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Mediterranean Diet Cook Bbok

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Delicious Dishes for Diabetics - A Mediterranean Way of Eating by Robin Ellis

I was going to recommend this book in reply to a previous post but can no longer find it. Although aimed at Type II diabetics it is suitable for all as it follows the principles of a Mediterranean diet. It is also suitable for Type I and Type 1.5 diabetics. The only fault I have with the book is that I count carbs and the recipes do not contain the carb content leaving me to work it out. I am in favour of carb counting.

Many of you will remember Robin Ellis as the star of the original Poldark who did not need to strip to the waist in every episode. I always had a crush on Demelza (played by Angharad Rees ). He (Robin) has always been keen on cooking and is now retired in France. He developed Type II some years ago.

7 Replies
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Thanks Michael will definable send for that book .

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EmmyLaury12 in reply to EmmyLaury12

Ordered the book from amazon Michael only a few quid . It’s a used copy but said it was in good condition .

Excited looking forward to some nice dishes 😊

Thanks for the of being a good book 👍x

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EmmyLaury12 in reply to EmmyLaury12

Should read thanks for the tip 😂

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Hi, if anyone is looking for a book to order, try “ the book depository “ I have been using them for quite a few years they don’t charge post/package for anywhere in the world so posting to to Granddaughters in Australia is great the Robin Ellis cook book is in stock for £13.30 and free delivery not bad.

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Another good one is the Fast 800 Recipe book. A low carb Mediterranean style cook book. It's in Tesco. I am not advertising and it is purely personal choice. Some good stuff in there though. 😁

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I found this book really helps understand the Mediterranean diet and recipes for all tastes on special offer on Amazon now

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Hi Michael, hope you are progressing steadily. Like you I like to count carbs. Any suggestions for books that take the faff out of calculating them yourself? Have got the Fast800 one, but always looking for inspiration. I know there are lots of individual recipes on the internet, but always prefer a book! Xx

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