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Should I be receiving treatment


I have moderate Mitral regurgitation and have recently been diagnosed with Heart Block following an ECG. I have periods of light headedness which are increasing in regularity and severity occasionally resulting in falls. My mother has vascular dementia and my GP tells me I have nothing to worry about but I am concerned that I am only on watch and wait. I am also frequently wakened during the night with central chest pain but that would appear to be caused by gastro reflux. Any advice would be appreciated.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome! Have you had other tests done such as BP and cholesterol. Elevated LDL cholesterol has been linked with vascular dementia. I take Omeprazole as I was getting reflux from my dolly mixture of heart meds.

Are you on any medication at all?

I am on 40mg per day Omeprazole for my reflux and tablets for my blood pressure, water tablets, calcium with Vit D and statins for cholesterol. My cardiologist has told me that my only option for the mitral regurgitation is surgery. I understand that the heart block can be due to the MG. Mum’s vascular dementia has been caused by a number of silent strokes where she has only been aware of feeling a bit strange. This is why the light headedness is concerning me now.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Emmiesgrandma

I would suggest you ring 111 for advice.

The option is surgery which is why it is also sit and wait. If your mitral valve doesn’t get any worse it’ll be managed by medication. If it gets worse they will operate. Mitral valve replacement is major surgery that carries with it some risks - generally the cardiologists will try to avoid those risks for as long as it is sensible to do so.

The light headedness might be blood pressure related and/or medication related - check your BP regularly over a week or so and record the numbers. If they are too low or too high, go and have a chat with your GP (armed with your data).

if you are taking vitD don't take calcium with it - vitD allows your body to absorb more calcium from your diet. take magnesium and Vit K2 with your vitD to help you with the extra calcium you absorb because of the vitD. Too much calcium is bad for your heart and arteries.

The way of thinking and protocols are changing regarding Mitral valve prolapse, leaking Mitral valves and regurgitation.


It in most trusts in uk no longer sit and wait.

I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, leaking valve with regurgitation in 2012.

I too was told sit and wait as I had NO symptoms..

U have symptoms!!! 😮

Following a transoesphageal echo cadiogram it was discovered I had very severe leak with severe regurgitation.

I was urgently operated on ASAP !!

My feet almost didn't touch the ground.

Early intervention prevents severe damage to heart muscle and heart failure or death!!

Im also one of the few people selected for a medical research study and had lots of extra tests before surgery and repeated at 6 months post surgery to prove that early treatment improves quality of life for those with symptoms and fitness generally.

My valve is now repaired, no leak and I have very little heart muscle damage, very very slight heart failure.

I am living proof that earlier treatment works.

I was fit before surgery 102 % for my age height and weight.

Hence why I had no symptoms my heart could cope with and adapted to the problem.

Now tests completed just last week 120%

18%difference /increase.

Yes u should have treatment before unrepairable damage is done to your heart.

Hi I have same condition but with Aortic valve leak and a hole diagnosed over a year ago. I take lisiniprol and Warfarin and am reviewed six monthly. Think Steve is right that surgery will depend on your ability to cope and how serious the symptoms become. There are risks in operations and until you need one best to wait. Keep talking to your doctor or cardiac nurse for best advice. Don't forget that BHF have their own nursing team you can consult. Best wishes.

Always get chest pain checked before u blame other issues. Every time I’ve had chest pains it’s been heart related.

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