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I’m reading all peoples experiences and comments on stents and the overwhelming census seems to be that people are having chest pain either constant or periodically for over a year!!!! I’m seriously freaking out about having my angiogram tommorrow in case they fix stents as the thought of feeling pain constantly or just not feeling “normal” makes me not want to have it done.... maybe I shouldn’t go and just do what I’m doing now aspirin 75mcg daily atorvastatin 40mcg daily stopped smoking eating Mediterranean diet now lots of fruit ... not got exercise plan up yet as was waiting till after angiogram... I just don’t know what to do am very tearful right now please help

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Don’t be afraid. I had a stent fitted last year and I’m fine. I had a heart attack and was grateful for the angioplasty. I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat and I’m ok. Don’t worry.

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Perhaps talk through your concerns with the Cardiology team tomorrow?

You should together be able to make a shared decision. The Cardiologist should provide you with the research evidence to support the treatment they suggest is best for you.

Whilst everyone has their individual experience you are unique and it is important that you discuss everything with the people who have all your tests results, medical history and expertise which is the Cardiology team

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.


I had a heart attack/cardiac arrest in December 2018, had 1 stent fitted in LAD. Can't offer any comment on the procedure as completely out of it.

However, post event, as I had CPR for a number of minutes I ended up with 5 fractured ribs so was in agony over that. But as regards the stent I've never had a pain or anything. People all have different experiences , you could well be one of those who breeze through and at the other side wonder what all the fuss was about. I hope you go tomorrow so that whatever treatment you need can be delivered.

Good luck

Please remember that people complain when things aren’t right and usually don’t say anything when it’s all going well. My experience of having a stent was it worked like a dream. I rarely have any chest pain. And the pain I do have isn’t heart related. They won’t fit a stent if it’s not needed and you’ll be fine. My main issues were with the meds and you’re already on them. Really don’t worry. 😊

Just echoing the above comment, trust me, just do it. My Dad died of an MI after suffering the debilitation of Angina/Atherosclerosis for 4 years. I was terrified I was going to end up the same way, and with 96% blockage in my LAD I probably would have. Now I am flying round the Park run (well I was ) and am massively grateful to have been given a second chance. Most of the chest pains people have originate between their ears, including me, so get your Bum down there!!!

Definitely go tomorrow, like others have said I also had a positive experience with both the stent procedure and in the 2 years since my procedure I have not attributed any incidents of angina and pain to be connected to the stents. Please attend your appointment and let us know how you get on.

I had 2 stents fitted in LAD , in July last year , felt terrible for a year & half having chest pain , breathlessness and fatigue ,,,just as well I did it was only 1 week after angiogram I got this done , so it saved my life I’m sure of that ,,, no one can make you ,but if having these kind of issues you need it looked at ,,all the best ,,,

Of course not everyone is the same and we all experience different sensations and feelings.

however, look at it this way (for any pain or sensations you’d experience after such a procedure )

if you went in to have a hip replacement or to have your knee cleaned out you’d experiance a lot of pain around those joints for weeks afterwards.

it’s to be expected you’d experience some discomfort for a while after any procedure - on heart or any other muscle / joint.

if you are really doubtful the speak to the cardio team.

good luck and all the best.

I had a stent 2 years ago ,I was 144kg bad diet and v little exercise,I have no pain whatsoever I am out running playing football ,tennis changed my diet and now 89kg so it’s not all doom and gloom

Blimey! From 144 to 89kg, that is impressive! Well done you for using the wake-up call and changing what wanted changing.

I had a heart attack and had two stents fitted, no issues after. You should be fine 👍🏻 Hope all goes well

I had heart attack 5 years ago. One Stent fitted in LAD. Just felt a pain for one to two weeks. After that no issues. Procedure of placing stent is very normal. So if doctor advice you don't worry

I had stents put in (3) beginning of February and have not had any pains or discomfort of any kind in fact I've not felt this well in years, was back to work in a week and was grafting as hard as the rest of my team with no problems, so don't worry, get it done, you'll never look back.

Hi Buffy.

