Ho hum Part 6

Well it’s Monday again. Everyone is deserting the forum to watch the blasted soaps again. Most of you do it without realising the terrible consequences of what you do. What are the consequences? Me getting fat!

When there is nobody in the forum to talk to I nibble. Choccys, sweeties, cakeys, crisps and black pudding. It is no laughing matter. I am trying to get under 14 stone. I was doing well but every Monday and Friday the double soaps are on tv, you clear off and up goes my weight.

As my weight increase is down to you lot I think you ought to make suggestions of how I can get it back down. Clean answers only please.


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  • Don't feel alone, i have been out today and bought fudge which like you i eat when I am bored. But seriously I have found that the best way to avoid this is not to buy these things, fill the fridge with fresh fruit& raw veg to chew on. But have to admit choccy lifts the spirits and beats any valium or raw carrots (smiles)

  • The trouble is Katie that wifey buys them. She that was a size twenty and is now a size fourteen dieted to go to Corfu this year. I think she is going to do a Shirley Valentine. Ho hum.

    Bobby xxx

  • Why are you trying to get under fourteen stones? Are these boulder type ones or ones that gather no moss? Important questions that require answering please. :O xx

  • Did I say you could come out of the daft-as-a-brush corner? No! Back you go straight away or your choccy will be confiscated

    Bobby xxxx.

  • It's all melted so you can have it - generosity is my middle name. Damn you mother, I wanted to be called Alexandra :( xx

  • I haven't been watching soaps, was watching 24 hours in a&e. Xxx

  • That's just as bad Chell. Lose two house points for that.

    Bobby xxx

  • I was watching a programme about Andy Murray, is that permitted !!!!!!

  • Nope, definitely not. Remember several years ago when Murray was asked about the World Cup? He said he didn't care who won it as long as it wasn't England. He has been on my hit list ever since.

    Bobby xx

  • He did say last night on the programme I was watching, that that was a joking conversation he was having with another tennis player, just saying......................

  • That's not fair, it is interesting and i can learn from it. Really i can, can i have the point back? Xxxx

  • he's mean, he said TWO points............................

  • Oops yes just noticed that :(

  • And you young Peta can go and stand in the corner for incitement.

    Bobby xxx

  • are you by chance calling me a troublemaker???????

    little old me..................................................................

    I have never been caught for any of my wrong doings.

    Corner - me = catch me first Bobby Boy......................

    he he he he

  • No, you can lose another point for arguing with teacher.

    Bobby xxx

  • Okay :( xxx

  • he's not even on here now, probably watching re runs of the soaps.......................

  • Was watching a Bettany Hughes documentary, so there!

    Bobby xxx

  • Bobby just likes to have a moan and a go at all of us on Monday evenings. It is called the 'Bobby Monday Evening syndrome' There is no known cure!


  • There is Richard but she didn't turn up. lol


  • Oy bobbikins don't blame us because you have no willpower! :d

    Bev x

  • Back in your basket puddy tat!

    Bobby xxxx

  • I went for a walk on the beach. I had a bag of chips then a 99 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:)

  • What do they say if you can't beat em join em Bobby.


  • Just been sat on the balcony with the twinkly solar lights with a cup of coffee listening to the sounds of the night. A beautiful evening out there. :) xx

  • I was sitting in the garden trying to get cool. :P

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