How many stents can you actually have ?

This is my first post here so please excuse me if I do not quite have the hang of this and should have posted somewhere else. Just tell me and I respond accordingly.

My question is simple. How many stents can you safely have ? I have had 2 heart attacks, the first one in 2004 and I had angioplasty with stenting and got 4 stents with another 3 being added within the first year when the results were questionable. The second attack was then in 2007 when I got another 3 in the same artery and 1 in a different artery. So with 11 stents in 2 arteries at the ripe old age of 58, I am fit and excercise 5 days a week and actually feel quite good, but whenever I tell people I have 11 stents, they always say they have never heard of that and look very suspect at me as if I am going to drop down dead in front of them.

Anyone else ever heard of this many or do you have more ? Please respond.

Hence my UserID, my kids call me the Legoman.

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  • Evening legoman, 11 stents wow. Didn't think you could have so many but obviously you can. A quick look at Google gets me to the US, the Texas heart institute says 10-15 if you think three main arteries then that's amazing what they can do.

    You are a fantastic advert for heart surgery, recovery, exercise hat's off to you

  • I have no clue but I suppose the next stage is a bypass so still lots of choices! Welcome!

  • It's the weekend so I would say on Monday one of the nurses on here would be able to advice. They are very good at putting your mind at rest.

    Keep up the good work.....

    Welcome to the club, Jo ☺

  • Hi legoman.. I've been beaten! I have had 9 stents, all in places I couldn't have a bypass, some of the more peripheral vessels, a forked one, a v long one, and a new one to replace a blocked one. Like you, I've been accumulating them after three HAs.

    You sound very well and positive. So encouraging for people to read. Keep it up.

    PS your message is in the right place!

  • Hi Legoman, welcome. I have had 7 stents fitted, including the left main stem,which was totally occulded. Was only discovered by accident when having another stent fitted, lucky me! Isn't it great that we have these wee miracles to allow us to get on with our lives. Not so long ago conditions like this would have meant CABG. I wish you well.💜

  • Well my father has just had his original stents replaced from many years ago, he has a few more than you. He has no hope of a bypass now so they just keep stenting. The latest stents don't create the problems of the originals.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. MarkT60 - may I ask how old your Father is and how old his original stents were ? Please don't take it the wrong way, but it's nice to finally hear of someone with more than me.

  • I have a relation with 11 stents also. He is 68 and has finally cut back his drinking and smoking!

  • Cutting back the drinking and cutting out the smoking is a must. When I had my first heart attack at the age of 44 and had 4 stents, I was lucky because there was no real muscle damage as the blood supply found a back door but I still totally changed my lifestyle. No drinking, no smoking, daily excercise and if it didn't come out the sea or the ground I didn't eat it. I lived like a monk. Took a year playing with meds and 3 more stents to get it totally right but finally felt good. Then at the 2 year mark I had another heart attack and couldn't believe it. This time there was lasting muscle damage. After everything I had done I thought. But after I got over the "Poor me, Poor me, Pour me a drink moment" I then suddenly thought it was a good job I had changed my life otherwise I may not have been here. As I have said elsewhere on this forum, everything in moderation, but the smoking is a total no, no I think. FMW62 - Thanks for your post.

  • Hello there - I remember nursing a patient a few years ago who had about 15 stents! There isn't really a definitive number that's 'safe' or 'unsafe' to have - it's very unique to the person and how big/long their arteries are and how their heart is functioning. Remember that stents are absolutely minuscule so don't take up much room!

    Take care, Chris

  • Chris_BHF - Thanks for that. Really appreciated. As I said at the off of this, at 58 now and starting my journey at 44, I really can't do more than I do, and life in general is pretty good. 5k treadmill sessions 5x a week, eating and drinking properly and trying not to stress out to much really works. Yes I get tired occasionally and do get a little angina now and then when I over do it, but all in all I think I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been to be honest. (hope I'm not tempting fate there). It's just peoples reaction when I tell then I have 11 stents. So thank you for your post. I can now say well some people have more. Cheers !!!

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