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Feel normal at last


First time in nearly 8 years a feel great,after 3 heart attacks at the age of 35 2 stents,usually drugs all over the place and on the highest meds for bp,cholesterol,beta blockers the lot,not bein able to lye down without crushing feeling in my chest and back,just 2 weeks ago was in day surgery and got a balloon inserted into my left main artery in my neck,after that my bp went from 220/140 to 130/80 it’s never bein at normal range despite stupid doses of meds until that procedure,feel absolutely great since that procedure everything is has settled down brilliant and hope to be coming of a lot of meds,and my 2 leaking valves aren’t getting any worse so hopefully a won’t need them replaced for a good few years👍,so it’s back to work tomorrow,just thought a would put it on here it’s not always bad news technology is amazing hope everyone is keeping well and enjoy the lovely weather take care all and god bless SuzieQ xx

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So pleased for you, Enjoy. x

Thanks so much Mirador chuffed to bits at last good news for a change 👌x

Fabulous news Suzie. Onwards and upwards

Definitely all good and it’s nice to share good news for a change, and my family can relax a bit now also hope you all are well 🙏take care xx

MichaelJHHeart Star

The arteries in the neck are the cartoid arteries. These were never checked by by the original cardiac unit I was under but when I was referred for a bypass was one of the first if a number of additional tests my new consultant requested.

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