thank you

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Hey Moody420,

Came across your story when researching similar symptoms. How did you get on? Hope all is well and you are now worry free!

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Hey Moody420 can you please tell me the outcome of your ct scan

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After reading this thread I signed up and found Moody 420s other thread saying the CT scan was clear! 4 years later...How are you feeling today Moody420? hope all is well!!

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