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Should I ask to see a cardiologist?

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Hey, I have been diagnosed as having hypertension, even on medication this is still not controlled well, blood pressure today is attached (excuse the date as 6.01 I didnt bother doing the date or time setting when I got the machine) and this is a resting pressure, pulse also fast as photo but actually this one isn't so bad, it was 127 in hospital the other week. Anyway, I'm also getting lots of shortness of breathes, chest pain, lightheaded, arm and armpit pain in only one arm though, dizzyness. It's now affecting my life most if not every day. It's been getting worse since a hospital admission last year when the gp ambulances me to hospital as they thought I'd had a possible heart attack I now take ramipril and amlodopine. Recently my dad passed away (2 months ago) he died from left ventricular hypertrophy. I spoke to the gp after my last a and e trip a few weeks ago, I was on oxygen as couldn't breathe but the a and e doctor said he didn't think it was my lungs being the issue it was my heart, the gp completely fobbed me off insisting it was asthma, she gave me antihistamines (did not make me feel better) and said it is probably stress from my dad passing. I explained that I've actually been getting worse over quite a few months and she just ignored that really, I'm wondering if I can ask for a referral to a cardiologist? Should I ask for one? I don't want to waste anybodys time, especially not NHS, but I know somethings just not right you know. Thanks.

13 Replies
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Sorry also forgot to put that I am diabetic type 2 and recently my sugars have been out of control also. No matter what I try and do. Not sure if thats relavant but to give you all the info.

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StillConcerned in reply to Nomorebiscuits

Oh yes, it's relevant. Insulin-resistance underlies most chronic ill-health.

Speak to health professionals that understand how vital it is to limit carbohydrate intake , getting most energy from natural fat (3:2 monounsaturated to saturated) instead.

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Hi that blood pressure is very very high needs urgent looking at, either 999 or 111

Let us know how you go

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Go straight to A&E

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I asked my GP to refer me to a cardiologist and he said that there was no point and that if I were to have a heart attack I’d we well looked after!! And that’s exactly what happened.

So, A&E, as others have said.

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With readings like that...especially on meds you need to go to A&E and get sorted...especially with your symptoms and family history.I was admitted last year with similar levels and I'm being successfully treated now so don't delay and let us know how you get on.🙂

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Ask for urgent cardiologist referral. You are not wasting anyone's time with readings like that. I asked my GP for an urgent referral to a cardiologist on 29th Feb but never got one - I was ambulanced in to A and E in the middle of April (7 weeks later) and had over 7 hours of open heart surgery within 2 days. I wish I had been more persistent and not so easily fobbed off - I didn;t want to make a fuss or be seen as a difficult patient so I staggered on. To be honest with a reading that high you should be ringing 111 at least - if not 999. Good luck

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Please go to A&E

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With a reading like that I would definitely ring 999.Especially as your GP is being so lax.

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How are you now?

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Hi, thank you all so much for your advice, I did go to the hospital, my blood pressure was 231/114 i felt awful and very short of breathe, apparently they won't refer me to a cardiologist as they haven't done all the investigations they can and I'm haven't been put on all the medication I could be put in (apparently I can go on up to 4 medications and if I haven't been put on them and had all the tests the cardiologist would send the referral back?) so I'm now on the highest dose of ramipril and amlodopine and now they have added idapomine (sorry not sure how it's spelt) into the mix as well. I have to go for a blood test in a fortnight, for my kidneys and they will give me a ultrasound of my heart and blood tests, although they didn't say what the blood tests would show. I'm not 100% that it's the right plan but they are unwilling to refer unless they have tried the above, am definitely willing to try this new medication, I've also gone on metformin for the blood sugars, my first day today of the new meds so will see how it goes. Thanks.

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Windmill6 in reply to Nomorebiscuits

Did you have Conns disease by any chance? Sounds a similar story to mine,lots of meds to find out it was a hormone disorder!

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Pleased to read you went to A&E let’s hope the new medication brings the blood pressure down.


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