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Gout after heart attack

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Since my heart attack 8 weeks ago, I have developed gout with a lot of toe pain. I am convinced it is statin related but the doctors disagree. Has anyone had a similar lar problem?

16 Replies
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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! Usually people are on a range of drugs post HA. Please could you say what others you are on besides a statin.

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Maxyz3 in reply to MichaelJH

I wish someone would answer this question as I cannot take statins, bones ache like there broke..I sm med sensative.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Maxyz3

How many statins have you tried? I got muscle pains with Simvastatin but this went when I changed to Atorvastatin.

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It seems to me (not a medical doctor) that gout is often related to unhealthy eating patterns which may also have contributed to high cholesterol. That imbalance likely contributed to your heart attack and the doctors' decision to prescribe statins. Now that the heart attack is behind you, a heart-healthy diet, some exercise and the statins could reduce or cure the gout. Just a thought.

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Sunnie2day in reply to SteveP772

Sorry, Steve, but that's 18th century medical thinking and is no longer considered appropriate for 'Why do I have gout?!'.

Dietary advice to avoid food and drink that causes uric acid is very helpful in combination with medication once gout is diagnosed - but diet rarely is the cause unless gout runs in a family - the way it does in mine, and btw, ladies get it too, not just the lads, and it can also cause kidney stones.

So I am and have always been careful about my diet in hopes of staving off the gout the men and a few of my fellow ladies in my family have suffered for generations. I'm 63 now and so far have avoided gout, my doctors put that down to good diet based on the family history.

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MilkfairyHeart Star

Hi Sandielands

I am sorry to hear you have gout.

A condition that can be very painful!

It is a type of arthritis it is often not related to unhealthy eating. The idea of excessive port drinking as a cause is probably untrue

The Gout Society has this information that you may find helpful.


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Gout is a very specific condition. It’s a build up of Uric acid that crystallises in joints - very often toes but can impact a lot more. It is excruciatingly painful (I know, I’ve had it). Take a look at the attached


The usual treatment is a short course of nsaid (diclofenac in my case) and also plenty of water (a big dose of vitamin c is also commonly suggested but I’m not sure how good the science is on that but I take it.

I should add, I had my first attack of gout many moons before I started statins

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If you are taking frusomide as a diuretic that will be the culprit. You may have to take alipurinol long term to fix the problem

Yours drew

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Sandielands in reply to werd

You cant take alipurinol whilst still having gout. So need to get rid of it first. Back to square one!! I have more colchacine to see if that works and will need to cut out all foods high in puric acid.

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werd in reply to Sandielands

My gout was recurring every week to 10 days. I was told not to start taking alipurinol until it was clear for a month when it started coming back once again well within the monthI thought to hell with this. Took the alipurinol and it stopt it dead in its tracks that was 4 years ago. No more gout

Sandielands profile image
Sandielands in reply to werd

That is one of the big problems, because of the heart medication, you cant take any ibuprofen or such medication and as you pointed out no alipurinol. It is connected to food but not always rich food as some people think, A lot of the food you would eat for the heart is high in purines, such as mushrooms, turkey, game and seafood. It really is a juggling act. Chicken breast is as bad as Steak for purines. Maybe there is somehing to this Vegan thing!!

Sandielands profile image

Thanks, i am not on a duiretic.

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Sunnie2day in reply to Sandielands

What other meds are you on, and do you have a family history of gout and/or kidney stones? Uric acid build-up can manifest as either or both.

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Hi. I am currently toy battling with my second attack of gout this month. This time it is my left toe but earlier it was the right one.I have also heard that diuretics can cause gout. Certainly in my case, it is NOT unhealthy eating but I’m not sure if 1mg of Bumetanide per day would cause such painful gout so often. My GP has issued an ‘emergency’ supply of steroids because I also have chronic kidney disease and I am therefore advised against Nurofen and the like. I try not to succumb to the steroids if I can help it because I have taken so many courses already.

The last bout of gout we treated by keeping my foot raised and ice packs. It worked and is an easy fix, but this time the ice pack, strong painkillers and keeping my foot in a raised position is not working as quickly! I have a rheumatology appointment at the end of March so I am hoping to get prescribed the drug allopurinol which prevents the formation of the uric acid.

You have my sympathy. Gout is truly debilitating.

Check out my last post.

In my case the diuretics I was on caused Gout. 3 months of Allopurinol and prednisolone has brought huge relief.

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My hubby had a Heart Transplant almost eight years ago and gout attacks are one of the issues since. They occur a few times a year and usually in the cold weather lasting for 4 days to a week. He takes prednisolone for few days which does the trick. Also, he was advised by a Consultant to drink a glass of cherry juice everyday which helps to keep it at bay.

Incidentally he eats a healthy balanced diet and is a very fit & slim ex chef!

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