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Waking up with racing heart and high bp


As I lost another day yesterday I wondered if anyone has any suggestions as to why, every few weeks or so (no pattern to it or trigger) I wake up with a bp of 135 over 95, feeling sick, slightly headachey and with hammering heart. It lasts for about three hours and gradually (provided i just do absolutely nothing) I go back to normal bp of 106 over 75 by the evening and resting heart raate of 74 (normal for me)

I take 75mg aspirin, 40mg statin, 1.25 Bisoporol in the morning and 1.25 Ramapril at night. funnily enough since my heart attack I really haven;t had a headache until this started. Have booked to see GP - only a 3 week wait... Any thoughts appreciated.

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and no I don;t have nightmares!

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Has the manufacturers of your repeats changed? I had palpitations from the non-active ingredients in one generic.

Good thought but unfortunately nothing changed.... just wish I could get to the bottom of why it happens - fed up with losing days and doing nothing..... ignore me, just really down at the moment. Thanks for replying.

You take your Ramipril at night. Read the leaflet to see if those might be causing your problems. Discuss with you doctor or pharmacist.

Will do and thank you for the suggestion. I originally took Rampril in the morning but last hospital stay doctor told me to move it to night...... you can;t win,,,,

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I was told by my cardiologist to switch Ramipril to the night time.

Are you any better yet?

Thankfully yes today but feel completely wiped out tired. Yesterday was another lost day when all I did was sit around reading and knitting. Went to rehab on Thursday and the lovely instructor told me to take it easy and only sit on the bicycle , gentle pedal and forbidden to go near the rowing machine or treadmill. Have an appointment with GP on the 21st so hoping he may have some suggestions as to what causes it. Thanks for asking :)

How much water do you drink? You need something like 2.2 litres a day about 5 pints?

Thanks for the suggestion. I do make a point of drinking copious amounts during the day. My tea cup is a jumbo one holding around half a litre at time - I have at least five cups of tea a day plus water with meals. However, I shall try to drink even more......

Hi Last year I was waking continually through the night and on waking with my heart racing and my bp high.One morning I was so scared I called an ambulance.Paramedics were excellent .Gradually my heart rate went down .I was referred to cardio who prescribed Ramipril 1.25 night and morning.Much better now although it can still happen but only occasionally.Good luck maybe you need to ask doc about a slightly higher dose.

Thank you for your suggestion. Going through a good patch at the moment at last!

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