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Weight gain and smoking


13 days post heart attack and I’ve not touched a cigarette since that night . But this morning I’ve weighed myself and I’ve put on 1/2 a stone to say I’m gutted is an understatement . I worked so hard pre heart attack to lose 2 stone I don’t want to gain it back . Any advice or tips on what to do to stop this happening . Eating less and more healthily so possible it’s lack of exercise .

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Well done for giving up the fags. What medications are you on, I am on Bisaprolol, which not only slows the heart down it slows everything else like metabolism. I found it balanced out after a couple of months and with the healthy eating the weight started to gradually reduce and I am sure giving up all sugar really helped. Stick with it, my cardiologist told me the biggest favour I did for myself was giving up smoking after being diagnosed with coronary artery disease and having emergency stents.

Quitting smoking AND losing weight, both at the same time, is really, really tough.

But you've got quite an incentive to pull it off. Success means extra years of healthy life, failure means long term disability or an earlier death.

The British Heart Foundation recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week. That could be half an hour brisk walking (brisk enough to increase your breathing to the point where you can only just maintain a conversation). Or if the weather's atrocious the BHF have a great ten minute workout that you can do in front of your computer, iPad, or your smart TV. I'll slot in a couple of these a day if I can't get out for my normal walk.


Every time you need a fag take a walk around the block.if weather is bad climb up and down stairs for 10min.failing that every time you want one have sex

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Is there any sign of fluid retention. I developed a fluid imbalance after surgery and gained 9kg! Addressing the cause and a course of Furosimide sorted things over a four week period... I

Hi , I stopped smoking the night I had my HA that was 9wks ago. Iv managed to loose over a stone in weight. I’m doing the bhf recipes and eating smaller amounts, only fruits in between meals and lots of water xx

I used to be overweight and have followed Dr. Michael Mosley's 5/2 fast regime for several years. I have 600- 800 calories one day a week which just maintains my weight. I think to lose weight you would need to do 2 days as recommended. I eat healthily for the rest of the time and pre-H.A. used to exercise 90 minutes x 6 days a week. If you stopped smoking you can definitely lose weight so don't get disheartened.

Well done billybob, don’t go back to smoking once your starting to feel better and getting some exercise walking 🚶‍♀️ you will start to lose weight, I stopped smoking 3 years ago and have put 2 stone on, but can’t exercise due to angina hopefully will be getting stents sorted soon, and I’ll be back walking Stay strong don’t give in to those ciggys

I stopped smoking 18 months ago after suffering chest discomfort and pains for some time. Electronic vape thing helped and a month or two on it, I kicked that too and been smoke free ever since. But the pain and discomfort didn't stop with stopping smoking and I got diagnosed with CAD and had 3 stents fitted just over two months ago. I'm on a WFPB (whole food, plant based) diet (about 90%) and the weight seems to be falling off. I also run 5K most days and doing other exercise to keep the weight off. I was 99 kilos back in July when I first went to my GP to complain about the chest pains and was told to loose 15 kilos. Today I'm 86 kilos and the aim is to get to somewhere between 75-78, so still a lot of work but I don't mind. I'm enjoying this new lifestyle. I hope this helps a little, good luck to you.

I stopped smoking 3 months ago and have so far managed to put on 10lbs which is very depressing. I'm pretty certain I'm not eating any more, and I'm getting as much if not more exercise than pre-HA in June. Interesting answer about the Bisoprolol slowing everything down...

My cardiac nurse told me to forget about the weight; stopping smoking was far more important. You need to do one thing at a time. I was trying to stop smoking, get more exercise, change diet and lose weight all at once. JUst concentrate on one thing.

Yeah I’ve stopped smoking as of day of HA and haven’t craved one since . I was just beginning to lose some weight before HA then boom lol but I’m sure I’ll get get back off in time

I wish I didn't still crave them. The first 2 months were fine; didn't want one at all. I had patches but they didn't seem to do anything but now, because I'm in a lot of pain I've been reaching out for "Just he one" . Slippery slope I know. I was on 40 a day as I'm housebound. They were my crutch as I never drank, couldn't exercise, couldn't get out to see people. It's the "What to do with your hands" more than anything and I really can't find anything else to knit!

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