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In January my partner had an S-ICD (defibrillator) implanted he was initially told he would have his driving licence revoked for 6 months. The paperwork arrived a week after telling the DVLA and an instruction to return his licence. The paperwork had two forms, one to send to his consultant after 6 months and one to return to the DVLA at six months. So, in July the two forms were sent on. After several weeks the DVLA sent him an application for a driving licence form. Why they didn't tell him that this was required in the first place is a mystery. So that form goes back with a cheque for £50:00 which the form said he must pay. Several more weeks pass so a phone call to the DVLA now. They say there is a backlog and “oh by the way you didn’t need to pay the £50:00”. To be fair they have now returned the cash.

So here we are now in October and we are now told they need more information from his consultant. They don’t say why or what information they have asked for, but they have said it will take 4 weeks to get the information and then many more weeks for them to consider this. So, we are now expecting it to be December or January so all in all 12 months without a licence at best.

The motto here is don’t wait for the full six months before you start the process and expect it to take months not weeks. Has anyone else had this problem with the DVLA?

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They were fine with me. I applied for a licence six weeks before my sentence was up and received it a few weeks later. One thing to be aware of is insurance. Because it is a new licence swintons thought I'd just been driving for a few weeks, the guy there couldn't work out why the quote was so high. Quickly sorted

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Thanks for the reply. We thought this would be straight forward as the S-ICD has never given any shocks. Lets hope they will sort it soon.

Yes i only had atrail fibrillion and it took 5 months before i got my linence back heart consultantsaid i was fine to drive after 3 months under control with medication that was dvla rules but they dragged it on another 2 months s i was out work 5 months

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sturon in reply to Mollykelly123

Thanks for your reply. I have made a formal complaint to them so the next step is the Parliamentary Ombudsman. They really are a shambles. What is more irritating is they don't care about the impact this has on the individual. At least we are not reliant on driving for work, unlike yourself.

Hi I had a pacemaker/defibrillator fitted in August 2018 .

I've had no shocks from i believe how I should of just had a pacemaker . The dvla have taken me back to just a car licence.

I've written to my local ,MP who wrote the head of dvla a letter came just before Christmas . Wast of time i never got the answer i wanted. Which was it you just have a pacemaker fitted ,you can still drive hg v after 3months.

Having a defibrillator as back up as got to be better. Every person I've spoke to dos'nt understand .they say I look really well ,

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