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Hi wondering if anyone can help me .I have run out of my Bisoprolol 1.25 gramms and I won't have a tablet for the morning should I take the 2.5 that I originally started with or just miss tomorrow morning .I am worried as it says don't stop taking will it be risky to miss one . Sorry to be a baby just find all this scary !!

Thank you x

35 Replies
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Ring the NHS helpline number & they will arrange an emergency prescription for you, or take your repeat prescription to a pharmacy and see if they can help. I wouldn't take the higher dose as this has been reduced for a reason.

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Thank you for such a quick response will do that in the morning. As I am working do you think it is okay to take the tablet at night tomorrow ?

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Again, I would ask the helpline number as we don't know your health background, there's usually advice on the patient leaflet on what to do if you miss a dose.

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Ring the NHS helpline number and ask if it is ok if you cut a 2.5 mg in half? Then you won't miss a dose.

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Hey that sounds like a good idea too thank you😊 x

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Hello, why not cut a 2.5 tablet in half? I understand they cut reasonably easily.

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Aww thank you all so much for the advice this is such a lovely forum and you are all so kind

Love you all take care xxx

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Camelliared in reply to Shar28

One of my tabs. I have to cut in half and another one I have to quarter. I do use a tablet cutter but you should be able to do it without.

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If you tablet is scored/has a line across it, it will be safe to half. Tablets should be cut with a sharp knife to prevent crumbling. If you manage this you will be ok for a day or two. Just check that the tablets you have not used for a while are not out of date.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you for the information wondered if it is easy to cut in half hopefully I can do it !!

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I am on 1.25 as well and had some 2.5 from before my bypass. I did cut them in half when I had to. This on the basis that a few grains more or less would do no major harm.

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Meant to add, I used a serrated knife to kind of saw them...fiddly, but worked.

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Sharp, non-serrated knife down the line that’s usually on a 2.5. I did this for quite a while when having problems with bradycardia related to taking bisoprolol and waiting for a cardiology appointment to sort it out.

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I have sometimes forgotten but do notice it the next day, I wouldn’t take higher dose. Can you break in half ?

Any Pharmacy will cut them in half for you & would also arrange an emergency prescription for you - you may have to pay for it but you won't have the worry.

Good luck

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You can get a pill cutter from your pharmacy or chemist.

Normally your chemist where you go regularly will give you an emergency supply till your next prescription

Pity you didn’t live in Scotland you could of had mine I stoppped taking all my tablets decided myself don’t need them and guess what I feel better

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It's what I am considering at the moment giving up some of the pills. I had some time in hospital recently and because I couldn't remember exactly which pills I was taking they didn't give me any! But, the plus side to that was that I began to feel much better without them. Have tried it again since being home and can't believe how much better I feel. Something in amongst my medication is having the effect of suppressing me, although I have yet to figure out which one.

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I have missed one tablet before without any problems but in your situation I'd cut it in half.

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Break it in half!

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Half it???

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Personally I would DEFINITELY take the 2.5 tablet rather than not take one at all.

I recently tried to come down to 2.5 from 5 and I didn’t feel right at all, but I’ve felt great since I switched back.

Definitely consult your doctor and/or pharmacist, though.

Good luck either way.

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Could you cut the 2.5 tablet in half? But I shouldn't think that missing one dose would do any harm.👍

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I have forgot to take mine Inthe past with no bad effect

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If its only the one you are going to miss it wont hurt you.

Tablet splitters are available at any pharmacy at about £1-50 and are

very handy to have at hand.

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When my statins were reduced from 80mg to 40mg I'd just got a new prescription, so I bought a pill cutter from the chemist and thoroughly enjoyed chopping them all in half!

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I see you have a backup as suggested below. Last year due to bank holiday my doctors surgery refused to process my prescription in time so that I would have a day or two without any medication. Having had a heart issue and needing several tablets I did panic but went and explained this to the local chemist. They were so helpful and arranged for me to have a few days supply. I wouldn't be lapse in this situation occurring again - I had never been on medication and a bit green (also very annoyed at the doctors receptionists as they did have 2.5 days). However it was very good advice being told to go there and ask for temporary assistance.

line down the middle? then cut it in half.

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Hello, this happened to me due to a shortage of the 1.25 dose and it will be perfectly ok to halve the 2.5 tablet, tricky I know and take that as an interim until you get the right prescription. My wife also had to do this with one of her heart tablets as a temporary measure. The correct prescriptions were only temporarily in short supply.

Hope this helps and don't get over worried about it. Best wishes.

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Just cut the 2.5 in half and take it it's got a line on it

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Mine was reduced to 1.25mg from 2.5mg and the GP said break them in half. There should be a crease in the tablet and you just press your thumb on the crease. Best of luck x

A massive thank you to all of you lovely people out there who responded to my question 😊😊😊 I did as suggested and managed to cut the tablet in half . Proper ones should be ready tomorrow .Will definitely be more vigilant about how many I have left .It takes a while to get used to the fact that I have to take medication every day this is still all very new to me !

Thanks again my lovely friends x

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I would just cut it in half. That's what I've done -both with my husband's 10mg so I could take 5mg and I've halved my 5mg tablet so that I could take the lower dose of 2.5 mg. Hope this helps 😊

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Just cut 2.5 mg in half ( I do this often ) chemist gave me wrong strength )

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Cut one in half

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