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Can anyone help with my symptoms please?

Hi, I am new to the forum. For the past five/six months, I have been feeling breathless and often wake up gasping for breath. I also suffer from dizziness when rising from lying down to sitting up or from sitting to standing. My bp is very low bp (60/40) and my pulse is low too (between 40-50 at rest) and I am not fit at all!. I can hardly walk or carry out daily chores without having to take breaks, and if I go along the road to the shop, my pulse races up to 160 beats per minute. My legs also feel so sore and heavy when trying to climb stairs despite being more underweight. My doctor has referred me for an ECG and echocardiogram. Has anyone had similar symptoms, eg feeling exhaused, breathless, very low BP and resting pulse? And, if so, what caused it? The doc also noticed that my fingers and toes are 'clubbing' and I have lost weight over the past few month, unintentionally. Thanks for reading.

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Your g.p. is doing the right thing but take things easy until you have ECG and if you feel any pressure on your chest phone 111 for advice. If you have chest pain it needs to be 999.

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Thanks, I will do. I have always assumed that people with heart conditions had high BP?

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Love100cats has given the best advice and taking it easy is the way to go until you have the ECG done and completed the consultation about the results. You might find sleeping with more pillows helpful - I used to wake up gasping every night until I bought more pillows and propped myself up. It just helps you feel less exhausted if you get a reasonable night;s sleep. try not to dwell on things - I am now a manic knitter as the repetition and following a pattern stop me brooding........ any hobby that occupies you and you can do sitting down could be helpful for your peace of mind. Also drop your cleaning standards - except for kitchen and bathroom of course - you get more time to rest. Best wishes.

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Thanks - I love crafting too and do lots of cross stitch, tapestry and sewing - so I can sit and do more of my hobbies x

Hi TcupT your BP is Low I think Low is regarded as 90/60, you don't say what medication you are on. Surprised your GP let you walk out of the surgery with your symptoms. Try to speak with BHF Nurse. BRB

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Telephone number for BHF Heart Line is 0300 330 3311

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Thanks Prada, I am not on any meds.

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Hello and welcome to the forum! From my time on this forum two possible causes spring to mind, Bradycardia and Hypothyroidism. I assume your GP has done the complete spectrum of blood tests.

yes, and my thyroid is ok x


I can't help with your symptoms but I would say trust in the GPS advice to send you to a cardiologist .Definitely best to get the appropriate action .

Try not to worry as stressing can only make you feel worse.

This forum is very helpful .I am also new to Heart problems I had no symptoms at all and my diagnosis is a complete shock as I always thought I was fit and healthy .

Sending you calm thoughts and a big hug


I hope you stay well and positive! Thank you for your kind words x

Hi TcupT

I guess your GP is doing the right thing by sending you for these two important tests.

I had very similar problems to yours a part from blood pressure, mine was normal, and I end up having issues with the mitral valve.

I have now a mechanical valve and my health has improved significatevely.

Try not to worry too much about it. I am sure that once you have done your tests every thing will be much clear and they will be able to help you and a dress your issues

Best wishes


I'd agree with the poster above - what you describe is what happened when my valves worsened. I ended up having replacement mitral and aortic and a tricuspid repair. I'd always had high bp, but when these valves got very bad, my bp dropped significantly. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluid so you are not dehydrated, as that can also cause low bp.

I'm not medically trained but a chest xray might help with diagnosis.

This forum is very supportive and informative and I go on it daily. Good luck.

I have same feelings as you, and my bp and pulse are the same. Its wise to do the tests and if you feel pain, preasure or not well go to emergency care.


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