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New coronavirus hub

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Hi all,

As you’re probably aware, we’ve been sharing regular updates to our website to help answer everyone’s concerns about coronavirus – I just wanted to say, I know there’s been a lot of questions and I’m very sorry if anyone feels they haven’t had a response either from a nurse, or other members of the community.

On that note, I wanted to share with you the BHF’s coronavirus hub. Here you can find all the latest expert information on coronavirus and your heart health all in one place, plus lots of advice and inspiration for staying healthy while you’re at home

Of course, we’ll be adding to this over the coming weeks but if there’s anything you think is missing or areas that we could expand on, please do let us know below!

There’s also some additional updates to mention:

If you’re worried about going to work, this page explains who should or shouldn’t go to work and what to do if you have issues with your employer

Another FAQs page with some more general queries such as symptoms and how to protect yourself

And just a reminder, some heart patients are considered at extremely high risk of severe illness from coronavirus. Our information page has further guidance on this including some commonly asked questions about heart and circulatory conditions and advice for those with high blood pressure

I’ve also updated our pinned FAQs post here

Thanks everyone :)

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Hi my husband is due to go in for his aortic valve replacement next week.. we are worried about the covid but the hospital says that when they go to ICU they are in pods so away from covid. At first he did thing maybe not going ahead with it but the surgeon said that he needs to be done. Can you enlighten me on how things are in the hospital in regards to keeping my husband safe from covid .


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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Jewel7

You need to listen to your surgeon as outcomes for walking wounded are better than unconcious emergencies!

I have been to hospital four times in as many weeks. Both hospitals have seperate entrances for Outpatients, A&E and CovID patients. Internally there is plenty of physical separation and use of PPE. You have to remember the medical staff no more want Coronavirus than you do. I think the hardest part for you will be the no visiting rules but all being well he should be home in five days. Obviously it is easier to keep in touch with modern technology - just make sure he packs the charger(s).