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Unable to get my ears pierced until I see my gp


I was due to have my ears pierced today for the very first time. I am 70 and have been a total coward about getting them done. My granddaughter (age 12) was getting hers done and was my moral support but no luck. The place refused to touch me until I get a letter from my gp to say there will be no adverse reaction to the piercing with my medication ( statins, aspirin, beta blocker and ace inhibitor). Were they being over cautious and has anyone else come across the situation and got their ears pierced?

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MichaelJHHeart Star

No they are being cautious and concerned about your welfare. Some heart patients on anticoagulants could end up in A&E as a result of heavy bleeding!

Thanks for your speedy reply. I will see what my gp can do for me next week. It had taken a lot for me to go to the shop and my granddaughter was disappointed too. Not a major problem in the great scheme of things though!

Firstly - good for you, you are never to old to try new things. I am 61 this year and really want a tattoo on my foot, I know it is going to hurt and like you am a coward.

Secondly I THINK the shop was being (sensibly) over cautious, just in case the medication did cause some problems - better safe than sorry.

You go girl!!

Morning.. I am interested to know how you get on with your ears being pierced as I was also considering it..it may be a case of you stopping one of the meds for a while before having them pierced as my GP has advised me to do that when I have a dental extraction.. keep us updated and let us know what style of earrings you chose.

Hugs 🤗

It may be the aspirin that is the problem. A friend of mine had to stop taking it this week before an operation. I’ll see what the doc says. I wonder how much it will cost to get the letter. Prices see to vary a lot!

Hi Susan I was charged £15 when I needed a letter for travel insurance claim.

That’s not too bad. I’ve seen articles were they have charged up to £100. I will speak to the receptionist ( who is lovely) and see what she can do for me.

I never had that and I was on Heart meds but was a teen.

The big reason they ask is that some heart patients (unlikely you by inspection of your medications) are at increased risk of endocarditis from piercings (applies to artificial valves and congenital defects the most).

Thanks for your reply. It makes things clearer. I only have mild CHD. Don’t even have a single stent at the moment but no guarantees for the future. My granddaughter made me laugh though. She said I was white when I got to the shop but my colour returned when they said no. Coward or what and she, at 12, never flinched!

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