I had mine fitted 20 months ago after CA & HA. I was awake because they had revived me before so was able to see the big screens and may well have enjoyed it in a perverse way, if it wasn't for the fact I felt so crap! In the room they played music and it was meant to be funny, I think (I will survive/ heart on my sleeve etc).

Twenty months on, and I can separate my symptoms, although I couldn't for a few months. I have other issues, it turns out, which probably contributed to my CA & HA that is messing with my body, but I can say that the stents have never been an issue for me. I think I wanted or expected to 'feel' them, but I really couldn't/can't.

Some people are different and have different experiences and you are lucky you have had a warning. You'll be in good hands.

I hope you get this before you go

My stents never hurt at all. CPR, on the other hand.... Honestly, you’ll be fine. Xx

My hubby had 2 stents in his LAD last July and has recovered brilliantly -

Good luck and wishing you well xxx

Had a stent in LAD 2 years ago, have occasional discomfort though cannot tell if from stent or mild indigestion. Some times I am aware of the stent, but I know that it is psychological rather than physical. Especially when I let things get on top of me. The worry is worse than the procedure. I was awake for most of it, in and out in very short time then home a few hours later. The best bit was the housework and shopping being done by my family as not supposed to do lots of things for a period. My recommendation if you do need a stent is to treat yourself like a Queen and let the minions pick up the slack for as long as you can get away with it. Always look on the bright side.

I have 3 stents in the RCA and have had them since my HA over two years ago. After the initial shock of the first month or two when every ache or pain was, in my mind, all about the stents, I have never had any pain. Lots of people do get mild pain or twinges for a short time, whether real or imagined, but they are a small price to pay compared to the alternative if your medical team think they are necessary and you refuse. Good luck and take care.

My husband had stents in 2005. In spite of the fact the one they really wanted to place being too difficylt he has been fine. No pain afterwards in fact my problem was getting him to be sensible!

The elation I felt after the angioplasty was surreal compared to how ill i felt immediately and in the days before the procedure. Prior to it my chest cavity felt was it subjected to a constant abrasive substance (weird form of angina?) and after it was if it had been flushed clear with the finest spring water(more weird ?) . I still get random Angina but that maybe from the vessel they didn’t stent (impairment in flow below stent thresholds) and or poor small vessel flow/ some form of micro vascular angina which local cardiology aren’t willing to investigate.

Morning Buffy, I had angiogram last August, had symptoms apart from palpitations and being of that age, thought ok, doctor did ecg and ct scan, I was shocked as you are. Went and have the angiogram and they fitted 2 stents together to make one big one, yes I had pain the day after and that was it. The palpitations stopped. My friend like you went had angiogram and didn't have to have anything done, they will do it again next year. I would say have it done and then tell us how it went, the bhf community are here for you. Where you having it done Buffy.

It’s only natural to feel apprehensive, but I think you’ll find that just about everybody who goes through this procedure would say that they are grateful they did. Everybody is different, but I look on having a stent fitted as getting a second chance. Embrace the lessons you’ll learn at rehab about diet and exercise and before long you’ll feel fitter and better about yourself than for a long time. You will get aches and pains for a little while afterwards, but these are magnified in your mind because you fear the worse. Good luck.

Hi Buffy

Im 49and had 2 stents following heart attack January this year. I had about 8 weeks of slight chest pain, partly due to heart healing from the heart attack itself and not just the stents, yes I felt tired quickly bt that has improved week on week, some lightheadedness initially but adjusting medication has pretty much solved that. The worst initial pain was to my arm which bruised loads due to the clamping device used to stop the artery bleeding following the angioplasty again that healed within a few weeks,

Listen to your cardio doctor and do what's best for you. I can only recommend stents as improving my health instantly and for the Longterm. I have had far worse procedures than an angioplasty. Be strong, stay calm, look forward to a bright future.

I had two stents fitted after a heart attack last year. I had pains for the first couple of months but they are not bad and the pain is bearable. I do occasionally get a twinge but this is a minor side effect, please don't worry about stents .

