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Does anyone get really bad heart burn and indigestion since heart attack.

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I can not seem to enjoy food now without suffering shortly after. Is it anything to do with heart medication?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

How long ago was it? Once I started on increased medication well before my bypass I found I needed Omazrapole to avoid stomach problems. Are you on anything like this?

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Stacey40 in reply to MichaelJH

2 years since heart attack. Yes esomperzol and gaviscon advanced.

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Stacey40

Pop along to see your GP. A friend developed ulcers from meds for osteoporosis and arthritis. Your GP might tweak your meds or arrange some tests.

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Rosei in reply to Stacey40

I suffer from persistent indigestion, or I should say I did. My GP was very kind and wrote out a plan, one Ranitidine in the morning, plus my bisoperol and candasarten, after every meal 5ml of Peptac Pepermint, Clopidogrel middle of the day, evening two Ranitidine plus 5ml of Peptac, this has sorted me out. It was just tweak as ( as MichaelJH ) has suggested.

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Yes! I had IBS before being diagnosed with CAD and being prescribed with all the heart meds. It got a lot worse and I spoke to my GP. He suggested taking omeprazole and mebeverine about 20 minutes before breakfast, then eating and taking the heart meds afterwards. It made a big difference so might be worth a try for you. Good luck!

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Stacey40 in reply to Tab1966

I also take mebeverine 3x a day.

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Tab1966 in reply to Stacey40

Yes, me too. When I'm particularly bad, I back it up with Ranitadine as well as Gaviscon!

My GP suggested that it's not just the aspirin making it worse but probably Clopidigrel as well, so I'm looking forward to being able to stop that in October. Hopefully I'll see a real difference.

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Hi Stacey40, I am experiencing similar symptoms to what you describe, after having a heart attack a month ago. I also experience a sort of hiccup intermittently. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, so will see what he says and let you know.

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Stacey40 in reply to Kasztan

Thanks it like our digestion process has slowed down. 😯

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Kasztan in reply to Stacey40

Saw my doctor yesterday and he’s added Lansaprazole as a gastro-resistant drug to my meds. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Take care

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The meds definitely can cause heartburn, especially at first I found. I was advised to eat before taking them and prescribed some lansoprazole to take when I needed to. Now I've got used to the meds (nearly two years) I hardly ever get heartburn. I hope yours clears up sooner! Good luck!

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