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Can anyone please reassure me?

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I am sure there will be many of you good people who have been prescribed this aspirin. I have been prescribed this but am nervous of any side effects, even though I probably have no option but to bite the bullet so to speak, having been diagnosed with sticky heart valve and various blockages. Any response would be most welcome x

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I take 75 mgs of dispersible aspirin have taken it every day since my surgery to replace aortic valve and bypass, that was 5 years ago. Only side effect I bruise quite a lot, only have to have an itch on my arm scratch it and there is a lovely bruise.

As I said that’s the only thing and the upside is my blood isn’t too sticky now.

Best wishes Pauline

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Nora-B in reply to 080311

Hello Pauline

Thank you for prompt response.. Yes I had heard about bruising from someone who take this dose aspirin after having surgery on her leg some years ago. Everything comes with a downside doesn't it!? But I have discovered that sticky blòod is not the greatest thing to have

Having said that I did heal up quickly after slicing a bit off the end of my finger whilst cutting up an onion a few years ago 🙄😊

Anyway I do get a bit panicky at times about meds. This aspirin was prescribed by the Cardiologist.

I have been diagnosed with so many things this year I am a nervous wreck. Think I am falling apart at the seams.

I'm glad the aspirin worked for you. I don't know what I would do if I were to be given Warfarin. A friend of mine takes it but she never questions anything. How different we all are.

May I ask when you take your aspirn? . Is it best taken at a time different from any other meds?

Once again. Thank you😊

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Take it with my breakfast, along with my other medications. Take it in a little water 😩 taste is awful but hey Ho. Most of us with heart issues take some form of aspirin.

Aspirin is just one of an armoury of drugs we are prescribed.

Best wishes Pauline

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Nora-B in reply to 080311

HiThank you for that..i tend to take my bp meds before breakfast but I guess that won't matter as long as I remember to take the aspirin after eating.. Private doctor did blood test and found vitD was very low. I am now nearly 4 weeks into.having high dose vitD3 twice a week for 7 weeks. That has to be taken after eating but I do that of an evening and keep that separate. Phew how do people cope with having to take lots of pills? Thanks and best wishes to you too. Very helpful

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jerry12953 in reply to Nora-B

To be honest I just take all my meds in one go after breakfast if I remember! Failing that later in the day. I seem to remember that low dose aspirin can also protect you against some other conditions although I can't remember what they are.

I definitely bleed and bruise more than I used to.

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Nora-B in reply to jerry12953

Thank you.Jerry12953. I had been wondering mattered too much. if I forgot to take the aspirin and how long is too long to plsy 'catch up'...I had a.similar post.from woodbon so I realisevI am defo over.thinking and. driving.myself insane..I'll leave you to.guess what the B.following Nora stands.for 😂

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woodbon in reply to 080311

Hi, I have heart failure and I have 75mg of asprin a day. I take it after breakfast or if I forget after eating a meal. I have had no problems with this low dose, although I had problems with an ulcer, which means that I can't use these as pain killers which is a much higher dose.

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kenhaem in reply to Nora-B

Don't worry about the asprin but try to get the coated one as its Betty for your tummy.I don't take asprin anymore having been switch to Abixiaban with is a blood thinner.

Had two heart ablation procedures so hence the blood thinner. I was diagnosed many many years ago with sticky blood but it seems it went away!!

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Yass_123 in reply to Nora-B

Hi I dontblike taking meds but 8f I need to I do asprin is one of them I take mine at night but ask your cardiologist wh is best best wishes

Hi, I have heart failure and I have 75mg of asprin a day. I take it after breakfast or if I forget after eating a meal. I have had no problems with this low dose, although I had problems with an ulcer, which means that I can't use these as pain killers which is a much higher dose.

