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Changing from Atenolol to Adizem XL


Hi, I had WPW and had a successful ablation 15 years ago.

When I had my daughter 13 years ago my bp was raised and I was prescribed 50mg of Atenolol per day which I've taken ever since.

Recently my bp has gone up and I have been put on 120mg of Adizem XL and stopped the Atenolol.

I've been on the Adizem for four days now and my heart rate used to be around 55-60 and has gone up to 71. My bp readings are 115/76 when lay down but during the day they are 144/84.

Is the increase in heart rate normal and how long will it take for the Adizem to control my bp?

I have an ECG booked for next week at the GP surgery to check all is ok.


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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! Atenolol is a beta blocker which also reduce heart rate. Adizem is the manufacturers name for Diltiazem a CCI (calcium channel inhibitor) which has a different action. The problem is as people respond differently to drugs you cannot say Xmg of one drug equates to Ymg of another. I think it needs a few days longer to see if your dose is correct. If not higher doses of Diltiazem are available; typically 180mg, 240mg and 300 mg. I am sure it will be sorted in a few weeks.

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