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Blood thinners??!!

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Hey ๐Ÿ˜Š looking for some advice on blood thinners.. I recently had covid 19 and had a heart attack.. I have two stents in my heart.. My worry is my circulation cuts off in my feet and arms easily and I'm covered in bruises.. Is this normal for blood thinners?? Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Welcome. Ticagrelor side affects is severe bruising. I was originally on 90 mg for twelve months then changed to 60 mg for ever because I have a stent. Bruising not anywhere near as bad on 60 mg.

Turvytops in reply to Maisie2014

Hey thank you for getting back to me and thanks for the advice.. 9 stents impressive!! They believe I will need more down the line.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

Turvytops in reply to Turvytops

Sorry you don't have 9 stents I got mixed up which isn't difficult for me ๐Ÿ˜‚

Kwagmire in reply to Turvytops

I been on blood thinners 2 years now after heart attack and heart failure cardiac nurse told me I will bruise easy but not so no bruising mayby they got my meds right first time as I take lots of other meds also but I wish you well chin up stay positive kwagmire

Afraid you will bruise like a peach for some time, I had a DVT years ago and in the past five years a nice collection of 9 stents, I will be on apixaban for life, I used to get awful bruising from the slightest knock or the smallest needle, it will and does through time get better, accept the bruises but under No circumstances cut yourself whilst on this medication, blood thinners a myth, as you know it actually stops the blood from clotting so keep safe.

Turvytops in reply to Arthur1962

Thank you for responding.. I did have a small cat scratch recently and it wouldn't stop bleeding for many hours.. Take care of yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

scotsrish in reply to Turvytops

Wow Turvey you have had a hard time of it recently. I am heart attack two stents two months ago. I was on bisoprolol and ramipril ( blood thinners) which caused too many side effects including circulation, bruising, breathing and bleeding so easily to name a few. Luckily after a month my Cardiologist took me off them. I am still on ticagrelor, asa and am off crestor but might be going on lipitor for ldl cholestrol. You are a survivor of covid and a heart attack plus stents your poor body has been through alot and bruising is part of the healing. I used witch hazel and some natural creams until my wonderful Cardiologist felt comfortable taking me off the nasty blood thinners. Some people have mild side effects than almost none after 2-3 months every body is different. You are just starting to heal so make sure you start walking and be patient with yourself.

Turvytops in reply to scotsrish

Hey Scott ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm on both Ramipril and bisoprolol but only take them if blood pressure goes over a certain point.. Also on something for cholesterol but even tho ate very well have now started drinking decaf and watching my salt and fat content.. Yer my body defo has been through it but I'm coming out the other side sounds like you've had your fair share!! Thanks for respo ding and I hope your looking after yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

scotsrish in reply to Turvytops

Howdy again, ramipril is an ace inhibitor and bisoprolol a beta blocker. The usual potion for HA and stents tends to include these plus asprin or asa an anticoagulant such as ticagrelor or clopidogrel a statin for Ldl cholesterol and a proton pump inhibitor for the reflux, heartburn these lovely meds are sure to give you. I have always hiked and ate healthy but my HA was hereditary. I went into the ER with shortness of breath, sweaty and the worst most painful heartburn ever. They sent me home with "gerd". I was in pain all night and my husband took me back in the morning. Five hours of waiting and finally got a nurse and i said something is very wrong i feel like I am going to die. Finally a doctor saw me...blood test...ekg...then contacted another hospital with a cardiology ward and sent me by emergency hellicopter. One thing of many i have learned through all of this is how different womens heart attacks, surgery, med intolerance and treatment is. You are so strong and although i am new at this i would research the ramipril and bisoprolol for your circulation problems. Stay in touch

Turvytops in reply to scotsrish

Sorry only just seen this I really don't know what I'm doing on here lol my heart attack is also inherent!! Apparently I've been suffering with angina for a good few years and kept going on about it to my doctor and other practitioners but not one person thought about checking my heart lol I'm now suffering with prinz metal angina which is painful but they won't put me on anything else as they say I'll become even more light headed.. With this pandemic going on I'm finding it hard to get any help or rehab or anything lol sounds like you had a close call.. Glad you listened to your body!! I hope your are keeping well ๐Ÿ˜Š


MilkfairyHeart Star in reply to Turvytops

Hi Turvytops

Have you seen the BHF information about Vasospastic angina the term that is now used rather than Prinzmetal angina?

Turvytops in reply to Milkfairy

No I havnt and didn't know that's what they call it... Thanks milkfairy I shall have a look x

Afraid so, I would wake up with a new bruise and blame my hubby for it whilst he was asleep :) The circulation issues in feet I donโ€™t recall but the bruising definitely.

It does get better and as soon as you stop taking it, it quickly goes away.