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Nora-B in reply to woodbon

Thank you woodbon. Another response that makes me realise I am overthinking, overgoogling and being just a trifle neurotic.🙄 Yes it is a low dose.. I was on line with my brother last evening when I told him I had been prescribed this when he suddenly said he had forgotten to take his. He just picked up a pill and chewed it..there and then. "Know all" here felt she had to check with someone if he should be doing that. .Yes Aspirin has been found to be a bit harsh used as a painkiller. Paracetamol is my go to for that. Helped me through kidney infection recently.Thank you and keep.well 🙂


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080311 in reply to Nora-B

Please don’t Google, it’s normally out of date at best or just rubbish. Only use NHS website or the BHF. Using Google we end up frightening ourselves out of our shoes 😂

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Nora-B in reply to 080311

Lol. That was a very lady-like way of putting it.. 😁

Google can be your bestie or your worstie dependent upon a combination of your state of mind and hitting the most informative sites. Knowledge is power, a little knowledge can be awful if you are the sort who ruminates upon health.

Best to ask in here first and maybe get some recommendations for appropriate websites suggested by folks here who've been there already :)!:)

Anyhow, Aspirin.

I take daily in the morning and have noticed zero side-effects. Aspirin is a wonderdrug and the best of it is .... nobody really knows why !

You take care,


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Nora-B in reply to woodbon

Hi. Just one more thing. (Paranoid) I take it then that it doesn't matter too much if not taken at the same time My time keeping is hopeless. What a baby eh!? 🤔😊.

Oh another nugget of optimism re. Aspirin.My mum was diagnosed with stable-angina and the usual blood pressure, high cholesterol etc and was prescribed and took Aspirin daily for thirty years and never suffered an ill-effect from the drug.

An it kept her ticker ticking until she sadly passed away six months ago from the bastard cancer.

40,000 tonnes of Aspirin are produced each year.

It prevents heart disease and cancer (w.i.p)

In its herbal form Aspirin has been used since the dawn of civilization - who knows exactly, maybe for 50,000 years.

You'll be fine :)

😂 nicest way I could find to say it😂😂😂

I've been prescribed Aspirin since having an aneurism repaired and an aortic valve replaced 14 weeks ago. I presume I'm on the same dose as everyone else. So far I've had no side effects !

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Nora-B in reply to Isobel1

Hi Isobel1

As you can no doubt see I am a bit of an ignoramus in all this but 75mg seems to be the norm as a blood thinner.

I am pleased that the aspirin is giving you no side effects; pleased for you and pleased to say it is comforting for me to hear.

I have no idea how long the recovery period is regarding your surgery but I wish you the very best. Bless you for taking the time to reply to my post.X

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Isobel1 in reply to Nora-B

Thank you & it's a pleasure x just checked, I am on 75 mg . Don't worry, I'm very ignorant about some aspects of my op and the meds I take !

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Nora-B in reply to Isobel1

I have a friend like that. Didn't they use to say that ignorance is bliss? 😁😁

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Isobel1 in reply to Nora-B

I did a certain amount of research into my op , but too much information would have freaked me out !

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Nora-B in reply to Isobel1

I understand that only too well. My Cardiologist forwarded me a copy of his report. I could not bear to read it all. 🙏x

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Isobel1 in reply to Nora-B

I know just what you mean !

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Hi Nora

My husband has been on low dose aspirin for 10 years since his stent was inserted.

Also a NOAC ( novel oral antocoagulant) an alternative to warfarin for about 6 years as he has Atrial fibrillation.

I have been on clopidogrel another type of antiplalet for 9 years.

I have some amazing bruises.

My husband bleeds a bit more when he cuts himself. Not a bruise in sight.

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Nora-B in reply to Milkfairy

Thank you.Milkfairy..

My goodness, I didn't know there were so.many.blood thinners. From what you have posted I think I can just about manage the aspirin but had just better be careful in the kitchen and make sure I don't use scissors in dim light as a friend did last evening.🙄 I shall be a bag of nerves whatever. Thanks again..Keep safe 😊

I take 300mg Aspirin a day because I have an LVAD and have had no issues with it at all. I also take Warfarin and very rarely have bruising.

I also am on a 300mg once daily regime (mornings with my 1.25mg Bisoprolol, working wonders:) ) - I have a high tolerance for it so haven't had any adverse side effects beyond slightly increased bruising after more than 20 years on the high dose.

I've been taking 75mg for over 20 years without any problems.

