Panic at hospital

Had an heart echo yesterday and found it very uncomfy ! Trying to lie flat on hard couch and that probe pushed into top of stomach...I asked them to stop cause could'nt breathe..anyone else had this too please ??? First doc got a bit cross and called the other one who was much more gentle and good bedside manner too,but worried why it was so restricting for lungs ????

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My recent test , was lying on my left side, not my best side.

The nurse was very good , continued at my pace. allowing to lay on my back when it got to much. I actually enjoyed it, watching my heart pump away, the audio was a bit strange very noise.

Sounds very uncomfortable and dosn't help having an unsympathetic doctor why can't they all be pleasant. I'm afraid I know nothing about this procedure.

Lib x

Hi my bad side is my right side..strange no is it just a worsening lung ? What bothered me was the pressing with the probe..I am only skinny and rolling it over my ribs was ok but in the middle of lungs was horrible.There was no sound like last time and he did not let me look at screen but worrying bit was he kept saying to other doc there was something fused and other doc said it was congenital and was a "raffa" ?????? Came out all upset as no one told me anything.Spent hours later googling things but could not find anything at all ???

Whilst it didn't affect my breathing I agree, it certainly is blooming well 'uncomfortable'. My echo person apologised but apparenty they have to press much harder with the pen thingy on people with lung disease as the spongy/thickened nature of rubbish lungs means that its more difficult to penetrate through to get to the heart. It is interesting but I just wanted it over!

Marie x

Thanks Marie ...wondered why some people say they had no discomfort at all but I did !!! If doc had said this to me I might have been prepared a bit better..think I probably panicked a bit as well as it was stuffy and cold in the room and a doc's charm or lack of it goes a long way in putting you at ease !!! x

Oh lord,, i,m due a echocardiogram in August,,there was i thinking it was straight forward,,,no way can i lay flat on my back,unless fully inebriated with gin,,,,,

I didn't have to lie on my back, I was sort of propped up on my side and had to hold on to a handle at the side of the bed. The uncomfy bit is that they have to press on the skin directly between and under your boobs and there really isn't a lot of flesh covering the area (unlike the rest of me! ;-) ) so it was uncomfortable for me when they had to press hard to get through to the heart..

I think you just need to prepare yourself for the fact that there may be some discomfort, hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones.

marie x

I was asked to lay on my left side. I suffered no discomfort though. Only a bit cold with the gel they use.

Pity that doctor was so mean, it makes such a difference when people are kind.

Yes that is so true Koala, some docs can put you at ease ...I was in a panic that day to start with because hospital usually is so hot and very stuffy.It is new and all the roof is glass so like being in green house and air con never seems right.At least if I have to go again for one I will know what to expect and why...thanks to friends on here x

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