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Update on my breathing difficulties

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Saw my oncologist on Monday. Had x-ray and BNP blood test. Returned to Papworth on Wednesday and had a CT scan with contrast dye then had a litre of fluid drained from my lung. I can honestly said it wasn’t too bad at all. A second x-ray after the procedure shows I still have about a litre of fluid around my right lung. Note: the middle section of my right lung was removed in 2019 for non small cell cancer but was found to be pre-cancerous and no further treatment was necessary.

Breathing is so much better now. I have a follow up appointment in three weeks to get the results of the samples being analysed/cultured.

I can’t get my head around the fact that only one lung is affected. I also have mitral calve regurgitation which might have some bearing.

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I'm glad your breathing is better. Amazing what kinds of procedures they can do nowadays.

I'm glad yr breathing easier

I'm glad that draining the fluid helped you and I hope the result of the samples analysis is a good result for you.

It’s great you’re able to breathe easier now. I hope all goes well with your follow up appointment 🤞

Thank you all for your kind messages

Oh my word , no wonder your breathing was bad with so much liquid there, will they be draining the rest off? So glad you are feeling better and hope things continue to improve x

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I don’t honestly know what the next course of action will be until I see my oncologist beginning of April. Wouldn’t bother me at all to have it done again. That was the maximum they can take at once.

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Gosh, you must have felt so heavy. Hope all goes well for you x

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Lost 1.5 lbs overnight !

Sounds to have made a big difference to your breathing, hopefully things will continue to improve. Best wishes to you xxx😊

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