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Should I take Omega 3 supplement post MI, as I hate fish?


6-yrs post MI and stents at the age of 43, I’m doing well on the usual meds. of Bisoprolol, Aspirin, Atorvastatin and Ramipril. Should I take an Omega 3 fish oil supplement, though, as I hate fish and can’t entertain eating it twice a week as recommended?

I’d really welcome your advice, please as I’m new here.

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Hi you can get fish oils in capsule forms, so you dont have to worry about taste. That said the capsules are quite big for 1000 mg dosage, so if you have difficulty swallowing pills and capsules you may want a smaller dosage. I also take two loads of vitamins and an over 50s vitamin C

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Thanks. Do you know if it has a positive effect on cholesterol at all?

I have a swig of the best fish oil I can afford everyday without fail. At first I hated the taste but now I use to it. I’m sure it will be beneficial in the long term.

I also eat a handful of almonds and a handful of olives everyday.

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Thanks 😊 Do you know if there’s any risk to cholesterol levels or BP levels from it? Both mine are okay at present (chol. is 3.8 on statin so could be lower) but I don’t want to add something if it’s possible it could have a negative effect.


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