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Day 10 out of 15 I.v. Antibiotics at home, treating PCD I was born with.

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Three Cheers! My respiratory physio came this morning, was pleased how good my lungs are now compared with before started I.v. I’ve noticed last couple of days not so much mucus, or coughing, so it’s good. After another 5 days hope nasties that have been enjoying partying in lungs for long time are finally despatched to their grave. The slight downside is that I feel washed out, but hopefully will regain strength and energy in due course, fingers crossed! Jean x

9 Replies
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That's tremendous news and follows Cat's news. We are on a roll! ❤️

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Thinking of you Jean and wishing you all the best. Xxx😀🤞🏼😎💜

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Really hope you feel much better soon! x

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Yay!Well done -so sorry you have been so poorly.

Sending gentle hugs ,positive vibes and looking forward to you posting your continued improvement x

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This is such good news Jean, perhaps a tonic would do you the world of good and help you get back to normal. Look after yourself x

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Well done. I’m sure that ivs do wear you out a bit, there is a battle going on in your body. I’m sure you will feel better when you have finished them and don’t have to worry about sorting them out. 💐

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Good news. Let’s hope it continues Jean xx

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That is excellent. Goodbye nasties.😃😃😃!

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