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Has this really happened

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Hello everyone! my name is Peter and have just been discharged from hospital following an angina attack and having 3 stents fitted, the attack was bought on by emotional stress (separating from my wife) I have returned home to a whole lot of emotions and continuing stress.

It would be good to find other people in similar situations as its very hard to find much online and what you do find is more often for Americans, when I have people around me its not so bad but most of the time I am alone due to everyone else being at work or away studying.

I am slowly seeing my future fading the obvious is the things in my body (stents) but also future travel constant pill taking and who knows what else.

I am feeling pretty low at the moment and it would be good to here from some of you out there in dodgy heart land.

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Hi Peter I had Angina attack 2 weeks ago total shock. They couldn’t put stent in me due to the passage being too long so it’s medication and back in 2 months to see what to do next. I got home last Friday ended up back in Saturday for a night. Totally overwhelmed with everything that happened and feel like crap. Reading posts on here has helped me as in hospital everyone told me when on meds and after angiogram I would feel brilliant but that is far from the truth. Take care and hope you feel better soon

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Hi Jinky you are officially my first response on this site, the surgery itself is relatively painless just a bit uncomfortable and if your not screamish you can watch it happen on the big screen.

Being on the ward and very lucky to have three other guys of a similar age around me was a great comfort and we laughed and made light of it however on returning home Ive felt very lonely and although I try and be positive it is the worry of whats ahead.

I hope it all goes well for you and if anytime you want my opinion on the recovery process let me know I intend to put things out there and hopefully things will gradually become more positive.


You need some patience and faith in your surgeon's work as it will get better in the next few months and taking daily meds really not a problem. Your body and heart area has gone through invasive surgery and if you ignore the " you'll feel better soon" advise and realise your recovery is a marathon and yes you will feel crap in the early weeks/months as if something is still wrong with you, it will get better. 6 months on and it is a distant memory for me and taking meds as routine as my first cup of decaf. Easy to say but think positive and talk to someone as trust me, getting anxious just exhibits more inner fear that something is still wrong and for me brought on chest pains that felt real but were nothing to worry about until I learned to control the fear.

Hi Pete, I felt fortunate to have 2stents fitted as had been told I likely needed a triple bypass! This was all following an angina attack which I’d had no idea what it was. This was last Mayquite a shock at 48. The medication side you get into routine with and it’s minimal now tbh, small inconvenience for keeping me well., I still worry with any chest pain, twinge,gripe etc ( probably had them before and not even anything to note) but it gets easier each day.

It’s normal to feel low about this without the extra stress you’d had as well. It does get better, hang in there.

Hi Peter, I had just the one stent fitted nearly a month ago now. All the medical stuff aside for me it’s the sudden feeling of vulnerability that kicked me. I’ve always seen myself as a strongish bloke capable of anything that needed doing and I felt this has been pulled from me. But that is all in my head. My heart and I hope yours too is now fine. After a bit of allowing the body to get used to the stent(s) you can and must get on with “your” life. You need to find a focus. For me right now it is losing weight and exercise. Also yesterday I saw the cardio rehab team and their advice was so positive. Basically “get living your not about to die “. You’ve been handed a second chance make the most of it. Good luck mate.

Hi Peter

I agree with everything that’s been said already. How you are feeling is completely ‘normal’ in these circumstances and we have all felt the same. I’ve had chest pains....it’s the stent settling down but its hard not to panic about it. You need distraction as that helps control the fear. I get terrible anxiety but it’s easing off now...I walk to my local park when it happens and breathe in the fresh air and know it feels good to be alive. Make sure you go to Cardiac Rehab, it REALLY helps. You get to exercise and make friends and speak to the Cardiac Nurse every week. I go twice a week. For me distraction is the key, I cook and invite friends round, I borrow my mums dog and go off for long walks. My house has never been so tidy. I do anything I can to take my mind off it and slowly it becomes the norm and not scary anymore.

Stick with it, don’t let dark feelings get the better of you, it will get better.

Take care x

Hi there I get what your saying I had a heart attack 7 weeks ago and a stent fitted.

Being on your own is hard as you have too much time to think my husband works nights and that is the worst time for me.

Every twinge and you think is it happening again but try to stay positive it is hard.

I have finally arrange to see the cardiac nurse next week and look at cardiac rehab I had to contact them as my paperwork wasn’t passed over.

So be mindful they should be in touch with you as the worst thing is having questions and nobody to answer them.

Take care

Hi Peter I totally get where you are coming from. I had an Angina attack recently and ended up having a stent fitted in July at the age of 45. Total shock was an understatement. My head was all over the place and I ended up having 2.5 months off work. I regularly see the cardiac nurse. You can really open up, their advice is amazing. I have also had a group stress counselling session which really opens your eyes. Please please go to cardiac rehab. You meet so many people in the same position as you. In my group there were 2 people younger than me! I am just about to have my last 2 sessions with them and I have to say I will really miss it. The confidence I have gained by going is truly amazing. Yes I’m on 3 lots of medication but that’s a small price to pay for keeping my heart running good. I have just been discharged by my cardiac consultant who has told me I can go and lead a healthy life again. I am just about to join a gym which I would never have done before as keeping fit is key to keeping your heart healthy. Give yourself time to adjust to the shock and take it all in & you will be a 100% better within the next few months I’m sure of it. Good luck.

I had an attack three weeks ago I have since been fitted with two stents.i feel like my whole world has turned upside down and I am so scared.it is weeks until I have an assesment with cardio rehab so I feel alone and not sure what to do.all I do is potter round the house as it hurts my chest when I try and walk.i am frightened I will be like this forever

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