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“A wee scratch”


I have a weekly blood test to check for impairment of kidney function due to medication for dilated cardiomyopathy.

Last Tuesday the procedure was excruciating and the pain, as well as eminatig from the site, was terrible, further down my arm. The gp suggested today that it was probably caused by a nerve being hit by the needle.

It’s still extremely painful although I have been assured that it won’t have any long term effects. Anyone else had this experience and if so, how long did the effects last?

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Blood gasses from wrist are the one that really scares me. It can be so painful, specially if person doing it is not confident. They may have touched a nerve, hope pain goes soon, but if not go back and get it checked out

I've had them catch a nerve several times. It can hurt for days. I also have veins tat jump and go into spasm

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