Some different words for this Monday............Before It Starts......KOTC

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BEFORE IT STARTS

I came home the other day, sat down in my favourite chair, turned on the TV '

and said to my wife,

''Quick bring me a beer before it starts.''

She looked a bit puzzled but brought me my beer.

When I had downed it,I shouted through to the kitchen to her

''Quick ,bring me another beer. It's going to start .''

She seemed a little angry, but brought me another beer.

When that beer was gone, I said,

''Quick bring me another beer before it starts.''

''That's it'' she blows her top, ''You lazy thing. you waltz in here, flop down, don't even say hello to me and then expect me to run around after you like your slave.

Don't you realise that I cook and clean and wash and iron all day long?''

I looked at the wife .Sighed

..............''Oh dear, it has started.''


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  • I am not sure why your other half continues to allow you to live???????

  • Luuurve ?

  • Must be. ;)

  • Love works in mysterious ways Toci

  • 'True love ways' Gidge

  • Perhaps it is because I am a youthful, tall dark and handsome, millionaire! does that answer your question. She should have gone to ___ I am also quite vain

  • I think you must be Simon Cowell in disguise. WOW!!

  • Your long suffering wife, or is she winding you, King. I wonder. xx

  • She knows no difference , she is my 'Beck and Call' annieseed

  • Ha ha x x I would have thrown beer at you though!

  • I didn't know you were a waster Tadaw ! (of fine ale)

  • So funny :) thanks King

  • At least you saw the funny side of it nanaber!!!!

  • Naughty boy, king ... :-) :-) Alison

  • ----but nice! Alison

  • But extremely wicked. I know!

  • I've been sussed!!!

  • BADBOY KOTC what did you say your last slave died of?? :) Janexx

  • Carrying Out Peasantry Duties Jane

  • and you know how to stop it don't you ha,ha,

  • Please enlighten me undine Eh

  • Oh goodness,words fail me! xx

  • That's a first! Wendells Hee HEE

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