I had 2 stents fitted in 2010 after heart attack I'm a 65 year old tree surgeon still working you will be fine they work imore ok

I had heart attack 8 years ago and had 4 stents fitted. Never had pain from them. On here you will see people posting there bad experiences not the millions who have had good experiences. So relax. Your likely to be one of the many not the few.

Please dont worry easier said than done I know but I had an angiogram 12yrs ago and was terrified but so glad I had it as they found the cause of my problem put a stent in and I was fine all those years with no problems then unfortunately I had a severe heart attack last April another angiogram and 2 more stents in right away and 11 mths on I feel great I exercise daily by walking a couple of miles it’s much better to get sorted now before something like that happens and get it sorted so ye I d definatly go they r just amazing at their jobs the mas I for one can’t thank them enough ❤️So please don’t worry I hope u get sorted and keep well x

I had a sudden heart attack in January this year. One stent to the LAD. I was alert throughout the whole procedure and took great interest in all that was happening. My experience was of a kind, dedicated, knowledgeable team who did everything to support me throughout the procedure. The relief that the artery had been opened up was incredible. Six weeks of niggling aches and uncertainty followed but now I feel better than pre heart attack. I am following all advice given because I feel that I have been given “a second chance”. Hope this helps you, but please remember that it is normal to feel afraid.


Ok. I am going to admit to having what I call chest ache quite regularly. I have been reassured by GP, cardiac rehab team, cardiac specialist nurse and cardiologist that this is not heart related! I have been given a few reasons for this chest ache - gastro, anxiety, medication side effects, grief (I lost my mum weeks before my HA)

Having said that I am glad I had my 2 stents fitted just over 6 months ago - THEY SAVED MY LIFE! I have never suffered from anxiety before but have had lots since procedure but I have also had lots of help to control this. I only exercised sporadically before procedure but I can exercise 4-5 times a week now and enjoy it. Funnily enough my chest doesn’t ache during exercise!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is you’ve got to weigh up the positives of having this procedure against the negatives. Like everyone else has said, talk to the cardiology team. I think you are going to hear there are as many people who have chest discomfort as those who don’t!

Good Luck x

Don’t be frightened, just ask for lots of drugs. Lol I was happy as Larry .

Let us know how you get on :-)

It's not that bad and is far better than the chest pain you get if you don't get them done

I had 3 stents fitted 18 months ago, due to a 90% blocked artery (but hadn't had a heart attack). The procedure feels a bit weird, but it's not painful, and I will never forget how much better I felt afterwards. I always say I felt 15 years younger (more than 5, less than 20!). Afterwards, my sister told me it was the first time she'd spoken to me on the phone in years without hearing me breathing and coughing at the other end, or seen me with pink cheeks. There was a twinge every morning when I woke up for a few days afterwards - a feeling like a thin needle in my chest - but it went within half an hour of taking paracetamol and disappeared within a week. There was occasionally an odd feeling in my chest in the next month or so, but I wouldn't describe it as pain. I think it was just my body adjusting to the stents - my specialist said 'hearts don't like to be messed around with'! As people have said above, it is such a routine procedure, the vast majority don't bother to post unless they are unlucky enough to have a problem, but in my case, stents gave me a new lease of life, as well as probably saving it. Let us know how you get on.

Be guided by the experts treating you and not anecdotal evidence. I have had 3 stents recently and experience no pain at all.

Hi Buffy

13yrs ago i had a stent following a heart attack. They save lives! They talk to you throughout it is an excellent life saving procedure.

Thinking of you.


Morning buffy, best of luck with your procedure today, I know going into the unknown is worrying but rest assured the process is virtually painless, and also amazing if you can bring yourself to glance at the screen to watch what these amazing medical people do. I had 4 stents fitted over a few days after suffering a couple of heart attacks in 2018 and so far all is fine. Take care

There is absolutely no problems after stents, I had 6 fitted at the same time just 12 months ago. One year on I feel fine,tbh I never had any pain whatsoever.

Don’t worry be happy.

