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At last Results but need advice


At last my echocradiogrammy results have come back.

it is still showing left heart valve regurgitation but also something i have not come across, Mild LVH

there was some other stuff, it seems that what ever is going on is affecting the left side.

thankfully nothing serious but just wondering what is this LVH.

i have an appointment to talk with the G.P but like anything else not for a while so some input would be good.

one thing i do suffer with high B.P i am on medication but not well tolerating other B.P med out there.

ECG did show something but not sure what it was.


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It’s a thickening of the heart

muscle. The above article is very informative and from a proper medical source.

Loads of BP meds out there. It can be a case of trial and error finding the one that works best for you. Have to work with your GP on that one

many thanks for the reply thought that others out there on here would of gave some input in to LVH.

from what under stand out of control B.P is the cause of this and it can cause a host of symptoms from palps pounding heart rate and so on.

i am also showing along with this mild left dilated atrium.

i have a booked appointment with my G.P but have now found out that from early next year i will have to move to another surgery so this is not good situation to be in.

My echo from this year also showed mild thickening of the heart muscle but my cardios nurse who went over the results didn't elaborate...

I do not have high blood pressure so not sure why I have it but i didnt have it on my last years echo and i am only 36 years old.

so far the only feedback i have had with this is from bhf cardiac nurse and totally no feedback at all from the doctors something i will be chasing as we are been forced to change surgeries not good when things like this happen.

my first echo only showed the regurgitation but now showing this along with mild LVH and mild dilated atrium.

when there is no input or very little from our own doctors that is when things start to go wrong in the future instead of been dealt with in early stages.

whatever is going on it is clearly affecting the left side of my heart.

Maxyz3 in reply to mikeydt

Hi Mike, I am a 69 yr. old female diagnosed with Left side thickening of my heart muscle. My cardiologist explained that because I had (untreated ) high blood pressure for a number of yrs. it created my lft. side of the heart to become thick. Like a weight lifter that lifts heavy weights so my heart has been working much to hard and is why it is thick. My LVH is 80%

from what i read on the LVH 70% is good , 40% or lower is considered being in heart failure. The LVH measures the flow of blood running through the heart. You mentioned your LVH is mild but did not say at what percent your at. For the last 6 years my EKG, ECGs have been abnormal doc said because of the T waves being off. I am currently wearing a Heart monitor for 30 days ( which i think is a bit much) but I have a good cardiologist who likes to be sure of things. EKGs ,ECGs will read abnormal with the thickening. I am due for more tests to see if the thickening has improved. I am on a bp med called Verapamil a calcium channel blocker that relaxes the heart so that hopefully we see some improvement in the heart muscle. I hope this helps. I hope you are seeing a Cardiologist for this condition and not a regular doctor. Best Wishes. Maxine

I feel your frustration right now. I know something is wrong, but no one has actually said what it is and what it means for the future. 7 months since I was hospitalised - symptoms are worsening but appointments take an age to come through.

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