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Have received my results from a perfusion scan which are mild reversible ischaemia. Could anyone tell me what the results mean.

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I am assuming you have had hypoperfusion, have they said why? Your symptoms will help us know what your talking about! Unfortunately you havent divulged enough info

Reversible means you did not have any heart damage parmanently.cheers for this good news

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Are you sure this is what it means but ok if youve researched it. mistakes are made when people use normal speak to discribe medical speak!

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Reversible means not permanent. There are situations when the heart demands or needs more blood to work properly if this doesn't happen there is a lack of blood supply to the heart this called ischaemia.

The symptoms or signs of lack of blood supply to the heart is pain, angina, breathless feeling dizzy and faint etc.

The lack of blood supply can be due to the fixed narrowing of the blood vessels Obstructive coronary artery disease usually known as Coronary artery disease

Or temporary narrowing due to spasms or the lack of the ability of the blood vessels to expand Non obstructive coronary artery disease

I suggest you go back to the healthcare professional who ordered the test and ask them to explain the results to you

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