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Notifying DVLA of palpitations

Hi I’m new here.

Just wanting some information about notifying the DVLA regarding palpitations.

Firstly I’m not sure if what I have been experiencing is due to palpitations or not but suspect it is, and have had echocardiograms for a haematology condition which I am having chemo. I have alerted my consultant over possible palpitations so on my records.

I am now concerned as I have just read that, surprisingly, you need to notify the DVLA. I have looked at the .gov.uk site and download the forms. The thing that bothers me is the third question which seems to imply that if you suffer from certain symptoms one of which is palpitations then you are unsafe to drive! I am of course worried that in notifying something which really is not causing debilitating problems I am at risk of loosing my licence.

My consultant doesn't seem to think I need to notify as they are not causing any fainting or dizziness, and she has said I’m fit to drive. I'm not sure as the DVLA site says you must!

Has anyone had any experience with this?

I think they must have change the forms in recent years.


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By and large it would be your Consultant that would tell you if and when to notify DVLA. You could also talk to your GP. My thoughts are don't jump too quickly to tell DVLA.

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Thanks I take this on board.

I have an appointment with my GP next week, my haematology consultant has said she has looked at it from the haematology view and if still experiencing them should see my GP. so really saying doesn't want to know.

It's scary when you look on the DVLA site and there is the threat of a fine etc. for not informing and of course there's the car insurance to notify as well. Getting scared to use the car!


I can understand the "not wanting to get it wrong" but I think you need to somehow understand what is happening to your body. The worrying bit is always not knowing.

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Hi, I have amyloidosis so I am also under haematology and cardiology so have two consultants to advise me. When there have been queries (regarding ICD issues ) from DVLA they have just asked for clarification from my consultant, however this has frustratingly taken weeks/ months during which I couldn't drive when I theoretically could have done. I would really go by advice from your consultant.


Thanks for the reply.

I just wish my consultant had put in writing to my GP something regarding the results of the echocardiograms etc. I think the trouble is you don,t always get to see the same one, consultant that is.


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