As annoying as it is you need to keep taking it, if you feel itโ€™s really bad have a chat with the pharmacist or Dr and they might be able to put your mind at rest a little and advise what to look for to know when itโ€™s too much bruising

Hi and thanks for responding.. Lol about blaming the hubby โ˜บ๏ธ I will ring and ask about the circulation issues.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

I used to be in warfarin ,last year had 2stents fitted for angina ,,,Iโ€™ve had AF for 20 years now ,,, now Iโ€™m on apixaban and find I bruise easy but also anyone hitting me anywhere hurts now , Iโ€™m quite a big guy strong normally ,but these drugs have made me ache ,,, but needed

Thanks for the response Clark.. I know the feeling I feel quite pathetic lol but am building myself to be stronger.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

You might find the circulation issues are due to other meds not the Ticagrelor. Cold hands and feet are common with bisoprolol. Stay safe. B

Turvytops in reply to Scout2017

Hey scout I'm on bisoprolol.. Ty for responding.. Look after yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi welcome so glad you survived , I had been on Warfarin along with other meds for over 10 years now recently put on another one l do from time to time find a bruise, from what l understand if you keep getting a lot of unexplained ones you should speak to your Dr. Perhaps they need to change yours ,do you try to keep fairly active not moving around can affect your circulation. . Take care. X

Turvytops in reply to Canbe

Hi canbe I habe slowly been moving more and find this is helping ๐Ÿ˜Š look after yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

Been on apixoban since having my pacemaker fitted two years ago. No bruising or severe bleeding thankfully. But yes to the lack of circulation. I get quite severe cases of Raynaud's syndrome in my fingers and I lose the circulation in one arm if I sit in a certain way. I also suffer from cold feet. My cardiologist said it had nothing to do with my heart but this is only happened since having my pacemaker and being put into blood thinners. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

Turvytops in reply to Beffohol

Hi beff ๐Ÿ˜Š I don't know what raynards syndrome is but will look it up.. Same for me this has only happened since the heart attack.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

Beffohol in reply to Turvytops

White fingers (extremities) in cold...causing's a real pain the the behind as even touching cold things causes it ๐Ÿ˜•

Welcome to the Forum. I suffer from cold hands and feet as well, it's a swine getting the fingers to move on winter mornings for 10 mins! I was on all the usual meds to begin with, including the Beta Blockers, but have since reduced them all to only Aspirin and a Statin. I have also had periods with no Statin and alternative blood thinners (Anti coagulants), and they are still cold. Didn't have a HA, heart is in good condition, GP has no real explanation for it, just seems like it is common amongst us lot, it probably is the blood thinners. Did you have any issues with it before? I used to have cold feet mainly in winter time. I wouldn't worry just wear 2 pairs of socks in the house!

Lol yes socks are my new friend ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm just learning to understand the meds I'm on but will get there.. Thanks for responding and take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

I take Bisopurol, Aspirin and Rivaroxiban, I don't have any bruises. I am 63, don't know if that matters.

scotsrish in reply to ToffeeT

You are one of the lucky ones what are the dosage amounts you are taking for Bisoprolol and rivaroxiban?

Welcome to one of the best clubs there is (even if you really didnโ€™t want to join!)

Bruising and cuts are a problem but you get used to it. You will get bruises even when you donโ€™t remember bumping into things - it can be quite a small knock. Small cuts were more of a problem for me- even a paper cut would leak enough to ruin the paper๐Ÿ˜€. If you do any thing involving knifes or other sharp edges, get some cut protective gloves- quite cheap on Amazon, and some are food grade and washable. I also kept a small selection of plasters, dressings and sterile wipes in my bag when out- saves a lot of hassle.

Hidden in reply to HectorsDad


Good advice, I am on all the meds and was shocked by the bruising and excessive bleeding but hey!! I am alive so small price to pay

Turvytops in reply to HectorsDad

Thanks for the advice lol its amazing just how blissfully unaware I was before this and just how aware I am now!! Just glad to still be here ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi and a warm welcome to this really cool and caring community

(Best Drs waiting room by far!)

I had a just in time AVR and 2 by-passes in 2015

In 2017, I suffered, a very very rare and unlucky, spontaneous compartment syndrome on my left arm which required an emergency 3 ops in 5 days to save not only my life but my arm as well

(Great team work by Orthopaedic and Cardio teams in Edinburgh)

Having initially suffered from, easy bruising, cold and tingling foot (left) and very dry skin all now sorted

This has taken time and easier to list what I take as now I have suffer from a cracked heel!

We (myself, heart team and GP ) feel it is the cocktail that is the relief for the initial list of side effects

So my daily take


2 x Metformin 500mg

1 x Candesartan 32mg

1x Bisoprolol 7.5mg

1x Amlodipine 5mg


Warfarin 5mg

Last thing at night

2 x Metformin 500mg

1 x Simvastatin 20mg

Have my INR checked fortnightly

As it is a Mechanical ONX valve

So has to be Warfarin

To ensure blood thickness is just right

If you are bleeding for ages then perhaps you need to get your INR checked and your blood thinners reviewed

My INR is 2.5 but each will be different

Also I have a meditag with name and DOB CHINUMBER (world wide patient ref number)

AVR recipient and that I am on Warfarin

The warfarin ref is that should I be in an accident I need quick attention to prevent me from bleeding out

2.5 INR means that my blood takes 2 1/2 times longer to coagulate than a healthy person who has an INR of 1 (base)

Sorry if the above states the obvious and some of the drugs conflict each other BUT it is the combination that is giving me a great life both in standard and reassurance

It was a bit of a journey to get here but well worth it now I have arrived (last 2.5 years!)