Myhusband has been taking 75mg aspirin for almost 20 years since his triple bypass. He has stayed on it following heart attack and heart failure so will be on it for life. He did switch to an enteric coated version to help protect the stomach but like others have said takes his after breakfast each day. Has had minimal side effects and also on ticegralor for life. Good luck

Good morning Nora-B. How are you feeling this morning. I take 23 tablets a day. Chemist puts them in a Dossett box once a week including Aspirin . Forearms look like I've been battered. This morning I've counted 15 small bruises. I try to wear long sleeve tops. Hopefully I can come off them and Clopidgrol t Christmas ( a year after my double bypass) 8months ago. I'm recovering well T God. Good luck and stay safe x x

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Nora-B in reply to Bishop1

Hi. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I was not expecting so.many replies but I must say that I have had some.real eye openers that make me feel.such a whimp. I am still feeling generally jittery due tests showing a issues that.require attention. I have said so.often that I am.lucky I am not seeing a vet or might take me to be put down 😊

My goodness, 23 tablets.a day! What a nightmare if the chemist didn't put it all together. I am so pleased that everything seems to be working for you and you can hopefully ditch a fair amount of those meds.🙏 Keep up the good work . And you stay safe too X

They were the only pills I could tolerate after heart by pass. My stomach was very fragile after all the other drugs I had to take and couldn’t tolerate so I took some indigestion medication if I felt I needed it but now I am ok

My husband had a heart attack in September 1999 at the age of 46. All the drugs including aspirin caused a gastric bleed. They changed his aspirin to enteric coated and there have been no further problems of that nature. So he is just a few days short of taking it for 22 years.

I been taking it for just over a year no issue. It’s unlikely to cause bruising on its own, the bruising is usually when you are also on other anti platelets as wellOne golden rule : take it WITH food, especially non acid food like egg on toast etc at breakfast. Always embed it with food and you are unlikely to even notice you are taking it . 75mg is a low dose, remember people take 400mg for a headache !!!

Good Health to you :)

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Nora-B in reply to PeterpPiper

Thank you. Useful to have an idea of the best food to eat with meds. to help counteract possible side effects..Good you.too..

I used to take soluble aspirin for migraines back in the 1980s when I was in my 30s. The dose was normally 2 x 300g. It was the only medication that would get rid of the migraine. Eventually I didn't need it as the migraines became less and less frequent. Roll on almost 30 years and I was prescribed 75mg along with other medication following a heart attack and stents. Needless to say, I didn't give any thought to it, though I did query the purpose of the other medication.

I believe it is always a good thing to query what is being prescribed and that goes for aspirin too. As has been said, a coated version is available if you have gastric issues, I take mine with my other medication when I have my breakfast cereal followed by a cup of tea. Then I get on with my day. I don't suffer from bruising or gastric problems, but if I cut myself I do notice my blood is thinner than it used to be.


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Nettekin in reply to GWP1952

Hi Gerald. That reminds need me of when I suffered terrible migraines in the 90's and was prescribed Migramax - contains the equivalent of 3x300mg aspirin. It was also the only thing that ever helped even a little bit. Fortunately I seemed to grow our of them. After my second son I never had another one. Bit of a drastic solution to migraines though!! Also now on 75mg after nstemi in 2019.

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GWP1952 in reply to Nettekin

I kept chewable Dispirin and a bottle of water in the car.... quite got to like the taste. Sometimes a migraine would strike when I was away from home or out of the office. They stopped when I was in my early 40s. Strange - I never did find out what caused them.

I've been on a once daily 300mg regime since the late 1990s and also have clearance to take an additional 600mg for pain if needed (rarely needed but when I do, I really do need it). So far so good but I am monitored (blood gases and trust me you should be thrilled to be on the low 75mg dose that means you don't have to go through a blood gas draw!).

The very important thing about any aspirin regime is to be crystal clear about the signs you are not tolerating the aspirin - be sure to read the aspirin packet leaflet line-for-line and also check the NHS website for a tick list of symptoms to watch for.

