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Struggling with ventricar ectopics


Hi all. New here!

I'm 24 and was diagnosed with ventricular ectopics a few years ago as I was having over 40,000 a day which was weakening my heart. I tried beta blockers to no avail and was sent for cardiac ablation.

Waited years for it and the day comes and they cancel the operation because for the one day I needed them to show, they didn't, so they couldn't operate.

I'm absolutely gutted and upset. My chest pains have got considerably worse and I'm struggling to balance being a mum, wife and work with all this pain and fatigue.

Not sure when I'll next be able to have the surgery as I go back in October for yet another consultation I can't really afford to keep travelling to! ☹️

Sorry for the moaning I'm just really struggling lately.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can manage the pain or just find an easier way to live with this? Because I'm starting to lose hope

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I can only give you my little bit of knowledge so here goes.





Cut back on cheese dairy products sleep slightly up at an angle in other words prop yourself up.

When the ectopics start drink really cold water.

You could try putting your finger in your mouth and blowing on it for 15 seconds hard.

I hope this helps read my previous posts

What do dairy products have to do with ectopic? I haven't heard that yet! Can you please detail?.

I found that I was dairy intolerant so it effected me as every time I ate dairy I would get a pounding heart

Hi pink I really do no ourbu feel or should I say some idea I am getting them every other beat it’s horrible suffers 30 years with them coming and going now have them all day every day beta blockers help a little and donetimes I can go a couple of mins and none Mine have got worse since my gallbladder removal having lots of test ie bloods waiting fir monitor but it will just show etopic I guess I am now trapped indoors with them only go out when I have to might have to iCk up work driving me mad I give my house away for a cure I had heart attack June bet this was the cause had one stent hoping my recent bloods might show something lacking so can be easy fix. I do anything to get rid of these tried all the normal things dr gave me some metoprolol to try with 5 mg diazapam I must admit with the diazepam there is some. Improvement only get. 5 to 8 a min

Prada47 in reply to Disciple5451

Hi an Ectopic Beat 1 every 5 is called trigemini ( spelling ? ) I have never been told Ectopic Beats can weaken the Heart ? always been told they are Harmless !! Mine started in 1982 after a Heart Attack still have them after a Triple Bypass in 2015. Recently had 3 stents in my LAD March 2018 and Ectopic beats disappeared for a couple of months now they are back, just been offered a 24 hour tape to see what's going on !!! But I suppose after having them for 36 years I am sure they aren't going to kill me !!


Frank W

Disciple5451 in reply to Prada47

Hi frank they r the worse things ever I wake up with them

No let up driving me mad thinking of going private

Hi, I had my Gallbladder removed about 18 months before my troubles started. Strange coincidence?

Mine have almost gone I was right it was the vagal nerve causing g them

Can you share any advice?? About the vague nerve connection? Hiw did you get rid of them? Thank you

I can do but too detailed to talk about on here. If you want to call me you can.

Ok excellent where can I find your details?


Sunnie2day in reply to Batmax90

Seriously? You've just joined today, you've found a years old discussion, replied to a months old post with a vulgarity? Really?

TIP: not the best way to introduce yourself to the forum, Skippy.

Go to ur gp. I have a different heart condition and found caffeine helps me.

Staceyhunter in reply to gal4God

Really this is so interesting! I used to love my tea and was told to stay away from it because it could be causing my palpitations but looking back my palpitations were caused by anxiety so since quitting caffeine 7 months ago I have started experiencing horrendous ectopics. What is your heart condition??

Hi Pinkhellwalker

How did you get on with SVT

Call me


I have ectopic beats for about 25 years and they are often every other beat. This showed on a loo recording I had done recently. If your heart is healthy you shouldn’t worry about them as that really does make them worse (for me ). I’ve also found that when they are really bad that my potassium levels are always low so if your doctor is sympathetic this might be something to get checked out !

They are incredibly frightening and horrible but take courage from the fact that if you really learn to love them they become less noticeable . Look up a York cardiologist on u tube he does some great videos on these blasted bumps .

Take care .

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