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Chest infection

Finished two weeks of antibiotics and steroids still coughing up green phlegm but its not green all the the time . the respiratory nurse at the hospital once tod me this is normal as the green phlegm is in pockets in the air ways and hadn't to be confused with an infection .Has any one else been told this ? thanks have a good weekend

Dorothy xx

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Hi dorothy,

I will be very interested in the answer to this one considering I have just been trying to answer the previous question re chest infections..

I look forward to reading what comes in.

I was told green is an indication of a bacterial infection...

If mucus is a real problem for you, have you been prescribed anything for it?? Thinking about mucodyne. If you want to know type it into the search bar above.

Enjoy your weekend

Kevin XX


got mucodyne and saline nebs just nurse insisted if you cough green then clear its ok but im not so sure


Hullo, Dorothy, I think you need to get rid of the gunge but if you still worried, ring the BLF nurse Monday am. Did they send a specimen off to be tested. All the best, annieseed x


No speciman sent thank annieseed xx


I had same problem, the green monster, I had pnemonia in my right lung. Please run, don't walk to decent medical care! I had a complete pneumothorax on 3/29/13. Got better after surgeries, then hit the wall about 3 weeks ago. Run, don't walk


Sorry to hear about poor medical care! I hope you regain your health soon!




Where do you live in the States? Curious


Hi USA housewife. Your profile is coming up showing you as living in the Ukraine. Is there a reason for that?



well spotted Bobby xx


My husband was told that if his plegm was coloured it was an indication of infection. I would got back to the doctors, it maybe they need to change the antibiotics and clear it up completely. This has happened to my husband before and he has found that after a week or so, the infection would return. Better to deal with it. TAD xx



I have been coughing up green sputum for months and every time I give a sample to my doc for testing, it has come back negative for bacteria even though it is described as 'purulent'... Recently, however, the sputum has gotten darker in colour and I feel really tired, so maybe I have picked up a bacterial infection. Will send in another sample as I am loath to just take antibiotics without a clear indication of what they are treating as they destroy all the beneficial gut bacteria as well as the nasty one in the lungs.

Hope you find a solution soon.

Very best wishes

swimmer x


Thank you yes i am like you dont want to take antibiotics if not needed take care



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