Watch for the symptoms of a problem, don't let it play on your mind too much, and live your life. Aspirin is truly a miracle drug for those of us who can tolerate it. I've been taking it for years for recurrent pericarditis and a rheumatic heart (with some aortic valve scarring as well) and in 2019 a beta blocker was added - life-changing in a very good way!

75mg aspirin works well at reducing the stickiness of blood with virtually no side effects. Not taking it risks clots which can kill or disable.

I have been taking the 75mg aspirin for over 20 years with no side effects that I have noticed. A couple of years ago the doctors got a bit scared about stomach problems and advised that we should take another drug Omeprazole to reduce the risk of internal bleeding. This drug was developed for an entirely different reason. I refused as I did not like the science behind using a drug developed for another reason, to counter the possible side-effects of something which had never caused me a problem. I stopped taking the aspirin for a time. After a recent operation, I was again prescribed aspirin and something to counter these potential side effects. This time I had a better discussion with a cardiac nurse, who said I should always take the aspirin with a meal, and watch out for side effects, particularly stomach problems. I don't like taking drugs (I have 6 a day at the moment), and I don't like taking more pills to counter the effects (real or hypothetical) of others.

I’ve been taking it since my heart attack nearly five years ago and no problems here. ———————-

My name is Bond, James Bond and I take my Asprin shaken not stirred 🍸


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Nora-B in reply to -007-

Thank you James 😁

I take aspirin every day or 22 yrs since triple by pass. Only side effect easy bruising.not good but better than blood clot .Keep on it best wishes

75 mg aspirin in a glass of water with breakfast.

My dad, now 96, took a 75mg aspirin daily for at least 30 years. He always dissolved it in a small amount of water and drank it after his breakfast. No issues.My hubby insisted on swallowing his whole following his HA and suffered dreadfully. At that point he didn’t eat breakfast either! He was then prescribed omeprazole ( to help his stomach) and the aspirin stopped so he just took clopidogrel for years. He eventually was put back onto aspirin and had no bother with it, when taken with food.

I took asprin for several yrs following a heart attack and it was fine. Your probably best getting the gastro coated asprin as they can upset your stomach. I've just been took off asprin and put onto a heavier blood thinner due to just being described with Atrial Fibrillation. I wouldn't worry yourself about taking an asprin daily as from bits I've read they also have other good effects other than just thinning blood which is essential with a heart condition.

I’ve been on 75mg aspirin for years before my heart surgery - mitral valve replacement in June this year - and am still on it now, together with warfarin, bisoprolol (2.5mg) and lansoprozole (30mg), and I’ll be on all of these for life. The lansoprozole is a PPI inhibitor to protect the stomach from all the other meds, including aspirin, and so far seems to work fine for me. So if you have any stomach issues from aspirin ask your doctor about ways of managing that.

I had to stop the aspirin for 10 days before surgery and I think that’s common with any procedure so if you have anything done just check with your doctor whether they need you to stop it temporarily or not.

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Nora-B in reply to Jocastina Have been taking.Lansoprazol for years.. Had been hoping to come off. Hate taking anything but needs must at times I.guess . 🙄😊

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Jocastina in reply to Nora-B

I’ve never had any bruising issues with it and I’m on warfarin as well. Nobody really wants to take meds but sometimes they’re necessary. Personally I’d rather be taking all these things and still be alive and well! I use an app on my phone (Medisafe) to keep track of everything I’m taking.

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ChristineK in reply to Nora-B

I also have to take Lansoprazole to protect my stomach from blood thinners but I recently learnt that taken long term, they cause bone thinning. As I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I feel I just can't win. Damned if I do, damned if I don't

I know how you feel before I had my heart attack in March I was on one tablet for thyroid and now I am on nine unbelievable the first few months I just couldn’t get my head round it all plus taking the Aspirin the bruising but now I got used to it all I don’t won’t to put all my energy worrying about the tablets. So because I never had the 8 week rehab I came up with a plan myself I love walking even the nurse who called me for 3 months couldn’t believe how quickly I did. Try not to worry you will be fine.