Hope this helps someone and thanks for reading this

Best wishes


gladliz in reply to alheart

Just reading your post to Turvytops and at last I have found the answer to what INR readings mean. I have been on Warfarin, among other meds, for 8 years and I don't remember anyone explaining it before. I have been told what the initials stood for when I asked but that was all. Thank you for enlightening me.

alheart in reply to gladliz


Thanks for the kind reply

It makes this a truly great site

(Also unlike F'book or Twitter is relativly BP free!)

Thanks for giving me my good deed of the day moment!

I am very lucky that I have a great cardio team and both Edinburgh and Scotland has a progressive NHS ambition

So long as medics listen and trust their patients (who know their own bodies best) then the team work will be great

(Can apply this to anything in life)

It is important to pay attention and be aware on your INR rate

Saves stress and helps others understand and not become a bleeding nuisance! (Sorry for the pun)

Take care and thanks again


Turvytops in reply to alheart

Thanks so much for all that information!! One of the things I have noticed is my skin feels very different!! It's very dry in some places and bobbily in other places I have no Idea why lol I'm glad your leading your best life and I'm trying to do the same just so much to take in.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

alheart in reply to Turvytops

It has taken me awhile to take things in

Also remember that major anesthetics take time to clear your body mine took 7 months!

I also had itchy and dry skin so aqua cream worked for me

Please stay in touch

Take care and keep smiling

This world needs smiles

Have you had your peripheral blood flow checked? Maybe ask for an ABPI ( pressure check) for your legs just to be sure.

Turvytops in reply to Adaboo

No I've never heard of it until reading things on here it's been very educational.. Thank you for your advice ๐Ÿ˜Š

Meant to add worth talking to your GP about this and maybe getting your INR checked (depending if you are on blood thinners)

Meditag (mine is universal medical )

Can also give reassurance and can provide all your health info in a neat piece of jewelry!

Good luck and stay in touch

I find I always learn something from this great "club"

Turvytops in reply to alheart

Sorry what jewelery and where can I get this?? I'm on aspirin, bisoprolol, Ramipril, prasugrel and Atorvastatin.. It would be nice to let any emergencies that may occur that I bleed easily

alheart in reply to Turvytops

Meditag website

Have loads of really good stuff

Your CHI number is the important one as it means medical services can access from anywhere in the world

scotsrish in reply to Turvytops

I see now that you are on the antiplatelet prasugrel or effient. This is apparently one of the better ones but i can't say from experience as i live in BC, Canada and Eli Lily stopped producing it because of a shortage of ingredients Feb this year. I do not understand how they can discontinue a drug that is actually made in Japan and still sold in other countries. Maybe someone on here understands this.

Hi , Iโ€™ve been on Warfarin now for the past 5 years due to a mech heart valve that was fitted and yes they do cause side effects which means I bruise easily mainly on my hands and arms Iโ€™m fit and healthy and to be honest itโ€™s something I donโ€™t even think about anymore ... hope things are good for you and stay well


Turvytops in reply to Gaz0161

Hi gaz glad your doing well I am trying to get back to fit and healthy lol take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hi I was taking clopdidogrel and found that my circulation in my feet was poor . I switched to aspirin and itโ€™s improved. I have not got stents though and only had a TIA so best check with your doctor before doing anything.

My circulation is improving but by bit the more I do ๐Ÿ˜Š

The bruising is pefectly normal. I looked like I'd done 5 rounds with Mike Tyson or hubby had been beating me up. But the circulation problem is NOT normal. Speak to your GP

Turvytops in reply to Qualipop

Thanks for the advice I shall speak to my doctor.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

I bruise very easily since on blood thinners, warfarin. I can bruise just by scratching myself especially on my hands where skin appears to be thinner. Xx

My hands are covered in bruises!! My cat attacks my hands every morning to wake me and has done for 14 years.. It looks like I'm self harming!! Take care of yourself ๐Ÿ˜Š

Tip. If a cut does not stop bleeding then apply some cayenne pepper to it and it will cease bleeding immediately. And, no. It will not burn at all.

Turvytops in reply to Palpman

Wow will try this when needed.. Who knew ๐Ÿ‘

I'm on Apixaban and bruise easy. Hands and feet always cold but do have raynauds. Had a bad bleed from a biopsy couple years ago lost alot of blood. Good luck stay safe

I need to Google raynards as have heard a few of you mention it.. Take care ๐Ÿ˜Š

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