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spironolactone, how long is is safe to been it?


My husband is taking spironolactone 25mg tablets I tablet daily. He was told by his GP that he should not be on them for an extended time, but nothing said about this in cardiology in the hospital, anyone else on these and if so for how long, what's the alternative. He is on Ramipril and Ivabradine and nobivolol as well having a ICD pacemaker also.

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Hello, my husband is on Spironolactone too. He finds it works well with an ACE Inhibitor and a Betablocker to control high blood pressure. He hasn’t been told he won’t stay on it forever. It’s a potassium sparing diuretic and he has to make sure he doesn’t have too much potassium in his diet (not many bananas, no potato skins).

Perhaps chat with the BHF nurses next week. 0300 330 3322, weekday office hours or his GP.

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