Don’t go for it or go for the dissolving ones. After 4 years or so it dissolves on its own. And yes I have had two stents put and it’s been almost 3 years now and I’m in constant pain. Never had any pains as such before. Had the angiogram done as my yearly health checkup. And found blockages. Is used to do heavy weight lifting and body building then. Docs in India did this and converted my angiogram into angiogram plasty. Didn’t get the chance for a second opinion. Docs in London later said I didn’t need it meds could’ve have sorted me out since my heart was robust. Now I have a fixed medical monthly expense to maintain the stents. Which is a lot. I wish I had the chance for an alternative. Or at least I had the dissolving stents in me. Wish.

I have had a stent in my LAD for 5 years no issues for me. I also know someone who has had a stent for 29 years with no issues. It depends what condition the arteries are in. In my case CT scan I was injected with die and everything was clean all arteries just my problem in one area of LAD. In regards to med diet which is healthy, don't consume to much olive oil. The secret is natural food with not much fatty foods and plenty of exercise, combine these 2 and only things will improve.

Hi Buffy. I had a heart attack followed by 2 angiograms and a stent fitting. I have had some ‘twinges’ in first 4 weeks but non now and it’s 8 weeks tomorrow since the stent was fitted. The angiogram shows what’s wrong and I feel now that that is great as I know there are no more problem areas in my coronary arteries. It is a very physiologically emotional time. I still get very tearful and particularly at the moment feel extremely useless. I am walking 3 miles daily ( or was up to Tuesdays restrictions) and cycling 16/17 miles alternate days. I’m back to all housework and cooking. It is definitely worth it. Go with a positive outlook of the future and if a stent is what’s needed go for it! Good luck and stay well.

Good morning, I think it will be a big mistake not to go, its harsh to say, but they set it up for a reason the angio and if you dont go you risk a heart attack that could be fatal at some point in the future, get seen and sorted, it's worth it. it's not pains as in pains after for 99.9% its twinges that you always had, you just notice more for a while as it's the way your mind will work.

Dont put it off it could be your life. It will be a very simple procedure. take a book, read a magazine, watch an iPad or your phone with junk programs it takes your mind off it all and you will be finished and done in no time, most angios are done in half hour then a short time being monitored after.

3 stents 12yrs ago, never felt pain or discomfort in all that time, don't be afraid.

A must read book ia[A Healing Heart by Norman Cousins, it changed my life after having a double heart bypass 24 years ago, the three most important things that can change your life is the right Diet, exercise and No STRESS. you need to concentrate on all three

I am now 76 and have never been fitter, still riding my mountain bike and loving LIFE

Call me on 01798-813393,

I've got 3 of them. Sometimes in the first year i would get a slight twinge, but i would be dead otherwise.

It's a no brainer, stents will give you better quality of life.

I had similar reservations, however, eight years ago aged 47 I had a stent fitted after a heart attack and have had no pain since. Medication every day and trying to remain fit, once you have had your stent the rest is up to you mate.

Best wishes, John

Dear Buffy,

I had a minor heart attack 2 years ago out of the blue, one stent to LAD under local - no discomfort during procedure. I have had no ill effects but rather followed up all the rehab and much less likely to fall asleep in the chair after a round of golf or a busy day’s exercise.

My understanding is they don’t do angiograms or recommend angioplasty unless it is to be of real value so speak to the team I am sure they will explain the merit and reassure you.

Best wishes


I had two stents put in after a heart attack 4 years ago. I have had no real chest pain from then. Just occasional twinges that are normal muscle pain or in most cases wind. I never realised bleaching would become the most life affirming activity I would ever do. This does not mean I didn’t and don’t get a bit freaked out when it happens but I find that a bit of moderate exercise eases the feeling whereas if it was angina it would make it worse.

