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Low Carb Diet May Shorten Life

MichaelJHHeart Star

Having been Type I Diabetic since childhood my ears pricked up when I heard this on the news his morning := bbc.co.uk/news/health-45195474

Because of my diabetes I have been carb counting for over half a century. Some consultants have had different ideas (mainly in the seventies) but these always ended in disaster. When I was first diagnosed on average Type I diabetics were given a diet of 200gm CHO and 2000 calories, and Type II 100gm CHO and 1000 calories. In my teens this went up to 250gm CHO to keep up with me! Interestingly (maybe not) the early diet sheets included 1 pint of milk, and unlimited butter and cheese! In the last two decades lower carb diets have started to catch on. Whilst my diet has no been updated by the professionals for many years once I passed 50 I started reducing carbs as I was starting to gain weight (most now lost). As a result my carb intake has virtually halved. However there are people who suggest far less, in fact as low as 50gm per day. I have also seen it suggested that fat intake (to make up the calories) is irrelevant and that cholesterol and statins are both a myth and a con. For myself I will stick where I am now diet wise. What are your thoughts on low carbing? I know some people doi t for health not just diabetes.

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Hi Michael yes I saw this. Interestingly even the high carb diet fares better than the low carb one. Which I am relieved about as with my vegan diet I am obsessed with raw jumbo rolled oats!!! Occasionally I try and do cold turkey with my oats but all attempts so far have failed!!!

I note that this study relied on people self reporting so it’s only as good as the person reliably writing everything down which is a potential flaw as I am sure we have all been tempted to tell small fibs about what we eat!! I think it’s interesting still that we don’t have definitive decision on the absolute optimal diet. However consensus appears to be less saturated fat and more vegetables. Interesting developments always interested in food related research!! 🍎🥦🍟🍰🥗

Concerned in reply to Zena166

The Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, based on the latest evidence, has a completely different stance on natural fats to PHE and other food industry influenced authorities.

This is an observational study that shows a trend, based on people self-reporting what they eat. From that a randomised controlled trial would be necessary to prove whether there is any truth behind the hypothesis.

A larger observational study is that of the UK population. They currently eat very closely to what the percentages here claim are the healthiest. Two-thirds of the UK are overweight.

I mean, someone seems to be pushing an agenda here, but that's not a shock because we've been fed a load of baloney for half a century.

We already know for instance that people who eat burgers are more likely to have unhealthy lifestyle habits such as being inactive and smoking; did they adjust for those confounding factors?

Also a low-carb high-protein diet is dramatically different to a low-carb high-fat diet, but if you group them together you can be critical of both, right? A bit like vodka and water are both clear liquids, so clear liquids obviously make you drunk and cause fatty liver.

The Perfect Health Diet has a rationale for finding how much carbohydrate is ideal. Too little results in the body (attempting to) making up the deficit from other macro-nutrients. Too much and the excess is converted to fat. For most this is going to be between 480 kcal and 640 kcal per day.

I've just seen on the news where they are claiming that people who eat close to what Public Health England recommend will live on average to 83, and how many will have diabetes, prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, cancer, dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis, PCOS - insulin resistance?

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Concerned

Interestingly the kcals you quote equate to 120 to 160 gms CHO andy daily intake is near the lower end of that. The extreme low carbers I mentioned eat 50gm per day, i.e. 200 kcals, which is unhealthy in my view

MichaelJHHeart Star

Typo by me! 1gm CHO equates to 4 kcal - I just converted the values you quoted.

I agree with you that 50g does seem low. I can do intermittent fasting for a couple of non-consecutive days per week, but whenever i've gone very low-carb I end up suffering; water infections, visual problems, cough...

For me, the optimum defined by the PHD makes sense (although their 'safe starches' are high glycaemic, which is not safe in my view, but that's another story), and more recently PHCUK recommended similar (130g carbs per day) based on our central nervous system need.

All this mad ides mad diets this is good, that's bad etc been T1 for decades also. Like you 250 g, but for the last 20+ years I have stuck between 120-150 per day. My weight has always been stable never been overweight. I sometimes go over, but only occasionally. If your happy with carb counting just carry on. Sometime, being the most stable of diabetes I still got the complications. My motto is if I'm hungry I eat if I'm not hungry I don't eat, but I do cab count all everytime.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Twobells

Sadly complications are unpredictable. I know one doctor who is Type I and was one of the first people on a pump. Despite being utterly carefully about BGs they developed severe retinopathy and had a detached retina at year 25.

It happened to me at 20 years post diabetes I have very little sight have a guide dog. HA last year triple bypass but apart from that pretty much OK still have my legs and feet ans sense of humour

I’ve done the Daniel plan and they talked about cutting any man made food and onli eating natural foods. That means anything that had ingredients you won’t find in ur kitchen if u where to make something like wat u are buying is man made. E.g high futsoise corn syrup and I’ve bought stuff in the uk with ingredients like that on. I thought the really bad stuff was onli made in the us but had to stop buying snacks I thought was healthy as ingredients was changed and I stopped reading the food labels as I’d been buying these products for a while. Some randomly re check labels of stuff u regularly buy.

cachaciero in reply to gal4God

Indeed read the labels except that they keep dumbing the contents label down. Take FLORA for example, FLORA original has new packaging, however you would expect the contents to be same as the original FLORA I mean it says original right?

Well as far as I can work out it from the list of constituent parts quite comprehensive on the old packaging much less so on the new ,the New FLORA original is NOT the same as the new FLORA original

I have personally tried low carb for a few days and I literally felt sick in it and had to stop. I was really dizzy and weak! I never tried it again. There are still nice whole grains like quinoa, whole wheat, wild rice, etc. It's also not just the type of carb but the quantity we eat.

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