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Blocked artery’s in my neck


After having a heart attack at 35yesrs old (used to be an athlete btw)got stents put in after a few ups n downs with drugs ie ramapril coughing bein sick,muscle infection with 80mgs of statins,8 years on am still getting bloods every 2 weeks,suddenly past few weeks a can lye down without heart attack pains and can’t walk the length of myself now without severe pains from chest right up my neck to my jaw,doctor advised a take things easy and within 3 days of visiting the doctors the heart clinic want me in straight away,bp is always at stupid levels 210/190 also have a thing called FCD Qs is will the GTN spray help with this?as everyone would say it’s not a spray you would use if you didn’t have to 😭thanks

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skid112Heart Star

Hi Suzanne, if it's heart related the GTN spray will help and ease the pains you are having. Your bp sounds far too high you really should think about a trip to A&e

A will try using the GTN spray see if it helps skid,my bp is always high they think a have a thing called carotid artery disease so hopefully when a got the heart specialist on Wednesday they will see if a need a stent in my neck this time instead of stents in my heart a got 8 years ago at 35,and a avoid a&e as a will just be took in lol and am not up for that 😂thanks for your advice tho 😀


Hi Suzanne,

Have they ever given you an explanation for the blockages in your carotid etc? Has anyone ever taken your BP in both arms to see if there is a difference?

There is a variant of Vasculitis which can affect the large vessels and cause inflamation and occlusion, do you have any other symptoms ?

Suzannedevine22 in reply to Hidden

Hi keyes🤲,they said it’s inherited,had stents put in my heart at 35,my cholesterol is alway up about 9,8 and bp is always high,doesn’t help when a work in a busy restaurant 10 hours a day lol,they used a stethoscope to listen to both left and right of my neck and said straight away a need to see the heart specialist doctor was very adamant that a took it easy and foned 999 if any more pain,to be honest if a was to fone every time a had pain a would never be out an ambulance as am sure everyone on hear would agree,a have doctor goodfeild tomorrow morning so see what his plan of action it thanks for the advice everyone appreciate talking to people in the same situation.x

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Hi Suzanne just read your story there iam38 had a heart attack this year jan waiting to get stents fitted which I have been told could be up to 9 weeks waiting my chlorestoral was high was at 10 but the pills have brought it down to 3.9 now hope you get things sorted

Hi Suzannedevine22, sorry to hear of your troubles. I’ve had 7 stents fitted over a period of a few years. For the past 3 years I have experienced pain in the left side of my neck and jaw. When I have mentioned this to the doctor i’ve been dismissed. Can I ask what tests were carried out to diagnose carotid artery disease? I have always thought that was why I was having this pain in my neck,💜

Hi Bee av only had the pain for 6 weeks and they got me an appointment for the cardiologist within a week,so yesterday was my appointment they wanted a treadmill reading but unfortunately my blood pressure was up at 230/155 so they couldn’t proceed,heart specialist put my meds up to 120mg instead of 60mg of diliazem and my candesartan upto 32 mgs,and now am waiting for an angiogram at the jubilee,hope that’s helps Bee&djw a got my stents in a emergency as a was having my 3 heart attack on the operating table,it’s a lot of meds to get used to trying to find ones that suitable for you!hope this is helpful peeps stay safe everyone x

Thanks for your reply Suzannedevine22, I wish you well,💜

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