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2 years of bladder pain


My problems started 2 yrs ago with pain when i urinated. The doctors precribed Trimethroprim and i had an allergic reaction so was put on Nitrofrotoin which didnt seem to help. One later while still in pain and tests clear of infection i was found to have a ovarian cyst. Ive had internal scans which cause me burning and pain but rules out more cysts. My doctors pushed me to gynae but they realised it wasnt so was referred to urology. He wanted me to have the camera and possible bladder stretch but i cancelled as i have had no non ivasive tests. I had my ct scan a week ago but keep getting flares. Any one else in the same situation ?

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Could be interstitial cystitis and you do need the cystoscopy done to check the bladder lining.

You don't mention your age but if post menopausal the problem could be lack of oestrogen causing atrophy, the pain this causes is the same as a uti, if that is the problem a topical hrt works very well.


Hi bantam12

Im not menopausal, this all started wity my cyst. I dont have typical symptons of ic but recently i had to take amoxicillan for a severe sinus and face infection and my bladder symptons changed. First i had pain then pain free for around a week and my foce of urine seemed normal. Last few days ive had pain again so wondered if it could be an inbedded infection


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