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Ear piercing update


A few days ago I wrote that I was unable to get my ears pierced due to the medication I have to take for my heart. I saw my gp today (for a different reason) and asked her. She said there was no reason why I couldn’t have my ears done and that she didn’t write letters for that anyway. I’m sure the shop were being extra careful which is good but I can’t go back to the same branch as I reckon they will remember me. So, I either don’t bother at all or leave off aspirin for a few days and go to another branch and play daft when they ask me. Any one out there got an opinion?

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Why bother getting you ears pierced?

An act of rebellion at 70!

Not an expert on this but waiting for a tooth extraction, and the Dentist seems quite happy with me taking Asprin 75mg, But he won't touch it until the Clopidogrel 75mg is stopped !!!


Frank W

A friend has had to stop her aspirin for 5 days preop but nothing else and she is on a assortment of meds like me. I was disappointed not to get my ears done with my granddaughter and so was she. I’ll have to have a think about what to do. My heart is more important than pretty earrings.

I think the problem may be is that if you bleed it won't clot, rather than a heart related problem.


Frank W

Agree,think it’s the clotting that is stopping them from piercing your ears, not the actual heart problems or medications (apart from aspirin).

Go for it! Just promise you'll go to a proper piercing studio and not Claire's flippin' Accessories! You need somewhere very clean and professional... have a look at this checklist before you pick your place.


Good luck you big rebel!

I recently had a molar extracted, I discused it with the Dentist - the main reserve as has been mentioned is the side effect inhibiting clotting, as the tooth was extremely wobbly she was happy to proceed and filled the gap with absorbent packing which I had to keep clamped closed for five minutes to ensure the gum had sealed itself.

As the hole in earpiercing is so tiny and the lobe has no major blood vessels, i think the tattooist was being over cautious but with today's 'compo culture' I'm not suprised.

Thanks for that. Thinking back, I had a tooth removed a while back and didn’t stop the aspirin and there were no problems in spite of it being a difficult extraction. I don’t bleed that much if I cut myself but bruise really easily. That has been happening since I had chemo 14 years ago and got a bit worse when I had to start aspirin.

I am on Clopidogrel, in place of Aspirin, I had an injection into my shoulder a couple of weeks ago, I didn't stop the Clopidogrel, I had the injection done in hospital, no out of the way bleeding.

Leave it a little while they won’t remember u

I’m all for a bit of rebellion. Go for it 😃

Hi I had a tooth out also and still took my aspirin that morning It was fine. I caught my arm on a thorn it bled a bit but soon stopped. Why are they concerned about piercing your ears surly it's no different than having bloods taken. If you are taking other blood thinning drugs maybe that's why ? Lots of laces do ear piercing everything is in sterilised packs. Good luck

Possibly a case of health and safety gone mad?

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