I had my stent fitted just over two years ago. Yes it takes time settle down and for your body to adjust to the change. The benefits afterwards are so great that I wouldn't hesitate to go through it again if the need arises. Simply amazing that such a thing can be done for you, I may be mad but seeing all the cath lab in operation and the ultra professionalism is firmly stuck in my mind. Lay back let the experts do their job they are truly amazing

Hi Buffy ive had mine for two years now and to be honest the first month or so there was discomfort, but thats it I can honestly say theres no need to worry, I evecan understand your reservations and feeling anxious after all its an operation its normal to get anxious and worried, but if your angiogram shows you need one have it done its really quick i was in for maybe 20 minutes and after the initial discomfort of an operation i have been fine, try not to worry, after a while sometimes you forget you even have them, hope this helps.

Had one stent never had and pain but please remember people get twinges pains ect as they get older and I think we can get preoccupied with every t winge

I had a heart attack in January, my LAD was 100% blocked and they fitted a stent. I've had no trouble with it at all. In fact, within an hour of having had the procedure I felt better than I had done for years! There's always some psychological issues when they fiddle with your heart, talk it through with the team, I'm sure they'll put your mind at rest. Good luck xx

I never had any chest sensations prior to my stents. BUT - I’m also far more capable and active than I was before. I can swim, run, play 90 mins football again. Before the stent i struggled to get up a flight of stairs. I’m very glad I had it done.

Buffy, my husband had a massive HA in Dec 2005, stent fitted in blocked artery in Jan through artery in groin. No pain then, importantly no pain since, and for the first time in he looked pink and healthy and felt great. Unfortunately had a 2nd HA Feb 2007, more serious this time, had a 2nd stent inserted through artery in wrist, more uncomfortable getting it but absolutely no pain since. Here we are he is now 72 and doing very well. No angina or chest pain whatsoever. Be positive and have faith in your cardio team, they are all brilliant wherever in the country you are. Please post an update when able after your procedure.

Hi Buffy. I had two stents fitted in my LAD artery 18 months ago, just before my 46th birthday, and I've had no pain or trouble since. It has been made a massively positively effect on my life, not just the stents themselves but the advice and support I have subsequently received from the local Healthy Living team and my fellow patients. The whole thing has changed my life for the better, so please don't worry, you can and will be fine.

Don’t be afraid Buffy you will be ok. I had mine done in 2013 although I can’t do everything I used to I have a pretty normal life for a 65 year old. Just had to make slight adjustments. I did work really hard before but I’ve learnt to relax and take things at a slower pace x

Hi firstly please do not panic about the procedure. Its going to be fine. Its pretty painless and straightforward.

They will also explain the whole process as they are doing it and will give some medication to keep you nice and relaxed.

I had 2 stents last july after suffering a MI.

I have had very few issues with pain other than when i first had them inserted and it certaimly was not agony.

8 months on and im fighting fot never had any angina .

I had a heart attack and two stents about 18 months ago. Have felt absolutely nothing neither during the angio or since. My only worry is two blockages that weren't quite bad enough yet to stent. I wish they had. Go for it and stop worrying. Apart from a completely purple arm the first time, mine was a doddle. Second time I didn't even have a pin prick visible.

Hi, I'm 2 yrs on from having 2 stents inserted following a major heart attack. I still get some niggles now and again but never serious pain, discomfort at times Yes while the stents settle in but nothing to worry about. Speak to your Heart Clinic nurse they can answer any questions/concerns you have.

Just another thumbs up for the stents. My husband had two fitted last year after an MI and has had no pain or discomfort from them, has started a new career since and still does ju jitsu twice a week.

He was extremely nervous about the procedure itself. But he got through it with a sedative and he was allowed to listen to his own music through headphones while it was done too. So do tell the team you're nervous and ask what they can do to help you relax. Good luck!

Glad to hear that you stopped smoking. When I stopped in 1993 a consultant said that after seven years my chances of heart disease or lung cancer would be as if I'd never smoked. Exactly seven years later I had hypertension for the first time :-)

Having stent pain is completely normal. It's a foreign body that's been forced into an artery, and then expanded to open it up. It's not natural, it's made if titanium, and your body isn't going to like it in the beginning, but it will get used to it eventually. The pain is uncomfortable, but it does go away.

Remember, if the pain is ever sharp, stabbing, or one that isn't familiar, get medical attention ASAP, and worry about the technical bits later.

