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Well another Reality check today


Hi all thank you all for your continued help and support through my very rough patch. I’v had a lot to come to terms with in a very short space of time as my condition changed literally overnight. To say it’s been a shock would be an understatement. I’v had to sell George Oliver and now I am having to sell my Electric tricycle. There is some happy and exciting news to I’m going to get some tropical fish. Of corse do expect lots of pics lol. I’m hoping to get the tank in the next couple of weeks then when it’s up and reddy can start to add the fish

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I'm so sorry you're having to rehome your wee man and the electric trike, would it be horribly ill-mannered of me to ask what change of circumstances have brought on the sad losses?

But oooh, tropical fish! Er, may I steer you away from cichlids? Blimey are those the most incredibly proper little pigs ever - I used to have to have a double-strength pump and filter to keep the water clean in the oscar's tank plus a shedload of other extra work with him even though he shared quarters with a huge plecostomus the fish lady swore would keep the tank sparkly, lol!

My heart failure has dramatically deteriorated and my mum comes in once a day to help me wash and get dressed. I’m on 4LRs of oxygen 24/7 and get really tired doing the most simplest of things

Up to 4L now, Tori, I was afraid of that and I am so sorry to hear how things are with your heart the now. Hopefully you'll be on the transplant list and fast-tracked to a new heart very soon.

I go and see my cardiologist in a couple of weeks so let’s see what he has to say for himself. I think he’s a shocked as I am

So sorry to read your post, problems with our hearts things can change so quickly.Hopefully you will get fast tracked onto the transplant urgent list, and things will improve greatly.

You are in my thoughts sending you so much strength and hope.


buddy2blue in reply to 080311

Thank you. I’m hoping to get to Newcastle in the next month or so

080311 in reply to buddy2blue

That’s great news, I will have my fingers crossed for you and a fast appointment set up.Tori you are a brave strong young woman and you will get through this.

Love Pauline

I’m sorry your health has declined more.. I will be praying for you💛

Hi Tori so sorry your health has gone down hill, you are a very brave and determined lady, I hope you get on the transplant list very soon. Sending lots of love and prayers for you. Take care sweetheart.Ruth xxxx

Thank you Ruth xxxx

I’m sorry to hear that you have deteriorated buddy2blue and am sending you lots of positive energy and hope your way. I hope that any new heart is as brave and resilient as the one you were born with and becomes a reality for you very soon... take care and lots of hugs x.

buddy2blue in reply to Meatless

The heart I was born was broken when I was still inside the womb. It’s done me relatively well for 37 years but it’s very tired now xx

Stay strong, god bless. X

Tay99 in reply to buddy2blue

Oh l am so sorry to here that heath has declined l wish you all the luck in the world that you will get a new heart soon,you are one brave wonderful remarkable young lady stay strong stay safe l wish you lost love X

Stay strong 💪 you have done very well until now so hopefully 🙏 you will soon be having your transplant op. Sending you positive energy & praying for you 🙏❤️

Hoping they can give you a new 💓 soon please take care. Fingers crossed 🤞

Please god, you’ll get better soon.xxxx

Sending you an extra big hug Buddy2blue, I’m sorry to hear you have had such upsetting news, but hoping that it will lead to something wonderful soon❤️, keep being brave, I’m looking forward to seeing 🐠 🐟 pics 🙂, sending love to you and your mum xxx

Aww sorry to hear that,everytime I see your posts I always hope and pray that things have took a turn for the better,once your tropical fish tank is set up I imagine it will be nice and relaxing for you.Big hugs xx

Sending you love and strength, fingers crossed you won't have to wait long. X

So sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you x.

Many of us thinking about you. Stay strong.

Sorry to hear of the change in your condition. Hoping and praying that events move quickly towards you having a new heart. XX

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong. I hope the doctors can help soon. xx

Thinking of you Tori. Sending hugs your way and the wish for a new ❤️ really soon. Keep brave and strong. All our love to you and your lovely mum xxxx

So sorry to hear this, Tori. Yes, please - lots of fish pics!

Hi Tori, I'm so sorry to hear you have had to re-home your beloved George Oliver - what a disappointment for you. And also your other pride & joy your electric trike. What a double loss for you. Your tropical fish will be so soothing & relaxing for you & I want to see pictures of them when all set up. 🐠🐡🐟 You are so resilient and strong and you have all your friends here on HUL who are travelling this journey with you albeit virtually. Sending hugs and love xxxxxx

wish for a quick transplant for you and that you can feel much better, with the help of all the luck that you so deserve.

I'm sending you lots of good thoughts and wishes. I've never kept fish but it looks really calming just watching them swim round. Good luck.

So sorry to hear your news. Sending kind thoughts, prayers and love. ❤️ Stay strong and good luck 💐💐

You sound very brave & positive 🙌🏽 I hope your fish soon bring you lots of therapeutic company 🐡🐠🐟 and I look forward to the pics. Wishing you well 🤞🏽

hope ur doing well buddy

Hi B2B, I am so upset at reading your post and need some time to reply. What an incredible lady you are. Xxx

buddy2blue in reply to Smileyian

Thank you. It’s been a massive shock for us all, but we are about coming to terms with it now xxxx

Hi Tori, Its been a while since I've looked at the posts. Pleased to see you are back home, but sorry to learn of the deterioration in your heart health. Hopefully though, this will now speed the path to that new heart you've been waiting for. I've kept tropical fish for over 30 years. I agree with the earlier comments about not going for cichlids, at least at the start. The secret of success is to build up your fish stock slowly, giving plenty of time for the tank to stabilize before you add any fish and then to add them a few at a time and make sure you don't overstock. It is so tempting to rush things when you first start which can lead to multiple problems and discouragement. I know, I've been there and watched my daughter make the same mistakes. With patience you'll have a beautiful tank which will give endless pleasure and relaxation. Looking forward to the pics. Like the rest of the community I'll be thinking of you and crossing my fingers and toes for your Newcastle appointment.

I’m going to start with some guppies and other easy to care for fish. My tank is 4ft so will start out with about 30 fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐠🐠🐠🐠

Sounds great and guppies are a good fish to start with. You can get some amazing colour variations and when they are ready to breed you'll have the fun of seeing all the babies and their colours. Platys are good for producing young too. You can get a few different colour variations. One advantage of having plants is that they give the young somewhere to hide so they all don't get eaten, but there are other solutions if you want the young to survive and don't want a planted tank. A 4 foot tank is a really good size. I can see you are in for many, many hours of enjoyment. Keep us all posted.

I can’t wait to get them it’s a hobby that will be really enjoyable and relaxing. And my mum and dad will sort out the cleaning of the tank one that needs doing xx

Perfect. All you get to do is the good stuff!

I know lol.

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