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Nora-B in reply to Ruby300

Well done you. Thank you reassuring... It is one thing being careful.what goes into ones body can become all consuming..😊

Don’t worry 75mg is a low dose. Aspirin is excellent at reducing the thickness of your blood and stopping you getting any clots. No clots means less risk of stroke or heart attack. Only thing with aspirin is that it can impact your stomach so just let the doctor know if you have any stomach pains. Always take in the morning with food. I’ve been taking for 2 years since I had a heart attack and it’s been fine. Very minor bruising on 75mg.

Hi, I have recurrent pericarditis and my cardiologist prescribed 4g yes 4g a day of aspirin, along with a ppi. I was dubious at first and at the time got him to reiterate the amount, but it worked at the time. I took it for approx 2 months without issues. I now take 75mg daily along with my colchicine. I still have to take the ppi to protect my stomach. I always take my meds with food except the ppi, which is best taken at least 30mins before food. If you are worried speak to your GP or Cardiologist.

Aspirin is fine to take. It may give you stomach pain so you should also be taking something to protect your stomach usually a PPI like losec . I'm allergic to PPIs so I take famotidine. Oh and yes, I do bruise easily but what are a few bruises? YOu need it so take it.

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Nora-B in reply to Qualipop

Thank you. I have had so.many reassuring replies.. I know it makes sense to take the aspirin. I don't understand myself at times. The though of taking.some meds fills me with dread and yet another time I have no problem at all. I have had some.unpleasant side.effects with various bp meds and statins in the past. I am aware of.the possible stomach.issues which is yet another cause for concern for me. Recently I had a kidney infection that was very painful for six.I was.seen at the walk in centre. I was getting over that but still feeling weak when the private doctor I went to see was concerned had not.been taken seriously sooner and then sent me for a scan which.revealed I have gall stones. He has.referred me but am.still waitng to have an appointment for a phone consultaion.tomorrow with private doctor. I must make a list.of things to ask him. I am already taking ppi.s.IOnce you get on these thingsbitbis a job to get off. I was told I was only to take them for.a short while and that was.almost 20.yrs.ago. I have to admitI have never heard of the alternative you take. Sorry for long reply Thanks again

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Qualipop in reply to Nora-B

There is NOTHING a s painful as a kidney infection. I keep getting told "Ooh do you know you have loads of gallstones". Yes I've known for 25 years- they don't do anything. After my HA I was given two blood thinners. When I got bad stomach pain ( I've already had a peptic ulcer years ago) my GP took me off one and said he would choose to keep me on aspirin because they know so much more about the side effects than they do for the newer drug s and it's much easier to treat them. I used to take Ranitidine to protect my stomach but it got banned so the only thing left now is famotidine since I can't take PPIs.

What aspirine? There are a low dosis aspirine specific for cardiac patients, if is that I am taking it for more than 10 years... only issue is with dental removals, not every dentist want to do it.

I'm on 75mg of aspirin a day for the rest of my life after 4 heart attacks. If you've been prescribed it, please do take it. They're actively trying to prevent something far worse. I really wish I'd had a similar intervention much earlier! :D

Don’t worry I have been taking aspirin for 7 years now after my HAand I have had no problems at all.

Good luck

Come on Aspirin is no big deal

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Nora-B in reply to CharlesL

Lol. It is if you're a "stress head".. I have just.realised how I have become..Thank you CharlesL for those words. I need to be grateful that I am being taken care of, stop whittling and just get on with it. 🤗.

Hi, prescribe warfarin and 75mg aspirin 9 years ago, asprin after heart bypass, and wafarin after mitral valve replacement, brusing easily ever since, even when gardening and a few scratches magnify themselves, Ibelieve in these two medicines, both are good and keeping me alive , I always thought it was the warfarin that caused the bruising, but perhaps both!

Keep well,

Hi Nora,I have been taking 75mg aspirin for 8 years now, and my father and his mother both had stomach ulcers. So far, I have only been slightly more susceptible to the cold and to bruising more easily. I take my aspirin after eating dinner in the evening. I have been advised to take blood thinners -Apixaban, but for now I feel comfortable with the aspirin dose. I know aspirin stops platelets clumping together, which can stop blood clots, and the blood thinners stop blood clots in the arteries.

Hope this puts your mind at rest.


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