Hi had 2 stents fitted September 2019 after 95% blockage and was awake through the whole procedure

Yes it is worrying but the team at Harefield we’re fantastic and watching on the machine was an experience

Went through all the symptoms others have, not sleeping was the worst

I have a few aches and pains but not as bad as the arthritis though

Get on the rehab course ASAP and enjoy

God bless

I had a stent a couple of years ago and am fine. I experienced no pain afterwards, just felt a bit tired for a few days after the procedure. Other people I know who've had stents have also been OK.

2 years post stent. 3 in LAD 4 total. I work out every day HARD! Run, lift weights, cardio. 58 years old better shape than when I was 20. Stents are working for me I know people 20 years post stents and stents are 1000% better today than 20 years ago. Go for it your blood will be flowing and you’ll feel GREAT! Praying for you from Tennessee!

Hello to every single one of you amazing people who flooded my post this morning with messages of encouragement surrounding me with support instinctively knowing I would need it and thanks to you all I took the courage and went through with my angiogram .... turns out I had 80% blockage in my RCA and needed a stent ... my left circumflex had a wire stress test and flow test done on it as it had shown moderate plaque on my previous ct angiogram and it passed with flying colours... no restrictions all working well no stent needed ... the rest of my arteries are fine as well no plaque so I guess my plumbing is thus far considered fixed... as far as the procedure was concerned I was very apprehensive and cold so they wrapped a pre warmed blanket around me and shot me with 7.5mg Valium... the negative experience I’ve had was the arm pain was horrendous very painful almost the whole time as my arm artery went into spasm and also when they gave me medication to test left artery it made me feel really funny and affected my breathing to a certain point (I kinda felt a little suffocated for around 30 secs) apart from that plain sailing... was on the ward for another two hours and now home on my sofa in my newly spring cleaned house (done by my daughter this morning) ... I’m trying at this point to look at this as a positive and thinking along the lines of (now I’m back to normal I can live my life properly again and change my bad habits feel better than before) instead of allowing myself to sit here stressing about having an alien thing inside me and worrying if it will clot up or if I will get pains... I may be successful in doing this... I may not.. but if I’m not I know I have all of you.... my big heart family to help encourage snd guide me... once again ty so much DONT think I could of done it without you xxxx

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Hi Buffy

I’m so pleased it went well for you. I didn’t want to comment on a procedure I’ve never had but it is good to see the comments of so many verified by your experience.

Your original post and the responses make this thread an example of this forum at its best in my opinion.

Good luck with the recovery and I’m sure you have the strength and motivation to make whatever changes you need to.

Best wishes

Brilliant. Now it's round 2 - I think you have packed up the fags? If you take my advice I would follow that up with becoming a vegetarian as well or at least a Mediterranean diet, and as much exercise as and when you can. Also cut our as much dairy as possible.

Good luck and get training for the local park run, you may have a bit of a wait before it starts up again!

Don't worry about those stents you will forget you even have them one day.

I had 2 stents fitted to my RCA after a heart attack in August 2012. I’ve rarely experienced any chest pain since and when I have, it wasn’t related to my heart.

Best wishes


Don’t worry, I had two stents fitted after a heart attack just over four years ago and I’ve never experienced any problems.

Thank-you for updating, and it sounds as though you 'only' needed one stent, that's great news! Well done you for going to the appointment and bravely lying down on that table.

All the best for a proper recovery - the discomfort does fade quickly-ish although the bruises hang about for weeks.

Hi I had a heart attack 3 years ago and three stents. I was 58 with high cholesterol but no other health risks. I am fit and well and feel back to normal health, walking miles every day. I had niggly pains after the stents were fitted for a couple of weeks but that’s all. This has been my experience of stents.


I had a HA last April when i was 46 i had 3 stents fitted i had a further 3 stents fitted in November and a further 3 stents fitted and in January

I still get really bad bouts of shortness of breath and still feeling tired some days are worse than others but everybody is different so what one person might experience could be completley different to another person!


Great news! Don’t be a stranger - let us know how you are getting on. Take care xxx

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