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My day out

I've been on a little excursion

to get me ticker stamped (MOT'd)

and me lungs are well creamed crackered

i need to be re-vamped

they stuck me on a treadmill

"don't worry you you won't fall off"

" just stick your hand up in the air "

" and we will turn the walker off"

so i set off at a leisurely pace

with a plastic thing in my mouth ( respiration monitor) ???

it wasn't long before my wheezers said

sod this we're going south

nobdy said owt about running up hill

at sixty miles an hour ( well it felt like that)

my little legs don't go that fast

let alone me lungs and ticker

so here is me still full off cheer

sst at home with a man in a boat


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Aw hun bun, I feel your pain. But, look on the bright side, you've got your tinny :) x x x


Sorry petal my peach it comes in a bottle, from a old friends micro brewery at Allerton Bywater, its near Castleford, Ron's an old m8 and we keep in touch now and again, this bottle I've had for Three years and by Christ its still good, :O phaw that man knows how to brew :D. Hic


Steady on there, tiger .... you'll give yourself an headache drinking strong stuff like that :) x x x


Beautiful works wonders :P


Well, if it's working wonders, do you think it can give us the lottery number for Saturday? Think I need a wee miracle to win it :d


Dunno can asit but if its like ne asnt git a clu :O


Pleased you ok,feet up n a few ales sounds good :)


ooooooooo tinny, did someone mention tinny ? :)


It's bottled and like. You hard to come by ;)


A well deserved pint by the sound of it! cheers!! :) x


Aww Azaard. You have had a hard day mate. Put your feet up and leave me to deal with the stroppy wimmin on here. Save me a tin though.



I don't think any of the ladies on here are stroppy Bobby.It gives me great pleasure in kowing that they are all voloptuous,sensual,intriguing,adoring,beautificating,loving,befriending,concerning,smiling,

laughing,engaging,intriging,exciting,cuddling,just everything a real man could want.



and then there's me hahahahahahaha :D


Yeah, he was talking about me, Scrobbitty.... :d


How would you know smiles in your dreams king in your dreams, just like mine :D


Wow what you after Kingy..............


Oh you poor little lamb azaard, nasty people some of these medics, bit vicious some of em, sick sense of humor too, love to see sick people run,

You put feet up pet & enjoy the hard earned refreshment

Dont know what Bobby on about though, no nasty females here eh lad?

The witch



Sorry fergit Ti say the brewery is the boat, any camra folks among you will know of it, any how there's a story to this that i shall tell, I'd been up there one weekend delivering cask ales Ti his pub which is how we met. Roy asked if id like a quick look at his brewery ( enough said i likes a good pint) he took me round showed me the works and then turned found and said he's got a problem. He had three new brews, a blonde,(nice light summery ale and green hopped ), a tawny woody medium session ale, the third was a brew more or less between the two, hi problem was the light he Blonde bomshell, the tawny he called the buxton brunette, and the third after a good nights fun, me being the idiot that i am suggested Seaside Crawlers , a mixture of Ti many mucky blondes, and a hand full of bruisey brunettes there's one thing for sure in foreign port, and all boysknow it C%*#s :)


Ok It's morning time now so hope you had a little tipple and a good nights sleep. As for I'm awake since 4.30 I have a crick in my neck from trying to get comfy and go back to sleep so I've given in and I've been up since 6. 20.


Do not worry it took me 2 1/2 hours to get the same distance as it takes my son 10 min

He got so fed up he got the car and took me back


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