Good evening everyone. I am 46 years old and mid October had an unexplained fall. I have no recollection of what happened and little memory of much for the following couple of hours. My husband took me to A&E where I had all the usual tests. I was discharged and asked to visit my GP later in the week. I did this of course and he referred me to a cardiologist and said that I should expect not to drive for 6 months. I am presently wearing a 7 day heart monitor and have an appointment in another week or so for an ultrasound. Forgive me for sounding clueless but can I assume that my GP or consultant will have informed the DVLA or am I supposed to have done that? I know the simple answer is phone and ask but I'm just having one of those weekend panics and thought that this seemed like a friendly supportive forum πŸ˜‰.

So I suppose you could say I'm under investigation and also in people's experience does 6 months of no driving begin from the day of the incident or from any eventual diagnosis?

Many thanks in advance.

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  • No, you have tell them. You should be able to find a form to fill in. Or you could ring the dvla medical department for guidance, they are good at answering the phone!

    Dvla check with the doctors so it takes a while to get a decision and it gets back dated to the original incident.

  • Many thanks for your reply! I will get onto it on Monday. 😁

  • I did mine online - gov.uk/report-driving-medic...

    just follow the instructions.

  • Thankyou. I feel a bit silly asking such a routine question. Reading some of the posts on here I can see that most people are experiencing much worse conditions than me at this point.

  • The onus is definitely on you to tell DVLA. I'm not sure how they work out the timing but suspect the 6 months will start from when you tell them - so do it soon! I have a feeling you might need a letter from the GP to 'discharge you' before you can drive again but really not sure of that.

    Good luck

  • No it is back dated, I was late telling them. I didn't actually drive, that would have been scary. You can apply for a new licence six weeks before your sentence is up. I got a huge insurance quote afterwards as it appeared I only be driving a month or so. You are also possibly without a photo I'd for a while, can cause issues.

  • Thanks for sharing this. I'm fortunately not in this position, but I'll keep it in mind should that ever change



  • Odd - I was told I did not have to inform them - my HA was back in January. I did double check with my GP after 4 weeks that in his opinion I was OK to drive. I did not want to drive anyway, even though it was a mild one. Hubby ran me where I needed to go.

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